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Exposing the lies and seeking truth doesn't = Hate. This is not a Kate Hate Site. A 'Kate Hate Site" wouldn't have "Shame on Kate AND Shame on Jon" in the reaction box.

Just a place where bloggers and commenters can share an open discussion on all things related to the Gosselins.

This blog was created to expose the spins and lies shared by the media and by several individuals who continue to spread filth and garbage for their own self-interests.

This blog will expose those who continue to spread lies as "truth" and those who base their beliefs and support for one individual based on those lies.
Pursuing Truth, Exposing Lies and Informing the Sheeple

February 28, 2010

Kate has been gone from her kids for weeks.

Do the kids miss her? Highly unlikely! Kate has stated that she never calls her kids when she's away. Even when shes gone fore weeks. And the kids don't really care. But, when Jon is away, the kids can't wait to get his phone call. Jon even ratted out Mady for "keeping him posted" on everything Kate says about him behind his back.

Dancing with the Shrew.

Dancing with the Stars fans, are you ready to look at this trying to dance?

Kate (not a star), will be on the show. Big deal. They have one joke in every season. And for this season, it's Kate G. Not sure why this is getting so much attention.

See also: Kate prevents Jon from seeing his kids on non-custody days while Kate is out and about.

February 23, 2010

Kate the Registered Nurse doesn't know how to carry her own kid

Aren't you glad she isn't working at a hospital near you? At least Jon knows what to do.
What a freaking moron. LOL. Joel is dead asleep, his head is dangling all over the place. Kate should know better. Wait, it's Kate. Of course she doesn't know better.

Even monkeys have better parenting skills compared to Kate.

February 21, 2010

What they will say to Tiger, but wont dare say to Kate

Click image for larger view

Go over and read the comments. It's funny how they are bashing Tiger. That he shouldn't be working and making ends meet. Instead, he should get help and try to work on his marriage and be with the kids.

But when it comes to Kate. They're all, "Kate needs a TV show, she needs to travel and make money". Remember, Kate REFUSED marriage counseling and was the one who broke it off with Jon in October 2008.

Note the picture of Kate dragging her kids to do TV interviews and denying her own kid drinking water. Look how miserable the kids look with Kate Gosselin.

Also see:Her OWN kids doesn't even want to sit next to her.

Kate again proves it's all about her

Magazine scan credit: Preesi

Kate Gosselin will be going on DWTS soon. And Kate refuses to change her custody arrangements. So, while Kate is out in CA months on end, the nannies will continue to watch the kids. (Nothing new here, Kate is never with her kids, unless she's taking them out for a photo-op).

But, when it is Jon's custody day and he is with the kids. Kate has a few rules for him. (Again, treating him like a little 7 year old).

1) No friends. (Because Kate has no friends, Jon too must not allow any friends over). Unless it's a paid TLC employee.

2) No pictures. (How dare Jon be in the pictures with the kids smiling while I'm out on tour). This will make me look like an unfit mother. So no pictures.

Then the "insider" claims it's not like the kids are going to miss him? LOL! Really? That the most ridiculous statement from Team Kate. We already know how much the kids love and miss Jon. We see it every time he is with them. There are hundreds of photos of the kids running to Jon to hug and kiss him. There's even videos of it. NONE OF KATE.

This is why Kate has the rules in place. To protect her Image. It's all about Image when it comes to a narcissist. Kate doesn't want friends over because they will be a witness to how much the kids miss Jon. Kate doesn't want any photos taken because the kids will look happy when they are with him.

Those rules are not to PROTECT the kids. They are to protect Kate's image while she is GONE for months on end to promote her lame book.

So what is the problem with Jon being with the kids when Kate is on her book tour? It's all about image. The image of the kids being happy with Jon doesn't sit to well with this fucking douche of a mother. And this little article is just damage control for Kate. To bad it's doing the opposite.

TLC claims it's not about the kids, but breach of contract

He told TLC that he would allow them to once again film his children for a reality show.

“The network says this is not about the kids. It’s about Jon breaching his contract,”

But the network has not committed to bringing back Jon & Kate Plus 8, or its retitled successor, Kate Plus 8.

If it's not about the kids, why did TLC settle AFTER Jon said that he will allow the kids to continuing filming? Does TLC really believe that Americans really are that stupid?

Well, reading the comments on Kaydar, yes, those idiots are stupid. They still think it was because Jon breached his contract with TLC.

If it was REALLY about the contract and because Jon made money outside of TLC, why did TLC settle? Explain that sheeple.

Was this all just a publicity stunt all along and Jon including TLC took us for a ride?

Shame on Jon, Kate and TLC.

Message to the sheeple.
And this Settlement proves it.

TLC still doesn't know what to do with Kate. LOL


A source with knowledge of the deal said that Jon is not going to be part of any programming plan on TLC, but Kate is expected back. “We’re still doing the show with Kate,” said the source.

There is no air date for Kate’s show, and in fact, producers are still tweaking just what the mom of multiples will be doing on the show. According to one source close to the production, this much is certain: “It will not be a dating show.”


How long has it been? They still don't know what to do with Kate.

1) Hosting her own show. Canceled after she failed miserably on the View.
2) Guest Host with Paula Deen in Mom Logic. Canceled after they relaized how much of an idiot Kate "uhhh, ummm" is... LOL
3) Dating Show. Scratched out after the public didn't like the idea.
4) ????

Can you count how many times Kate says Um and Uh?

Can you imagine this idiot hosting a TV show. "Hi, umm, I'm Kate, mother of 8. uhh. Let's see. Well today, umm, I guess uhh, you will uhh..... Maybe she should have used an earpeice.

February 20, 2010

Poor attempt at Product Placement

Kate Gosselin is all smiles during her failed photo-op.  Attempting to dish out products that gave her own kids cavities and diarrhea.  "Hannah pooped in her unnawear".   How old were her kids when they first had cavities? 3 maybe 4?

The product she is shamelessly promoting isn't organic and made from concentrate.  But it does have the word "natural on it".  So being a Kate Gosselin, she automatically assumes it's good for you.

Let's not forget that Organic Cows looks Beautiful.

February 17, 2010

Kate dating Bernie Nowotarski?

Just FYI. This was probably a lame Publicity Stunt by Bernie to get his Indoor Football Team out in the media.

Kate G. Dating Checklist:
✔ Over the age of 35.
? Making over 100k

RUMOR: Kate dating football coach.
He just looks like a whiter version of Jon. Note the article above is using an OLD photo of Bernie. Not sure what to think of this. He's 49, a football coach and has 5 kids. Was married a little over a year ago. Even tweeted about getting info on how to contact Kate, and how the paps were following him.

Again, this is just a rumor. Kate after all isn't ready to date. Says her hair dresser. She's to busy with her own life and busy filming her show.

"She's at a point in her life where she's doing a little experimenting," hair guru Ted Gibson, one of Gosselin's wingmen for the night, told the magazine. Gibson said that even though Gosselin's dressed to impress, she isn't ready for a new man in her life.

"I don't think (she's ready to date). She's adjusting to who she is," Gibson said.

A 35 year old woman just now "experimenting" and adjusting to who she is? LOL. Is it that complicated? You have 8 kids, you're 35, you are a mother first.

Same goes for Jon. You should be a father first. Yes Kate lied about her fertility complications and she tricked you into having multiples, but now isn't the time to relive your 20's. You have 8 kids who love you. And an ex-Wife who doesn't give a rats ass about her kids.

Bernie was married a little over a year ago. What happened? Did he cheat on his wife with Kate?

February 16, 2010

wth is an anti-gwop blog?

So wth is an anti-gwop blog? A simple if-then statement can clear this right up.

If GWOP is,
* Against child abuse
* Against child exploitation
* Against domestic violence / abuse

Then an anti-GWOP is,
* For child abuse
* For child exploitation
* For domestic violence / abuse

The more you know.

February 15, 2010

Kate and Eileen O'neil?

Probably not but the resemblance is there.

Flashback: Hailey claims Jon slammed her into a wall

Read more:
Jon Gosselin allegedly slammed his departing girlfriend Hailey Glassman against the wall of their Manhattan apartment after he saw a photo of her kissing "Celebrity Boxing" promoter Damon Feldman. "That picture started the whole thing, a picture of her kissing another man," a source told The Post's Jamie Schram. Earlier, Glassman had "found out he was cheating on her. She told him it was over," the source said. Glassman filed a harassment complaint with the NYPD, saying "she was pushed against [a] wall" on Dec. 20 and verbally abused by Gosselin, a charge under investigation by cops. "The document speaks for itself***," said Glassman's lawyer, Stephanie Ovadia. "Jon is a lover, not a fighter," said Gosselin's lawyer, Mark Heller. "He's been rumored to steal a kiss here and there, but he has never been accused of landing a sucker punch."

*** The document speaks for itself. (Anyone can file a false report and Hailey, a pot smoking bimbo with an arrest record of her own, isn't really all that credible). Especially when her actions in the last 2 months proves that she's just seeking attention and milking her 15mins. Can't believe Jon associated himself with this trash.
Hailey has a history of running into walls and objects on her own accord.

February 13, 2010

Flashback! Jon + Kate = Disaster

Kate Gosselin Exposed!  Not the "nice, friendly" mother of 8 she is pretending to be since she had her extensions done.   A phone interview with Kate gone bad.  Will the real Kate Gosselin please stand up?

February 16, 2009, 08:45 AM
Flipping through The New York Times yesterday, I came across a piece on Jon & Kate Plus 8, the reality show which follows a family with eight children. Train Wreck Factor, I thought in reaction to the story, titled "Big Brood Spawns Big Ratings." Unfair? Maybe, but train wreck describes my experience with Jon and Kate.

I interviewed Jon and Kate Gosselin for a Valentine's Day story called 8 Love Tips from Jon & Kate. While on the phone with the couple, Kate yelled at Jon for interrupting her, said he wasn't very good at communicating and generally treated him like he was a misbehaving child. After his initial attempts at answering my questions garnered such a response, Jon kept quiet.
{Narcissistic behavior, wanting to be the center of attention, Kate yelled at Jon for answering a few questions which was asked by the interviewer.}

The publicist, who was also on the phone, recognized the interview was spiraling out of control and suggested Kate tell me about renewing their vows in Hawaii. Kate lost it. She yelled into the phone, "I'm so sick of talking about Hawaii. It was really nice, but it's over and we just keep re-hashing it." Dead. Silence.

I asked a few more questions, trying to coax something, anything out of them. They juggle so much, there must be something they do to keep their marriage afloat. Kate said, "Marriage is a lot of work and anyone who says it's not is lying." OK, but what do you do to work on it? How do you work on it? Finally, Kate snapped, "This is stupid. I don't know why you're doing this story. We're not romantic or lovey. We're not that couple." She's right, I thought. Dead. Story.
{The marriage was already over. Kate didn't have a good response, so naturally she flipped. What do you do when you're caught in a lie? You can either play it off smoothly, or act like little 6yo and scream. Kate decided to go with the 6yo route. To bad Kate didn't have an earpeice in this interview.}

This was published on Feb 16, 2009.  Kate admitted to breaking things off in Oct. 2008. J&K have both been "conning" the public for quite some time. Their marriage was over and TLC knew about it. The show should have been canceled a long time ago. TLC, Kate and even Jon to an extent all chose $$$ over family, kids, values, faith & love.

So that new book, yeah it's just gibberish.

Flashback! A former nanny reveals the truth about Kate Gosselin

Old but good read. Kate Gosselin Exposed! This blog has been heading offtrack so here is an article exposing Kate for the "fraud" she is.

7th of September 2009
In recent weeks, Kate Gosselin has come across as the better parent, the one who didn’t rush to bed someone younger just because she had gotten a divorce, the one who stayed at home with the kids and the one who did not spend her money in Las Vegas casinos. This is not necessarily because she is the better parent, a former nanny tells Us Magazine, but rather because she’s a selfish, material monster, who only thinks of her image and best interest.
{One of the symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder}

Kate Gosselin doesn’t do anything for the kids and has an awful character, baby nurse Angela Krall, who was with her even before she became famous, says for the aforementioned magazine. In fact, Kate is so horrible that, at one point, she fired no less than 40 employees in just four months. Moreover, she is constantly obsessing over money and the need to make more, feels the state owed her compensation for having so many children and wouldn’t do anything in the world to put her image in peril.
{Has anyone ever heard Kate telling her kids that she "loved them?" I haven't. Jon has said it several times. (Tups 5th birthday is one example) So instead of "writing" a book to show her kids how much she cares, why not tell them in private?}

“[She is] even more combative with her family and employees. Krall reveals that Kate posted ‘demeaning’ signs in every room detailing rules, and fired one woman on the spot for washing her hands in the kitchen instead of the bathroom. ‘Kate flipped,’ says Krall. ‘She thought it was cross-contamination.’  
{I don't see anything wrong with this.  She has 8 money bags, I mean kids she has to protect.}

That level of perfectionism also tore her apart from her father, Kenton Kreider, a pastor, after he gave her cribs donated by his parishioners. ‘They didn’t match and Kate rejected them,’ says a family source. ‘Things like that caused a rift.’ Krall, who says all six babies ended up with matching cribs, tells Us Kate ‘thought they were owed stuff. The money factor was huge.’” the magazine writes.
{I'm Kate Gosselin, the cribs must match and I deserve life serve to me on a Golden PlatterAbout my father, mother, so what?  Who cares? It's all about me.}

In the same interview, the former nanny also reveals that Kate constantly frets about her image and is always worried paparazzi photos of her would not look good in the papers. Another major obsession of hers is money, trying her best to cash in on the fame she now enjoys, especially since she is aware that it might just go all away tomorrow, once the “Jon & Kate Plus 8” show breathes its last breath.
{but Kate hates the paps right?}

Yet, this is not the first time that Kate Gosselin comes under fire for her controlling behavior, both in front and behind the cameras. The first time was many months ago, before she and Jon hadn’t even announced the divorce, when one staffer told the media how Kate would smack her children with a large, plastic spoon when they refused to play nice for the camera.
{What? Kate hits her children because they didn't play nice for the camera? And Kate claims this show wasn't detrimental to the kids? This is just one of the fears if Kate +8 were to begin filming.  

We all know what Jon did when the kids refused to film and went swimming.  He said, go ahead.  And TLC was pissed.  Imagine if the kids didn't want to film and decided they wanted to go swimming.  REMOVE THE WOODEN SPOON FROM THE KONPOUND!}

The second and most recent time was when Jon finally agreed to speak of the divorce with the media, and complained that he had suffered a lot of abuse and had been “put down a lot” while still married to Kate.
{Imagine if the tables were turned and Jon was the one who treated Kate the way she treated Jon.   Jon would have been arrested for domestic abuse. How dare he slap her in the face.  How dare he verbally abuse this innocent mother of 8.}
This is only a small sample of the real Kate Gosselin. She isn't the woman the tabloids or TLC makes her out to be. She isn't whom she says she is. How many times do we have to hear about her laying in bed-rest or how much she "sacrificed" for her kids? It's calling being a mom Kate. Deal with it.

- She picks up the kids 1 day out of the week. Wow big sacrifice.
- She gave up nursing working 10hr shifts to exploiting her kids and never ever having to work a day in her life. Wow big sacrifice.
- She has nannies and sitters caring for their home and kids. Wow big sacrifice.
- Kids are paying for her manicures and spa treatments. Wow big sacrifice.

What about the sacrifice the kids were forced to make? The lost of their childhood. And we all know what happens to children that missed out on their childhood. Look at Jon, he was whining about how he missed out on his 20's.

Some will say "this article is fake" and it's just a bitter old nanny who is "jellus" of Kate's success and beauty. Beauty.... LOL

The more you know.

February 11, 2010

Is Steve Gone?

People Mag

Kate Gosselin went out on the town! The reality star stopped into Butter in New York City with her hairstylist Ted Gibson and two security guards for dinner and some drinks. Gosselin ordered shrimp, a romaine salad and the fish of the day, which she washed down with two glasses of Pinot Noir. When it was time to go, the mom of eight grabbed her coat, then jumped into a waiting cab. Her next stop? The nightclub Spin.

Note the bodyguard. It's not Steve. Did Kate chase him away? Like the many nannies, sitters, family and friends?

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February 10, 2010

Sheeple of the Month (August) - LindaOriginal

Bump! Back to the top. The sheeple are claiming how some people are "bad advise" givers. Seems a bit hypocritical don't you think? Below is a classic example of an idiot giving stupid advise. It makes no sense whatsoever! Continue below to see how I broke down her "suggestions" with simple logic. You can clearly see how this moron is trying to sound like she knows what's she's talking about.

Congratulations to LindaOriginal for winning this Month's "Sheeple of the Month" Award.

Here we have a post by a typical sheeple giving Kate some wonderful advise on how to protect the family from the evil Paparazzi. NEWSFLASH Linda, the Paparazzi (Chris), are good friends with Jon and Kate. There is even a video of Kate talking to Chris and calling him by name. There is also a video of Jon (@ X17online) telling another pap, "If you see Chris, give him some".

Below is a post made by a sheeple with my simple and logical response. Logic is something these people can't seem to comprehend.

LindaOriginal said…

What I’d do if I were Kate:

1. Find a neutral location off property for the exchange , eg Police department parking lot.
jj: Yes because the paparazzi cameras do not work inside a police parking lot. The police lot have some type of force-field preventing any type of cameras from taking videos or pictures. And because the police would love all the attention they're getting when Kate and Jon drives into the lot to exchange the kids on private property. Here's an idea, how about she allows Jon to enter the property for the exchange? Oh wait, this would be too easy and makes perfect sense.  So lets not do it this way.

Lets rent a helicopter instead.  Two helicopters.  And they can do the exchange in midair, confusing the paps.  Once the exchange is done, one helicopter would fly to a police station and the other (loaded with the kids) would fly to Jon's apartment.  If the paps are still following, the helicopter would fire warning shots directly at the paps.

2. Install a second gate 50 feet inside the first one and screen the inner section with trees and shrubbery. Exchange takes place inside the gate but still limited access. Friends in FL had double gated system in FL for UPS deliveries – they had codes to get past first gate but not the second one so entry was limited.
jj: Yeah, why not just construct a Great Wall of China. To protect the Gosselin from the Mongolians. A friend of mine has a miniature great wall protecting his Bonsai tree. But the ants are able to climb over it. Darn! And do you know how ugly and ghetto the property would look with two gates? This is Kate Gosselin we're talking about. A narcissistic wench who is all about outward appearances.

3. Have a designated place to meet with an understanding that if paparazzi were there, calls would be made for proceeding on to police station with exchange to take place there, or to library, or wherever.
jj: Great idea! Because the paparazzi can't follow the family to the police station or library! When the Gosselins drive within 15 feet of said location, their vans & SUV somehow "vanishes" into thin air. Eluding the paparazzi and saving the family from the evil paps. Again, a better place to do the exchange would be inside the property.

4. A lot of trouble but I’d hire somebody to drive an empty van to a pickup point. Then I’d drive person car with kids – even to making multiple trips relaying them. There has to be some restricted area in Wernersville, be it courtyard hotel, parking, a neighboring farmers land, police, fire station, etc Hey! Fire Station. They have doors that close. Arrange to do the switch with doors closed and make a contribution to them or their benevolence fund.
jj: This make perfect sense. Because the paparazzi don't have eyes and can't see which vehicles the kids jump into when they are picked up from the bus stop or any location. When the kids hop into a "car", instead of the blue van, the paps are going to follow the van because it looks cooler. That makes perfect sense.

How about a fire-station? Yes. Lets use taxpayers money and public resource (again) to help Kate Gosselin. And when there is a huge fire going on somewhere in Wernersville, the Blue van and crowds of Paparaazi and sheeple is what a firetruck needs to block traffic. Brilliant idea there Linda.

LindaOriginal said…

There are solutions, just costly. Ok, here’s another. Buy an identical van. Have two vans leave, turning in opposite directions. Or have the vans swop inside a second gate; drop off van with kids, pick up empty van. Reverse the process the next visit.

jj:  Makes perfect sense, but I have another idea. How about we dig an underground tunnel leading from the Mansion to Jon's apartment. We can hire illegal immigrants to do the job for dirt cheap. And since we know a few sheeple who love Kate so much, I'm sure we can find a few to help out with the construction. This way, there is no way the paps can take photos or videos of the Kids. Only TLC cameras can.

As for the paps invading their privacy when they're shopping, this isn't a big deal since Kate does most of her shopping online. And only goes out shopping in public when TLC is there to film it. Sure there might be 1 pap taking photos but the kids won't even notice it because they will be surrounded by at least 5 TLC camera crews.

I can't believe how brainwashed some people are. Kate does not hate the paparazzi. Maybe the kids do but Kate sure doesn't. You can find more pictures of Kate smiling at Chris than picture of Kate smiling with her kids.

And besides, they're not as bad as TLC cameras. The paps just take photos from a distance. "Documenting" an event under natural settings. Which is probably more of a "reality" than the Show (J&K and Kate Plus 8). Without the paps, how would you sheeple know what Kate is wearing and where to go to take your own paparazzi photos of the family? I mean, most of the comments you sheeple make is, "Kate is so pretty". Don't bite the hand that feeds you?

Hailey's shot at fame?

Hailey Glassman, one of many mistakes Jon has made. WTH was he thinking? Another mistake, keeping his current lawyer, and taking pictures with random clubbers. Which created all these rumors floating around.

{photoshop does wonders, to bad the one working on Hailey for this mag were doing it with their eyes closed}

Hailey reveals the most intimate and embarrassing detail about her relationship with Jon in the next issue of Steppin' Out Magazine.

Sources close to Glassman tells JJ that friends and family are embarrassed and are telling Glassman to Step back in, shut the door and put some clothes on.

Again, WTH did Jon see in that? Look at Hailey's face. It's heavily airbrushed and even distorted in some areas. Looks a bit like Michael Jackson's jawline.

When did "dating" a reality dad get you a spot on a magazine cover? Is she "famous" for something? I'm guessing she's going to rehash her "Tweets" about Jon for this magazine.

Don't even bother reading this mag. Basically Hailey is saying Jon is bad and Kate is a MILF.

Kate Gosselin trying to look like Elin Woods?

Is Kate trying to look like Elin Woods? Is Kate going to care for and love her kids the same way Elin does with her own kids? Or is Kate just all flash and no substance?

Are we feeding the trolls?

It's been a few months and Kate still has not disappeared from the media. There are no signs of her going away any time soon. I am starting to wonder if the presence of blogs such as this one, are keeping the troll alive?

Will she ever disappear and finally be a mother for once? Or will she continue to use her children for her fame and fortune? Will Kate and even Jon have their own show? Or will the kids once again be dragged into this?

Rumors about Jon "secretly" negotiating with TLC, will the kids once again be filmed? Will they ever have their childhood back?

Are blogs such as this keeping this troll ALIVE? Are we giving TLC and Kate more reasons to stay relevant? As long as there are people talking, TLC will continue to promote this woman and exploiting the 8 kids for $$$.

I could care less about Jon or Kate making their own appearance in the media. But leave their kids out of this.

February 8, 2010

Well, Kate's new book is out.

About Love? Faith? Family? LOL!

What Love?

- Kate doesn't know what love is. She has never shown anyone any love or affection. Besides HERSELF.

What Faith?
- Wow! They went to church 3 times! And stopped going after the donations ended. She continued to do 'paid' "speaking engagement at churches".

What Family?
- She dumped them all under the bus. What family?
- Where are her own parents?
- Kevin, Jodi?
- Jon?

How dare she uses the words "Faith, Family and Love" to promote a scam.

February 5, 2010

Slow day at Kaydar? Make something up!

 *** Update *** 2/8/10
Recent updates on kaydar indicates that TLC has secretly accepted the settlement with Jon.  Not sure wth is going on or what to believe, (BUT IF TRUE) it proves 4 things.   

1) TLC only went after Jon because of the kids and not because he "breached his contract.
2) Jon is still an idiot.  He needs someone to guide him thru life. 
3) TLC has no faith in Kate and the "project" they have been working on with Kate was just a ploy.
4) The kids are still being used for $$$.  Horrible, HORRIBLE parents.  

*** Update *** 2/7/10
Since no one gave a flip about the article that appeared on kaydar, the same source rehashed the story to TMZ. Maybe this time people will believe it?

It must slow day over at Kaydar. I guess they had to make something up today. At least they didn't fake another email. LOL

After scanning through all the lies, tucked in the middle of the article, Kaydar prints, "And there’s no guarantee that will happen either”. Added to save their butts? Maybe.

Again, if Jon has a gag order placed on him, where is Kaydar getting their info?

How does that site work? Maybe like this?
1) Make something up about Jon,
2) Get the sheeple fired up and post thousands of comments (Because every other post is dead besides anything Gosselin related).
3) Kaydar staffs laugh their way to the bank.

A source close to the Gosselin's (identity withheld for security) has informed me that Kate is dating a man she met over the internet. His name? Thomas Lazzari Coleman!

See I can make stuff up too!

February 4, 2010

EXPOSED! Life and Style Magzine caught in a LIE

Life and Style Magazine printed out a flat out, one sided LIE against Jon Gosselin. The magazine claims that Jon was not with the kids during the time those photos were taken. YET, Pap photos says otherwise. TLC, Kate, is this the best you can do? Pay a magazine to LIE to prove Kate is a better parent? Once again, you FAIL.

In the above magazine scan / photos, Life & Style make a claim that the "children" now play alone. Yet, the OTHER pap photos, taken the SAME DAY, shows that they weren't alone. Jon was a mere few feet away from the kids! EXPOSED!
Photo credit:
Magazine Scan credit: Preesi

In this photo. The magazine claims that Jon was no where to be seen. Yet fails to mention that Kate was also no where to be seen. Instead, the person "playing" with the kids is a babysitter.
Photo credit:
Magazine Scan credit: Preesi

In other news, we already know that it is Jon who spends time with the kids. Can you find one pic of Kate playing with the kids? And I'm not talking about a walk to the park for her staged photo-op. (Henry's Farm to Table) - Kate takes the kids to a park and says, "I would be running around playing with the kids if it was 900 million degrees outside." 900 million degrees? WTF is she smoking?

Pictures of Jon playing with the kids can be seen here.
Jon Gosselin & Kid sled rides

Thanks to itsaboutthekids for pointing this out and providing the links to the photos.

February 2, 2010

Mommy dearest in a jealous rage.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Wonder what the excuse is from the sheeple for this picture? Did Hannah needed to be "shush"? Was she blowing a whistle? Did she want a drink of water? Was she breathing too loud? Just look at how miserable Jon and Hannah is as Kate continues to nag them both to death.

Narcissists do act childish at times. Kate once, maybe twice even asked her sextuplets to "take care of her". What kind of mother says that to a kid? Don't remember which episode exactly but she did say it.

Exposing the lies and seeking truth doesn't = Hate. This is not a Kate Hate Site. A 'Kate Hate Site" wouldn't have "Shame on Kate AND Shame on Jon" in the reaction box.

Just a place where bloggers and commenters can share an open discussion on all subjects without censorship.

This blog was created to expose the spins and lies shared by the media and by several individuals who continue to spread filth and garbage for their own self-interests.

This blog will expose those who continue to spread lies as "truth" and those who base their beliefs and support for one individual based on those lies.

Jon Gosselin can't talk about it.

Yet, he still continues to open his mouth. Just ignore the paps Jon. And stop giving out freebies to these paps. They are not on your side.

February 1, 2010

Open Discussion - February

Kids are cold, but at least Kate has a little coat on.