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Exposing the lies and seeking truth doesn't = Hate. This is not a Kate Hate Site. A 'Kate Hate Site" wouldn't have "Shame on Kate AND Shame on Jon" in the reaction box.

Just a place where bloggers and commenters can share an open discussion on all things related to the Gosselins.

This blog was created to expose the spins and lies shared by the media and by several individuals who continue to spread filth and garbage for their own self-interests.

This blog will expose those who continue to spread lies as "truth" and those who base their beliefs and support for one individual based on those lies.
Pursuing Truth, Exposing Lies and Informing the Sheeple

February 13, 2010

Flashback! A former nanny reveals the truth about Kate Gosselin

Old but good read. Kate Gosselin Exposed! This blog has been heading offtrack so here is an article exposing Kate for the "fraud" she is.

7th of September 2009
In recent weeks, Kate Gosselin has come across as the better parent, the one who didn’t rush to bed someone younger just because she had gotten a divorce, the one who stayed at home with the kids and the one who did not spend her money in Las Vegas casinos. This is not necessarily because she is the better parent, a former nanny tells Us Magazine, but rather because she’s a selfish, material monster, who only thinks of her image and best interest.
{One of the symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder}

Kate Gosselin doesn’t do anything for the kids and has an awful character, baby nurse Angela Krall, who was with her even before she became famous, says for the aforementioned magazine. In fact, Kate is so horrible that, at one point, she fired no less than 40 employees in just four months. Moreover, she is constantly obsessing over money and the need to make more, feels the state owed her compensation for having so many children and wouldn’t do anything in the world to put her image in peril.
{Has anyone ever heard Kate telling her kids that she "loved them?" I haven't. Jon has said it several times. (Tups 5th birthday is one example) So instead of "writing" a book to show her kids how much she cares, why not tell them in private?}

“[She is] even more combative with her family and employees. Krall reveals that Kate posted ‘demeaning’ signs in every room detailing rules, and fired one woman on the spot for washing her hands in the kitchen instead of the bathroom. ‘Kate flipped,’ says Krall. ‘She thought it was cross-contamination.’  
{I don't see anything wrong with this.  She has 8 money bags, I mean kids she has to protect.}

That level of perfectionism also tore her apart from her father, Kenton Kreider, a pastor, after he gave her cribs donated by his parishioners. ‘They didn’t match and Kate rejected them,’ says a family source. ‘Things like that caused a rift.’ Krall, who says all six babies ended up with matching cribs, tells Us Kate ‘thought they were owed stuff. The money factor was huge.’” the magazine writes.
{I'm Kate Gosselin, the cribs must match and I deserve life serve to me on a Golden PlatterAbout my father, mother, so what?  Who cares? It's all about me.}

In the same interview, the former nanny also reveals that Kate constantly frets about her image and is always worried paparazzi photos of her would not look good in the papers. Another major obsession of hers is money, trying her best to cash in on the fame she now enjoys, especially since she is aware that it might just go all away tomorrow, once the “Jon & Kate Plus 8” show breathes its last breath.
{but Kate hates the paps right?}

Yet, this is not the first time that Kate Gosselin comes under fire for her controlling behavior, both in front and behind the cameras. The first time was many months ago, before she and Jon hadn’t even announced the divorce, when one staffer told the media how Kate would smack her children with a large, plastic spoon when they refused to play nice for the camera.
{What? Kate hits her children because they didn't play nice for the camera? And Kate claims this show wasn't detrimental to the kids? This is just one of the fears if Kate +8 were to begin filming.  

We all know what Jon did when the kids refused to film and went swimming.  He said, go ahead.  And TLC was pissed.  Imagine if the kids didn't want to film and decided they wanted to go swimming.  REMOVE THE WOODEN SPOON FROM THE KONPOUND!}

The second and most recent time was when Jon finally agreed to speak of the divorce with the media, and complained that he had suffered a lot of abuse and had been “put down a lot” while still married to Kate.
{Imagine if the tables were turned and Jon was the one who treated Kate the way she treated Jon.   Jon would have been arrested for domestic abuse. How dare he slap her in the face.  How dare he verbally abuse this innocent mother of 8.}
This is only a small sample of the real Kate Gosselin. She isn't the woman the tabloids or TLC makes her out to be. She isn't whom she says she is. How many times do we have to hear about her laying in bed-rest or how much she "sacrificed" for her kids? It's calling being a mom Kate. Deal with it.

- She picks up the kids 1 day out of the week. Wow big sacrifice.
- She gave up nursing working 10hr shifts to exploiting her kids and never ever having to work a day in her life. Wow big sacrifice.
- She has nannies and sitters caring for their home and kids. Wow big sacrifice.
- Kids are paying for her manicures and spa treatments. Wow big sacrifice.

What about the sacrifice the kids were forced to make? The lost of their childhood. And we all know what happens to children that missed out on their childhood. Look at Jon, he was whining about how he missed out on his 20's.

Some will say "this article is fake" and it's just a bitter old nanny who is "jellus" of Kate's success and beauty. Beauty.... LOL

The more you know.

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SchmeckyGirl said... [Reply]

I'm at least glad the former nanny was named so it's not just an "unnamed source".

While I am inclined to believe the whole "spoon" story I think that one was an unnamed source so I wouldn't call it reliable. Believable yes, reliable no.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I wonder why Matt Heckman shut down his website???It was his website there was a blog war going on..VERY INTERESTING.......

Who Cares said... [Reply]

Nobody cares that Matt Heckman closed his blog. He is a trouble maker and as far as I'm concerned good riddance.

Someone who publishes private emails are scum as far as I'm concerned.

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

I believe the spoon story to be true. I mean she even kept on in the bus as a reminder for the kids to behave or else.


Matt closed his blog? And he was celebrating how Moon closed her blog a month earlier.

Lauren said... [Reply]

Yeah know if Kate treated me that way I would have told her what's what. Why does she think she can treat people any way she likes. I hope a former employee slaps her with an abuse lawsuit. Confidentiality agreements can't trump state labor laws.

Lauren said... [Reply]

I wonder why Matt Heckman shut down his website???It was his website there was a blog war going on..VERY INTERESTING.......


Interesting indeed.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Has anyone ever heard Kate telling her kids that she "loved them?" I haven't.

I think you are right about your comment.

In one episode Aeden wanted to climb on her, and she push him back and asked him why he did that, he says that's because he like her very much (he didn't say That he love her but that he like her very much)and she respond that it was a good thing because he is stuck with her until his 18e birthday. I think that says it all.

When a 5 year old boy says that he likes his mom's it's probably because he never heard her tell him that she loved him, at least that's what I think because a young child repeats the behavior he sees around him.

What pains me the most is that he is trying to tell her in his own way that he loves her and she doesn't even realizes it.

P.S excuse my English because it's not my first language.

OrderlyL said... [Reply]

Anonymous said...

What pains me the most is that he is trying to tell her in his own way that he loves her and she doesn't even realizes it.

She does not notice anyone's feelings except her own. She has more or less said so, herself. In the episode where she yelled at Jon in the toy store, her behavior was pointed out to her and she replied, "I don't notice other people." She is oblivious to the effect her behavior has on others.

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

Matt is a cyber stalker. He's spends his time researching blog owners, gathering personal information than posting them on his site for all to read.

Thing's got out of hand and Karma just kicked him in the butt.

He even posted personal emails for all to read. And didn't bother censoring any of the private information.

Not surprised since he goes around the net stalking people behind his real name.

Victims of Matt Heckman fought back and now he's living in fear.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Matt Heckman not only shut down his WordPress Blog, but he alsoshut down his company website as well. He did, however, create a BlogSpot blog a few weeks ago when he feared that his WordPress one mught be shut down by the host itself. That address is for those of you who want to see that he still plans to continue his quest. This time he is not accepting comments. This man has been all about accusing people of things for years. Look him up on wikipedia (Dirtybirdy78). There are some interesting exchanges there too!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Matt Heckman shut down due to the cyberstalking that was going on from RWA, Moon, Dirtydisher, TVSnark, etc. toward Matt was effecting his family and his kids.

Matt backed out because he put his kids safety first. I can't blame him as I think these haters are dangerous. I may not have agreed with Matt all the time, but I wish him the best and thank him for the facts that were exposed.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Oh, give me a break. Mr. Heckman did not shut down due to any cyberstalking against him. Clearly, the stalking was directed FROM Mr. Heckman. You will note that his newer BlogSpot site is now closed as well. HE initiated the attacks on other bloggers to gain attention to himself. The only thing he exposed was his own ignorance and paranoia. The above comment sounds very much like Mr. Heckman's last post on his WordPress blog though, could this be coincidence, or Mr. Heckman himself?

Anonymous said... [Reply]

That is the whole problem with people like you. Every person that agrees with Matt must be Matt, because nobody else will support him in your minds.

I have read both sides, and I don't blame Matt for going away, because all of you women are sick, just plain sick and disgusting!

Even the ones that Matt tried to help out when you got infected with a virus just look how you all stab him in the back! Look how Sage stabbed him in the back by allowing the outright lies to be made about him!

I'm not Matt Heckman, but in your little world you will never accept that and will continue to call me a sock puppet or whatever you call people that defend Matt Heckman.

Even his Talk Show on BTR did not mention you loons and it seems he has moved on away from your childish behaviors. I only wish him the best and it's a crying shame, because Matt tried to help people that fell victim to that virus and what did he get for it? A cold knife in the back!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Is that like how Matt swore up and down he was not 'Dirtybirdy78' on Wikipedia? Yet check this out Yep, you see that right, his username on polldaddy is dirtybirdy78. There are other blog sites that have seen Matt defending himself under the guise of being a concerned citizen. No I do not know for sure that you are Matt, but I would certainly suspect it given past behavior. That and given the fact that Matt was the first one to point out the virus. I hope Matt takes the time to answer the questions posed to him on Rip/Off Report, it seems he has no desire to set the record straight.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Ironic, I did not actually say that it WAS Matthew Heckman, I only suggested that it was a possibility. How touchy you can be if it is not the case. Did anyone notice Matt's YouTube video concerning the whole incident is still out there. I wonder when he will get the letter from the lawyers to remove that too? For those that are not aware of it, he is now on the rampage about a supposed virus on the Reading Parking Authority website. I can't wait to hear how that virus got on their site. I hope the individual responsible for it faces the full extent of the law.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Check these out: and I wonder if there is any doubt now who DirtyBirdy78 is?