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Exposing the lies and seeking truth doesn't = Hate. This is not a Kate Hate Site. A 'Kate Hate Site" wouldn't have "Shame on Kate AND Shame on Jon" in the reaction box.

Just a place where bloggers and commenters can share an open discussion on all things related to the Gosselins.

This blog was created to expose the spins and lies shared by the media and by several individuals who continue to spread filth and garbage for their own self-interests.

This blog will expose those who continue to spread lies as "truth" and those who base their beliefs and support for one individual based on those lies.
Pursuing Truth, Exposing Lies and Informing the Sheeple

June 30, 2010

Open Discussion - June

Post anything Gosselin related here. 

* Feel free to post any links, video links or any other Gosselin related stories.
* You may continue to jibber jabber (about anything). Open Discussion!
* Most recent news / articles / gossips will be posted here.

Liar Lair! Pants on Fire.

Look at 'his' stomach.

Exposed! Previously, Katie Irene claimed she ran 5 miles a day, a couple days a week. But, in a interview she gave to OK Magazine, Katie then said she ran 4 miles a day, and 3 or so days a week. This bitch can't keep up with her own lies.

She doesn't even know how much food she prepares for her kids. So she makes up an over the top number. 42 eggs, 2 packs of bacon and an entire loaf of toast.

Maybe she knows her 'fans' are that stupid and would believe anything she says. I wonder what lies Katie will come up with next? Maybe she will claim her kids go though 3 boxes of cereal a day, and that she run 5 miles a day in 900 million degree weather.

Jon Gosselin gets an ugly-ass Tattoo...

Update 6/30/10: Jon's new tattoo was his girlfriend's idea.

Interesting. Is Jon a freaking idiot or what. This new woman could be another Hailey...

I think after she dumps Jon, Jon should either take it slow and be single for a while, or date an Asian woman for once. Young white woman seem to be playing him for a total fool. If not Asian, than someone over 26 years old.

Not sure what Jon was thinking but this tattoo is mad ugly. Not only is it off centered, but it looks distorted and "squeezed" so that it would fit on his back.

June 29, 2010

"The kids love it at Daddy's"....

Magazine Scan Credit: Preesi

Well of course they do. Jon doesn't abuse them like Kate does. And when he is with them, he actually spends quality time with them. Unlike Kate who runs off to the spa or salon. Even driving for hours just go get away from her kids so she can go "grocery shopping. Wink wink..

I mean when they're with her, they look totally miserable. I why wouldn't they be? Previous episodes shows Kate yelling at everyone every chance she gets.

Notice how they cling to Jon. They're obviously not scared of him. Now, it's the exact opposite when they're with Kate. They look sad, scared and already know how to "behave" when Kate is around.

June 28, 2010

Kids looks miserble with Katie.

Katie takes the kids to get ice cream and lies to the cameras that she runs 5 miles a day. She also told Jay Leno that she cooks 30 eggs, 2 packs of bacon and a loaf of toast on a typical morning breakfast. Didn't she also say her kids went though 3 boxes of cereal every morning? Does she EXAGGERATE or what?

She would also like to play with her kids at the park, but it's 900 million degrees outside. After talking to the pap named "Chris" for a few minutes, she finally tells him to "stop taking pictures". What a tool.

Poor pathetic Katie Irene. Wanting to stay in the lime light, she uses her kids to try and save face for the pathetic and embarrassing photo-op she pulled off last week. And her kids are getting sick of it.


You can clearly in this video that she's trying to "act". Everything she is saying sounds like complete BS. You can see the leathery wrinkles on her face when she "smirks".

Also see: The kids looking happy and excited to see Jon

June 26, 2010

What you should know about TV ratings and how it works.

Many have said that "since they're not signed up with Nielsen, their views will not affect the "ratings". This is false. Since the switch to "digital cable", cable companies can now easily access viewing habits/data from your household.

Many of the Cable Providers are now working with the Nielsen Company,and even selling your "anonymous data" to them.

So yes, whether its Digital Cable, Satellite TV, or TIVO recordings, it's all sending data back to the provider. Some companies allows you to "opt-out", but most people do not read the contracts and just initial here and there just to get it over with.

See the following links:

Charter to sell L.A. TV viewing data
Charter Communications Inc. said Wednesday that it would sell information it collects about the viewing preferences of 330,000 of its cable TV customers in the Los Angeles area.

TiVo Joins With TRA to Provide First of its Kind Audience Research Product
TiVo's Stop||Watch™ ratings service, introduced in February 2007, is offered via an easily sortable database of ratings for nationally run programs and advertisements from cable and broadcast networks, with data going back to September 2006. The data is derived from a daily, aggregate, anonymous, stratified random sample of 20,000 TiVo units

Time Warner Signs New Multi-Year Agreement with Nielsen
7 Year Contract Includes Nielsen TV, Internet and Mobile Services

Nielsen Reorganizes Digital Team As Part Of Major Push To Integrate Set-Top Data
Nielsen executives emphasize that digital set-top data likely will be a complement to, not a replacement for, Nielsen's panel-based measurement systems, which are acknowledged as a trading currency for TV advertising buys.
*** Digital Set-top data *** Set-top refers to the black box in your living room. Which collects 'anonymous' data on your viewing habits.

Nielsen, cable to team? Cable operators work with the ratings service to track digital-cable..
The nation's largest cable operators are talking to Nielsen Media Research company about creating a new audience measuring system based on the sophisticated new technology in today's digital-cable set-tops.

Just because you are not with Nielsen doesn't mean your Cable provider isn't.

June 24, 2010

Kate's dumb ass got lost and the INF Pap had to escort her to the market.

Kate Gosselin a DEVOTED Whole Foods shopper got lost on her way to Whole Foods. LOL.  What a fucking idiot. This also proves that it was a stage photo-op. I'm guessing the INF crew are the "approved" paps for J&K and TLC.


Source: Inf Daily

In other Kate Gosselin news, on Saturday she told INF Daily’s photographer that she is “lonely and needs some help” but didn’t directly address the dating show rumors. Kate also noted “I’m not mean like everyone says.” And to our photographer’s credit, neither is he. Kate got lost on her way to Whole Foods, and finally asked our photog for directions. He led her there – and then helped her get back on the freeway on her way home, too..


This also contradicts a story posted by Hollywoodlife.

Kate Gosselin Is A Devoted Whole Foods Shopper! The Mom Of Eight Travels An Hour To Grocery Shop!

Can you believe Kate drives over an hour to buy groceries for her hungry little kiddies? She’s probably Whole Foods’ most loyal customer!

June 22, 2010

Exclusive! Jon Gosselin Joins Leadership Program To Be Better Dad

And the sheeple are STILL hating on him. Go read the comments..

Exclusive! Jon Gosselin Joins Leadership Program To Be Better Dad –Takes Kids To Private Retreat On Father’s Day!

Jon G is working to turn his life around! The dad of eight has joined a leadership program at a private Pennsylvania retreat so he can become a better dad.

Jon Gosselin wants to be the best father possible to his eight little Gosselins. The reality TV dad is tired of people making him out to be an unemployed deadbeat dad and he’s decided to take control of his life.

We just discovered that Jon took his children to The Country Place Retreat in White Haven, PA for Father’s Day — the same place where he is seeking personal and relationship guidance. We spoke with the owner and founder Dr. Sylvia Lafair who is Jon’s leadership coach, and she tells us Jon is very serious about getting his life in order.

“Jon is really redesigning his life in a very positive way,” says Sylvia. “He has really decided to look deeply inside him and reinvent who he is.”

Jon has been painted as a father who doesn’t see his children and is solely focused on chasing women. But Dr. Lafair tells that she’s known Jon for over a year, and this time something is different.

“I knew him when he and Kate were going through their difficult times and we connected,” she says. “I’ve been doing this, Total Leadership Connections program for over 15 years and we’ve held about 40 of these leadership retreats. Jon decided to join to hone his skills to be a better leader in his family and with his kids. He wants to take a step so he can be a representative of men who are divorced or newly divorced.”

Jon spent Father’s Day with his eight kids and his new girlfriend Ellen Ross — Sylvia tells us that it was a “beautiful day” and exactly what the kids needed.

“He came up here with the kids and Ellen to spend the day,” says Sylvia. “The retreat was closed this weekend so it was private. Jon just wanted to be with the kids where they could be free and play and be in nature. Where they could run around with their dad.”

The kids spent the day playing playing games on the 450 acres of “rolling woodlands and meadows” with Jon and Ellen. Dr. Lafair tells us that despite reports, Ellen is a good influence on the kids.

“They went out on the paddle boat and we did some scavenger hunts,” says Sylvia. “Ellen is also very understated, she doesn’t make any demands. She is excellent with the kids.”

It sounds like things are really looking up for Jon. We’re really glad to hear he is making such an effort to be the best dad possible to those adorable little Gosselins.

June 21, 2010

INF Daily catches Colin covering his face.

@ 0:10 into the video, Colin sees the paps and covers his face. Did Kate teach him this? So it's okay for TLC to film him, but not the paps? Kate hates the "paps" wink wink, but she loves talking to them and giving them a nice interview in the parking lot.

What's wrong with Kate's eyes?

In her pursuit to look "Asian", Kate has ruined her face. LOL Fresh from Botox injections? Or did she get her eyes lifted and pulled back?

Something just doesn't look right.  Like she just saw a ghost. Did she catch her reflection off the pap's camera lens?

WoNk wOnK!

Also see: Video - Kate wishes she was Korean

June 19, 2010

A nice woman helps Jon out with the door.

Then she yells out, "Kate's a bitch" to the paparazzi. Hilarious!

Also note that she isn't 60 years old nor is she 400 pounds. Like the woman who asked for Kate's autograph.

June 16, 2010

Sheeple Magazine Vol. 8 is out.

Sheeple Magazine Vol. 8

Jamie Cole Ayers likes to google herself. Maybe she'll find this cover interesting.

June 15, 2010

Jon Gosselin spotted with a reality show producer.

Was it business or pleasure? Jon Gosselin headed west this week, hitting the streets of Venice, California, on Tuesday, meeting up with a reality show producer.

Source: Kaydar

Would anyone even be interested in watching Jon in a reality show? Is his 15 minutes up?

Seems like the sheeple are still hating on Jon. Jon was spotted with an independent reality show producer. Not sure if Jon was just hanging out with with a friend or in talks for a new reality show with producer, Canaan Rubin.

Not sure why the sheeple are "hating" on Jon. Don't they want him to "work". Or are they pissed that they won't have anything to bash Jon on if he ever does get a show or a job. (get a job Jon).

This is most likely "nothing". Since Jon is still under contract with TLC.

Kate Gosselin must be pissed seeing how Kate was trying her hardest to get "connection" with producers and Hollywood celebrities when she was in LA. Why can't Kate just be happy for Jon instead of being "jealous".

Remember her "cry" in Utah? "I hate how he's good at all these things"

Jon says he would do better than Kate on DWTS.

June 13, 2010

Sheeple of the Month (June) - Kate Torgovnick

This month's award goes to a true Katie Irene Gosselin fan. Her support of Katie Irene is not only blind, but very simple. She will watch and support Katie Irene's show not because Katie is a role-model, entertaining or talented, but because they both share the same name! LOL

A sheeple posting why she will be watching Twisted Katie. I have nothing against the show, if the kids aren't filming in it, then good for Katie.

But I will just post my response to the 10 reasons why this sheeple will watch.  Just for the heck of it.


10 Reasons We’ll Be Watching Kate Gosselin’s “Twist Of Kate”
1. Kate has the best name ever. Not that I’m biased.
- Sorry but her real name is Katie.  So she wants to watch the show because she thinks she has the same name as Katie Irene. Good one.  Birds of a feather right?  I bet she abuses her kids too and is probably divorced because she's has a thing for her BFF.  Is her BFF named Jamie too? Or was it Beth? 

What's another reason to watch? Oh she is from the same planet is I am from! She's a woman just like me? Really? She has fingernails just like me, I must watch this show then.

2. The concept of the show is a touch schmaltzy, but interesting. Kate takes a letter from a fan struggling through some challenge and visits them to essentially live their lives, meeting their family and doing their job. “She will be in that person’s shoes. And more often than not, it’s not going to be terribly comfortable for her,” says TLC chief Eileen O’Neill. [USA Today]
- LOL, sounds boring.  "She will be in that person's shoes"...  Right, for a few hours, she will pretend to be a hard working mother.  Instead of actually being a hard working mom in her OWN home where she has 4 nannies taking care of the home and the kids.  So, this proves that Katie hates to be around her kids.

Katie will take a letter from a fan and visits them? The same Katie that tossed out the letters she didn't deem to be "reasonable" in one of her special? So she will only visit fans that sent her a "you are so pretty" letter.

3. She wrote in a blog post today, “I look forward to being dropped into the lives of interesting and unique people and families. Kate on the back of a trash truck, anyone?” Is she really going to be a garbage collector for an episode? Need. To. See. [Us Weekly]
- Katie is trashy, so it'll be just like any other day.  Doing chores in a sundress (a camera must be present) and showing the world her silicone implants her kids paid for.

4. OK, fine, I want to see what her hair will look like. Will she keep the extensions or go back to her signature porcupine reverse-mullet?
- So Katie's hair style is a good reason to waste 30min to an hour of your time. LOL

5. We also know that in one episode, she will be a waitress at Finch’s Restaurant. She was spotted filming there in Raleigh, North Carolina, in December. Will she be able to deal with rude diners without sending them to time-out? [New Raleigh]
- We already saw this episode.  (Gymnastic and Baseball). Where Katie had to TOUCH every single food before it went to her kids.  I feel sorry for the customers, waiting for their food and being forced listen to Katie complain about how she was in bed-rest for so many days.

Hopefully, Katie washed her hands before handling the customer's food. Is she going to split their burgers 4-ways? Will she be touching every single food? Maybe she will serve the "quietest" person first. Will she have a favorite customer, most likely a (female) and give that person the biggest proportion?

6. It’ll be nice to see Kate get a break from caring for eight kids. Perhaps we’ll get to see her real personality rather than the on-edge mom?
- Katie has FOUR NANNIES.. Count em, FOUR.  She has NEVER spent any real quality time with her kids.  The kids aren't close to her.  They rarely ever smile at her and most likely are VERY afraid of her.   See her personality?  You mean, "angry, mean, narcissistic and fake"?  She also acts like a little 6 year old shrieking at every little thing.

You know what would be nicer? If Katie spent time with the kids with no help, doing something w/o the TLC cameras recording it. Oh but wait. No one will be able to see how much of a GOOD MOTHER she is, so what's the point? Remember when Katie went on her book tour and Jon was home with the kids with no help? Why does Katie need 4 nannies?

7. Perhaps during one of the 12 episodes airing this summer, Kate will meet a guy. How nice it would be to see her out on a date.
- Sorry but no man would ever want to date Katie.  Especially if they saw any of the old Jon and Kate episodes.

8. That said, we’re thankful she’s not the next “Bachelorette.” We’re glad she decided to go this route instead of straight to a dating show.
- Maybe that was canceled because it was discovered that no men were interested in dating Katie.  And she would also be one of the ugliest and probably the oldest woman ever to appear on the show.

9. It’ll be fun to guess which life she test-drives next. Here’s hoping that she gets to be a circus performer. Or maybe she could put her “Dancing with the Stars” skills to use, and visit a struggling exotic dancer?
- If that's your idea of fun, good for you!  Living your life through Katie are we? You really think Katie should go around and give "advice" to exotic dancers? I'm not sure if "just stand there and let your partner do all the work" is going to work out for these struggling exotic dancers.

10. Hey, it’s better than a show about Jon.
-  Oh good one!  She had to throw this in there.  Sorry but a show with just Kate will simply tank after a few weeks.  But maybe not.  The sheeple seem to have a blind support for Katie.  Even though they didn't bother to buy her new book, maybe they will continue to watch?

See also: Why the show will tank.

June 8, 2010

Exposed! Photo-Op with Kate Gosselin

Wearing helmets while sitting on a table? Anyone seen old episodes of J&K plus 8? Not once has she ever forced the kids to wear helmets while sitting on the plastic table. Why the change of heart now? Mady helmet is on the ground. I guess she figured out that this was a stupid photo-op.

Why the helmet? Maybe CPS deemed it necessary every time the kids are around Kate. (Kate use to hit her husband on camera). She's abusive and she thinks it's "funny". She also smacked Emeril with a plastic mixer. Sorry Katie but domestic abuse and smacking people with a plastic mixer is not "comedy". Had it been a "man" doing what Katie did, he would have been sent to jail.

While filming for the show, the kids aren't wearing helmets, riding their bike or sitting on the plastic table.  Notice the helmets sitting on the shelf.

June 7, 2010

Jamie and Kate, matching necklace

Jamie and Kate both share matching necklaces. It could mean nothing, or it could mean something. I'm leaning towards something. Not that I find anything wrong with Lesbians. Kate is divorced and it's nice to see who Kate cheated with finally.

Jamie, Kate's trainer turned lover?

June 5, 2010

How many people does it take to replace Jon Gosselin?

The uninformed newbies, the same sheeple whom never watched the show til late in Season 5 when the drama started, are claiming that Jon was lazy.

Anyone who watched the show knows that Jon woke up early every morning to get kids dressed and fed before he went to work. And when he return home from work, he would spend time with the kids and played with them.


At least Four!

1) Jamie Cole Ayers (Kate's BFF / Nanny).
2) Asian Nanny
3) White Nanny
4) Full-time Chef
(Kate has at least 4 Nannies - All were seen at the Airport while Kate headed off to LA)

It takes at least four nannies to replace one Jon. Nice try sheeple. The only LAZY one here is Kate. See season 1 - 5.

Or, watch this clip. Where Mady herself says "Mommy does nothing. She just sits and yells out orders. That's really all she does".

Random Jibberish.

Remember not to tune in to TLC. Especially any shows featuring the 8.

For my own reasons, I have stopped watching any new videos featuring Katie Kreider. This includes interviews, special guest appearances on shows and so on. I will not be tuning in to TLC any time soon in the future. And I won't be watching any of the new shows on Youtube. I thought I would a few months ago, but I no longer have it in me to watch.

I use to "tune in" in the past just to watch her fail. But it's no longer funny or interesting to me anymore. Her 15 minutes has been extended long enough and it's time to just let things go. She's been over exposed to the point where it looks and sound like we've seen it before.

I'm not even reading most of the crap out there anymore, because it's just sounds like a broken record. She's repeating the same crap over and over. "She has 8 kids, she needs to work, the kids love the Camera crews and Jon actions are erratic, and she's not sure what he is going to do". (Sounds like she's afraid that Jon will stop filming again).

I still browse through pictures of Jon and Katie just to compare her body language when she's with her kids and when she isn't. Even this is keeping her in the lime light.

Her fake and over the top TV personality just irritates me and I can no longer stand seeing her in action or hearing her screechy voice.

I'm sure I will be missing out on some of the lies and contradictions exposed in the new show. But, we've seen and heard enough that it's no longer surprising. What I want to see now is the show tanking. That would be a huge wake-up call to TLC and Katie Irene.

June 4, 2010

Kate Gosselin hates the paparazzi?

For someone who claims that she "hates" the paparazzi, she sure loves posing and smiling for them. Have you ever seen Kate this happy with her kids? NOPE!

Breaking News! Hailey "wink wink" sent me a text message

Claiming that it was her to broke into Jon's apartment and that she is "team Kate".

Exclusive! Jon receives a text message from Hailey "wink wink" early today after she gave her story to KaydarOnline. Wonder how much Kaydar paid Hailey for her "fake news".

Just one of the many reasons not to believe any of the crap this Pot smoking, apartment ransacking, TLC mole has to say. I mean, if this was "real", why didn't her dumb ass give the "text message" over to the NYPD? Instead of calling her lawyers and twittering about herself to gain more publicity. I mean 5 months later, she decided to conjure up a fake text message.

June 3, 2010

Jon's new girl Ellen Ross, using Jon for publicty?

Lets see who is she following.

1. MattyKTalent of Talent Resource. (Jon's PR team?)
2. US Weekly
3. Hollywood Life
4. Radar Online
5. Perez Hilton

Wonder why an office worker would follow so many tabloid sites, and a Talent Agency. Is she going to be another Hailey? Crying on TV and bashing Jon to get her 15 minutes?

Jon Gosselin says he loves being near his kids and spending time with them.

On Wednesday 2nd June 2010, @jongosselin1 said:

Update: I read the new Us Weekly article. The statements made by a source to US are very untrue! 1st: Ellen, the kids and I enjoy spending time together. 2nd It was my choice to introduce the kids to Ellen. Lastly we are not seeking any attention. I’m focusing on my kids and learning from my past mistakes so I can move forward in a positive light not only for me but my family. I am enjoying my simple life in PA. I love being near my kids, it’s the best move I ever made!


Has Kate ever said anything this nice about her kids? All those interviews she has done. Not once did she ever say she loved spending time with them. You can see it on her face that she truly HATES It.

Some will say well, "we saw her blow kisses on TV". LOL, that wasn't for her kids. She was looking into the camera and blowing kisses to herself. She loves to watch herself on TV. Remember, Kate REFUSED to allow her kids to watch. She stated it several time. As the show would air the time the kids were put to bed.

June 2, 2010

Kate Gosselin Lets The Dogs Back In

Remember this? Link What happened? Are the dogs back or did Kate change her mind again?
Posted on Mar 13, 2010 @ 12:01PM
DNP Random Things
Kate Gosselin has changed her tune about the fate of her family's German Shepherds. The two dogs, banned from the Gosselin estate last year, are heading home.

The mom of eight relented, saying she wouldn't send her kids away if they were bad. "If I had two difficult kids I wouldn't send them away and ask for new kids," she told People magazine. So she's welcoming Shoka and Nala back later in the spring. Kate will be so busy rehearsing for Dancing With The Stars, the dogs will be great company for all the little Gosselins. broke the news last September that the dogs were on a return trip to their breeder. Jon Gosselin blamed his Kate for the development. He claimed they weren't "wanted in their own home."

It seems the kids lobbied to get their canine buddies back. Hopefully for good this time.

Video evidence that proves Kate sent the dogs back.

Notice how Kadar changed their tune on this subject? They 1st were pointing fingers @ Jon and attacking him for telling the truth. "Kate sent them back". No on believed Jon because Kate would never do such a thing. To bad we have it on tape.

I'm guessing the breeder said "no, you cannot have them back." Maybe because Kate wanted the dogs back because filming has started... And the breeder isn't having none of it. Why would he give them back to Kate? Kate locks them up in cages for hours. She even 'joked' about it in the video. What a tool.

June 1, 2010

Proof Kaydar Online falsified DOCUMENTS regarding Jon and Octomom's Reality Show

Interesting how Hailey waits until the NYPD clears her of the Apartment ransacking before she releases a video of Jon recording himself and her goofing off and acting stupid..

Update: 6/08/10 - Don't trust anything you read from kaydar and Hailey.

Update: After exposing this fraud. Radar has since banned me from posting.

Jon, YOU CAN NOW SUE FOR Defamation! RadarOnline created a FAKE email claiming your manager was involved in this "fake reality show" between you and Ocotomom.

Below is a video of me using Acrobat to move the texts away from the black bars. Revealing "nothing' no email address behind the black bars.

Instead of faking a email document in MS Word, they should have created a fake email account and make it look like an actual email conversation and then provided a screen-shot of the email.

Try harder next time Radar!

Here is a snapshop of the Original documents. Notice the black bars, made to look like there was an "email address" behind the black bars.

Here it is after the move the text away from the black bars. Notice that there is no address behind the black bars

1st it was exposed that Stephanie SKANKtoro was seen helping the kids shuck the corn in the same purple shirt in the Radar interview.

Now we have Radar faking email letters to create a story. This was created on MS WORD. A fake document made to look like it was an EMAIL conversation.

Look at the "FROM" address. Al Taylor. 1st of all, email address do not have spaces. LOL

Removing the black bars out of the way, we see that the black bars we "censoring" NOTHING. LOL