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Exposing the lies and seeking truth doesn't = Hate. This is not a Kate Hate Site. A 'Kate Hate Site" wouldn't have "Shame on Kate AND Shame on Jon" in the reaction box.

Just a place where bloggers and commenters can share an open discussion on all things related to the Gosselins.

This blog was created to expose the spins and lies shared by the media and by several individuals who continue to spread filth and garbage for their own self-interests.

This blog will expose those who continue to spread lies as "truth" and those who base their beliefs and support for one individual based on those lies.
Pursuing Truth, Exposing Lies and Informing the Sheeple

October 30, 2011

Ron Paul wins Straw Poll with a landslide!

Not to worries though. We'll fix (rig) that with our Electronic Voting system. - TPTB

Ron Paul once again wins takes MAJORITY of the People's vote. Interesting how the media is calming Ron Paul can't win. But the numbers don't lie. Ron Paul has the people's vote.

To bad this is America, where our votes don't really count. The electoral process is just an "illusion" to make it look like we have options.

October 26, 2011

The media and their whoring for Big Pharma

After the sudden death of Steve Jobs, the media starting attacking Steve Job and his decision to go with "alternative" medicines. These outlets actually blamed Natural medicines as the cause of Steve's death.

Really? Because no one has ever died from cancer after going through Traditional Cancer treatment such as Chemo and Radiation therapy.

Why is it that when someone passes away after using "alternative medicines" the media will start attacking it? BUT, when someone dies from cancer, even after going through chemo and radiation therapy, those treatments aren't to blame, but the cancer itself.

A simple google search reveals several outlets attacking Alternative Medicine, and Steve Job for refusing traditional treatments.

BUT, as it turns out, the cause of Steve Job's sudden death, was his chemo and radiotherapy for cancer .

Why aren't the media saying anything about this?

Steve Jobs dead at 56, his life ended prematurely by chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer

(NaturalNews) It is extremely saddening to see the cost in human lives that modern society pays for its false belief in conventional medicine and the cancer industry in particular. Visionary Steve Jobs died today, just months after being treated for cancer with chemotherapy at the Stanford Cancer Center in Palo Alto, California. In recent months, he appeared in public photos as a frail shadow of his former self. The thin legs, sunken cheek bones and loss of body weight are all classic signs of total body toxicity observed in chemotherapy and radiotherapy patients.

Red more here - Natural News

October 23, 2011

My latest pencil drawing

My latest drawing.  It's about 90% done.

October 22, 2011

Canadians demand the arrest of President Bush

Protest against George Bush visit to 2011 Surrey Regional Economic Summit
Protestors demand the arrest of former U.S. president George Bush for war crimes and torture as he and fellow former president Bill Clinton attend the 2011 Surrey Regional Economic Summit at the Sheraton Guildford Hotel in Surrey near Vancouver, British Columbia, October 20, 2011. Bush and Clinton were invited by Surrey Mayor Diane Watts and allowed no media coverage of their talk. UPI/Heinz Ruckemann

A reminder to why the United States Govt. should NEVER be trusted....

Let this be a warning to all who thinks that the United States Government is your friend. They will shake your hand and smile with you one day, but then STAB YOU IN THE FUCKING BACK.

This is what happens to Leaders that DON'T have a military. So by all means, go ahead and get the means to DEFEND yourself from Evil.

October 19, 2011

LOL! Kate's Monday recipes was 'borrowed' from a Tortilla package

In her blog, this so called "mom of the year" who supposedly wrote a cook book that was never published in the States due to it being a book filled with stolen recipes found on the internet, somehow was confuse and didn't know the difference between Fajitas and Enchilada.

Or, maybe Kate purposely renamed it a "Fajihta" so that no one would be able to see that she ripped this Enchilada recipe from a package of flour tortilla.

Kate Gosselin's Fajitas

October 17, 2011 12:39 PM EDT (Updated: October 17, 2011 12:40 PM EDT)
Who is going to criticize a busy mom for using recipes found on soup can labels and packages of tortillas? Not I, I’ve used them myself as I’m sure we all have. But to change the name of a tried and true favorite and foist it on the public as their own deserves a comment or two.  So Kate, listen up!

In your recent Monday Menu blog entry, you’ve taken a well known chicken enchilada recipe that can be found on a package of flour tortillas, changed the name to chicken fajitas and have called it your “creation.”  Just as you cannot make a silk purse from a sow’s ear you cannot make a fajita from an enchilada.  “No puede ser hecho.”  I wonder if in her travels Kate has not had the pleasure of dining at a Mexican restaurant and been educated on the difference between the two.  Far be it from me to try.  In the Gosselin household an enchilada is a fajita “and that’s never going to change” or something like that.  However, if Kate is going to write that cookbook she’s promising her fans, she has a lot to learn.  While her fans may tweet her high fives on her creamy, cheesy casseroles and renamed classics, cookbook publishers are looking for innovation and creativity.

In fact Kate did write a cookbook, “Love is in the Mix” which never saw the light of day. One has to wonder why.  But then again, after seeing her Monday Menus so far, maybe not.  Anyone can write a cookbook and even fill it with mediocre, pilfered recipes.  Getting it published is another story, isn’t it Kate?

October 17, 2011

Sheeple of the month (October 2011) - Linda Foerrester

Linda Foerrester via Twitter

So much of a sheeple, even the Jon Gosselin haters are claming she's a nutcase and probably a fake. I don't have all the details but supposedly, this person, who is married to an NBA player spent her hubby's money to donate (5-6) iPads to the Gosselin kids.

Kate then claimed she received it from a (a friend) which is a lie because Kate has no friend. So it is VERY plausible that Kate Gosselin did in fact received the iPads for this Linda Foerrester person.  The sheeples are claiming that this sheep is a fake. 

They only way to put an end to this drama is the simply provide a tracking info.

Seeing that they all sound a bit challenged, I have to say they're all nutcases.  If you donated something, then good for you.  No need to tell the world about it.   Especially donated something to Kate Gosselin. I would keep that to myself. 

I mean, you can see what happens when you try to do something nice.  Kate will ignore you, and her even crazier fan will disown you. Because they're jealous they didn't donate to Kate.

Here are a few tweets from the twits
AskBabyMama - Baby Mama
@miloandjack @Livin4LifeLove @kateplusmy8 a fake story I had to clear up. How long will hate sites believe @lindafoerrester is real? REPORT!

Livin4LifeLove - Living4Life
@AskBabyMama @kateplusmy8 @lindafoerrester Hate sites will never stop believing that ruse because as Kate says: You can't cure stupid.

lindafoerrester - linda foerrester
@kateplusmy8 would you please message me. I've decided to go ahead and send Ipads to your lovelies. ordering online. Need shipping address

October 2, 2011

Children being arrested for 'protesting'

Welcome to China folks.  Interesting how our media are playing this down.  Imagine if the Chinese Government did the same.  Our media would run this clip 24/7 and putting up a poll to see if we should invade China to free it's people from a corrupt Government that arrest children.