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Exposing the lies and seeking truth doesn't = Hate. This is not a Kate Hate Site. A 'Kate Hate Site" wouldn't have "Shame on Kate AND Shame on Jon" in the reaction box.

Just a place where bloggers and commenters can share an open discussion on all things related to the Gosselins.

This blog was created to expose the spins and lies shared by the media and by several individuals who continue to spread filth and garbage for their own self-interests.

This blog will expose those who continue to spread lies as "truth" and those who base their beliefs and support for one individual based on those lies.
Pursuing Truth, Exposing Lies and Informing the Sheeple

November 30, 2009

Jon spends time with the kids, while Kate spends time with Steve

The show is over and done with. Instead of spending time with her kids, Kate still wants to hang-out with Steve. Wonder who will be paying the bills for her service? Kate again loots the kids College fund. Steve will cost her what? $1400 a day?

Jon on the other hand share a warm moment with the kids. Notice how the kids cling to him. Nothing is forced. Unlike thoe PHOTOG shots of Kate and the kids at the park. (All holding hands and posing for the camera). What a douche.

Mady puts on a smile with her time with Jon.

Hey everybody lets hold hands and stay still so the paps can get a good shot.

November 28, 2009

More evidence Kate is an a lying idiot who starve her kids.

“My kids deserved life served to them on a gold platter and I'll do what it takes.” - Kate Gosselin "Her Story"

The correct phrase is "on a silver platter" genius.

In any case, a golden platter? Really Kate Gosselin? Well, according to her "realty show" Kate isn't serving her kids on a golden platter, but a PRISON TRAY. LOL

This isn't the only time Kate proved that she is starving her kids keeping them small.

* At the Restaurant for a special treat, the kids were served 1/4 of a kids burger and fries.
* At the diary farm, kids were served 3 cups of milk and they skipped dinner because they "drank to much milk".
* And here we have Farm to Table.

Look at the food proportions, She is starving them to death.

Half a corn and a scoop of Chicken Cacciatore

9 year old, eating an ear of corn an a scoop of Cacciatore... Still eating on prison trays?

Kate Gosselin bares it all. DISTURBING PHOTO

In desperate need of cash, Kate Gosselin decides to pose nude.

“My kids deserved life served to them on a gold platter and I'll do what it takes.” - Kate Gosselin "Her Story"

November 27, 2009

Fake Kate isn't Green after all..

Back in Season 1, Episode 7, Kate tells us and brags about it, that she buys and uses up to 1,300 paper plates every 3 months. She also tells us that she use to run the dish washer daily and discovered that she wasn't interested in that. She's lazy and isn't green.

I mean, she doesn't wash the dishes, all she has to do is place them in the dishwasher.

November 25, 2009

Kate Gosselin - All I want is a freaking cup of coffee

Kate Gosselin refuses to feed her kids after they drank "a lot" of milk at the Dairy Farm. She then insists that Organic Milk to too expensive. ($6) So she doesn't buy milk. But, she buys coffee everyday.

November 24, 2009

Last episode reveals Kate unfit to parent.

1) Kate forces the tups to walk a mile in cowboy boots and then makes fun of Aaden for crying after a few minutes. (You're a man Aaden, act like one). He's 5 years old. He is no man.

2) Kate takes away the kitty from the kids and hogs it to herself, sometimes even giving the kitten to her favorite child (Hannah).

3) Kate admits she doesn't buy milk because it's too expensive

4) Kate refuses to feed the kids dinner after the tups drank "a lot of milk" at the farm.

5) Kate brain washes the kids into thinking "they only do fun stuff with mommy". LOL

6) Kate cries several times about the show ending t0o early. (4+ years). She obviously doesn't care about her kids. The show is FOR HER. She calls it "work". So that means 8 kids are "working" with her. Kids now have time to heal.

7) Kate made several claims that the kids can no longer go on trips. What a lazy bitch. Does TLC really have to be there with her in order for the kids to go on trips? No one is STOPPING her from taking her kids to see the Statue of Liberty.

8) Kate also made several comments that this was her job. Bltch, get a real job. No need to drag your kids into it.

All Kate did this episode was bash the father of her children and cry about how the show ended too early. Why didn't you look at the bright side of things? Now she can finally spend quality times with her kids w/o the camera shoved at their faces.

She now has all the time in the world to seek therapy and read to her kids. Take them to see the Statue of Liberty w/o the stupid cameras and have a real family trip.

Oh wait, Kate doesn't want that. She wants the TLC crew to watch the kids while Kate herself talks to the camera and tells us that she was the one who made the Statue of Liberty. And then she'll tell us, that statue would look a lot better if it had the Kate hair-do. Maybe she'll say NY should put up a statue of Kate Gosselin instead of the Statue of Liberty.

November 23, 2009

Kate Gosselin sighting in the Artics!

November 21, 2009

Kate and her Lawyers looks PISSED! Jon and his lawyers looks happy

Kate's lawyer looked like he shitted himself. LOL

Jon is smiling and happy after mediation.

Kate looking disappointed, runs to her car. Drives back to Steve's place to cry and roll around the millions she has stashed in one of Steve's room.

November 19, 2009

Jon too busy for Hannah?

Kate Gosselin on the cell phone (business call?) instead of watching her kids. Tups falls flat on his back. And Kate complains Jon is to busy for Hannah when she asked for a Popsicle.

November 18, 2009

Inconsistancies in Kate Major's contract (possibly FAKE)

Free Image Hosting at

Notice the Same "K" is written in both Jon and Kate's handwriting.

Now, look at the "a". Kate A's are inconsistent. Some of her A's looked like an inverted "e". And the rest of the A's looks like the "a" seen in Jon's handwriting.

Suspicious? Yes!

Kate is suing Jon for breach of contract? Can she read her own fake contract? It says she will not make any public statement regarding their "relationship". But she has. SO SHE ALSO is in breach on contract. If the CONTRACT is real.

Awkward Hug

The most awkward hug I have ever seen.  Maybe just a photo-op hug but still.

Cara: What are you doing mommy. You never hug me when there are no cameras around.

Compare that to Jon.  It just looks more natural and unforced.  Cara actually leans forward.

November 17, 2009

Kate Gosselin wishes she was Korean.

Here we have a clip of Kate Gosselin expressing her obsession with Asian looking babies. Hannah is also seen mocking the Asian eyes while sitting on the interview couch. Has mommy dearest "coached" her Children to train their eyes to look more Asian?

We also see Kate's attempt to look more Asian. Did she get an eye lift or a bad makeup job?

Free Image Hosting at

November 16, 2009

Is this Stephanie Santoro with the Kids and Kate?

Blurred out women next to Mady.  Is it Stephanie Skanktoro?  Also, lower right hand corner, there's an extra plate.  Wonder whose plate is that?  Steve? or Jamie?

Free Image Hosting at

Kate Gosselin Ignoring the kids cries

What a mother. Kids could have been seriously injured. Instead of checking on them to see what was going on, she continues filming the show. Idiot.

Kate is never too busy for her kids. Don't let this picture fool you. Kate has eyes on the back of her head.

What happens when Kate doesn't get to release her daily abuse on the kids and Jon?

Kate Gosselin Illegal parking. She can't read a simple No Parking Sign.

No wonder we never see a clip of Kate reading to her kids. What a freaking idiot. I am Kate Gosselin. I am above the law.  The no parking sign only applies to simple civilians. Not superstars such as myself.   You should worship the ground I walk on. Matter of fact, my fans eat off the floor I spit on.

November 15, 2009

Kate Gosselin Exposed

Kate Gosselin Exposed her ass, among many other things. Contradictions, lies, and so forth.

November 14, 2009

Warning: The most disgusting thing you will ever see.

Free Image Hosting at

WARNING: Do not click if you're easily disgusted.

November 13, 2009

Kate Gosselin can't pay her bills, but she can walk around in these $360 boots

Kate Gosselin's Boots...

Nice to see the kids starving while she walks around in these $360 boots her kids paid for.  "I can't pay my bills, boo whoo wahh wahh".  

"I do everything for the kids". You know what these kids can get with $360? Food, new outfits that don't match one another, some books, more food for the boys (is Kate purposely starving them to death?).

'Jon & Kate' to be replaced by 'Cake Boss'

What is Kate going to do now?


"Cak e Boss" will replace the moribund "Jon & Kate Plus 8" on TLC.
The network is set to announce that "Cake Boss," now in its second season, will take over for "Jon & Kate" at 9 p.m. Mondays beginning Nov. 30.

November 12, 2009

Kate fans shows how distrubing they really are

Wishing death on Jon Gosselin.  Kate fans are going to far.
Proof that Kate fans are as mentally ill as Kate Gosselin. Birds of a feather.....

Why isn't this miserable fuck dead yet? 

Submitted by Pers on Thu, 11/12/2009 - 5:12pm.
Why hasn't he killed himself yet? 

Submitted by Bunnyman on Thu, 11/12/2009 - 4:54pm.
The fact that this flabby douchebag still breathes is proof that God hates all of us.

Why hasn't God struck this asshole down yet?

It is pretty obvious that these "Kate fans" are fairly new to the J&K show and have never watched the show before the split.  And they're only judging Jon on what the tabloid and SKANKtoro said about Jon in the past 4 months.

Lets not forget that it was Jon who supported the kids for the past 9 years while Kate sat on her butt and slept-in  until 9am every morning.  Kate didn't even fill her own gas tank back then.  Jon did everything.  Woke them up, dressed them, changed their diapers, put together the furniture, played with them, etc etc.

What has Kate done? NOTHING.  Cook, clean, fold clothes? LOL.  They had NANNIES to do all that. What did Kate do? Post on Radar. LOL

Boo hoo. Kate can't sleep, has no friends, people sold her out. whahha

Breaking News: Kate finally admits she broke it up with Jon a little over a year ago!
Jon, Kevin and Jodi were TELLING THE TRUTH!


Kate says "it was a mutually agreed upon decision". Had nothing to do with CHEATING, INFIDELITY, etc etc.

The dad of 8 opened up about his estranged wife Kate’s tearful TV appearance Monday night, tweeting, “Kate even slipped last night and admitted we split up a year ago! Though she claims she 'didn't remember' who called it quits.. Hey at least she said 'didn't remember' instead of lying [sic]."

How can you NOT remember who called it quits.... Maybe because you don't want to admit it was YOU!

Kids hasn't seen Kate for 2 weeks. No hugs, no kisses. Just yelling.

Kate see's the kids for the 1st time since Oct. 15. She picks up the kids from school and nothing. No hellos, no hugs. Instead the kids jump to the Nanny.

Alexis(?) then walks up to Kate to say Hi, and Kate screams at her. "This is my spot, don't you ever invade my space". Alexis fearfully retreats back to her "spot".

Moments later, Collin(?), does his happy dance and Mrs. Party pooper again, yells her at him and says "go back to your spot". No a very happy mother. Jon is an idiot, but hey, at least the kids feel very comfortable with him compare to Kate. The kids don't even know who Kate Gosselin is.

November 11, 2009

What does TLC stand For?

The Litigation Corporation
- Quit on us and see what happens 

Threats, Lawsuits & Claims
- Brought to you by All State, "you're in good hands".

The Lamest Commercials
- Product placements while filming your kids potty

The Lucifer Cult
- Once you sign up, we own you for life

Thieves Looting Children
- And we're proud of it

Tough Luck Chumps

- We didn't force you to do this

Temporary Labor Camp
- Now accepting Kids!

Trashy Lifestyle Change
- Hooker boots and Boobs Jobs, on us!

Totally Losing Control
- Bad Marriage? Call us and we'll film it

The Lazy Couple
- Why work when you have 8 kids?

Kate Gosselin Failed Photo-Op

Kate Gosselin, trying to improve her image with her kids decides to do a photo-op. To bad the kids are confused! LOL. "Why is mommy trying to kiss me? Why is mommy so affectionate today? She doesn't do this at home when there is no camera." LOL.

You can see the confusion in the kids face. There is no pic of the kids hugging or running to Kate with a huge smile. Kate has to be the one to make the move. While with Jon on the other hand, it's NATURAL with them. The hugs and kisses aren't FORCED.

Joel: What is mommy doing?
Alexis: Iono

Above: (forced kiss)

Hanna: Yay it's daddy!

Above: (unforced hug)

TLC retricts the Gosselins from taking pictures of their own kids.

And the network's restrictions on the family's life was just plain cruel, his lawyers argue: the reality dad wasn't allowed to take photographs at home, preventing him from recording "his own family moments and hallmark events in his family's life."

"The Plaintiff's [TLC's] hands are so sullied, polluted and infected with wrongdoing, deception, heavy handedness, unconscionably and disregard for the Public's Interest, that the only resolve that justice should mandate is that Plaintiff's infected hands be amputated."

How those idiots support TLC is beyond belief. The control TLC had over the Gosselins is just way over the top. How can you support such a company? Hopefully the public will realize that the Gosselins have been living in prison under TLC.

Jon Gosselin - Turn back time

Jon: People say you can't go back, but at least I'm going to try...


November 9, 2009

Why is Kate Gosselin estranged from her parents?

There is a great deal of speculation about Kate Gosselin's relationship with her parents. Please add your contribution to the Discussion.

Contributions from various WikiAnswerers:

Kate Gosselin was pregnant with her sextuplets when her father asked the members of the church, that he was a minister at, to donate clothes and cribs for the sextuplets. Kate refused the cribs and clothes because they were slightly used and she wanted NEW and MATCHING things. She didn't say thank you for the things instead she told her father she wanted COLD HARD CASH!

The father and the mother didnt think it was right to tell the people of the church that she refused to take the clothes and cribs and that all she wanted was their money. So they didnt ask them to donate any money. These are the same parents that took care of Mady and Cara when Kate went into labor with the sextuplets. I feel so sorry for her parents because of how she has reacted to all of the fame she has gotten.

November 2, 2009

Rumors, Media, Gossip 10/9-11/09

Photo of the day.

Kate being a good mother. She's never happy when she's with the kids. She was all smiles on the Ellen show..

Post rumors, Gossip, media news here.