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Exposing the lies and seeking truth doesn't = Hate. This is not a Kate Hate Site. A 'Kate Hate Site" wouldn't have "Shame on Kate AND Shame on Jon" in the reaction box.

Just a place where bloggers and commenters can share an open discussion on all things related to the Gosselins.

This blog was created to expose the spins and lies shared by the media and by several individuals who continue to spread filth and garbage for their own self-interests.

This blog will expose those who continue to spread lies as "truth" and those who base their beliefs and support for one individual based on those lies.
Pursuing Truth, Exposing Lies and Informing the Sheeple

October 31, 2009

Jon needs to hire a full-time bodyguard now!

Everything is happening in stages, and it looks like murder is next. The only way Kate +8 can continue is if Jon agrees to it, (which we all know he will not allow the kids to be filmed). So the only other option is if Jon "commits" suicide.

Yep, that is the next step. Someone is going to do something to Jon and make it look like a suicide. Then the "media" will play clips of Stephanie Santoro being interviewed saying that Jon was thinking about "suicide". They will hype it up saying I told you so etc etc.

Then they will pay Hailey to "confess" that Jon did say if they broke up he would end it.

But we all know this makes no sense. Jon loves his kids way to much to "end it".

The media will also have Dr. Phil come and say that Jon did show signs of depression and all the excuse in the book to make it look like it wasn't murder.

Everything is happening in stages, and what is the next step?

Jon says he wanted to stop filming at the end of Season 3. This pissed TLC and Kate off bad. Seems like a well pre-mediated plan all along.

Stage 1) Kate ends it with Jon on Oct. 2008
Stage 2) Jon is seen "acting out" because he's lonely
Stage 3) Previous "lovers" do interview and say he's crazy
Stage 4) Previous "lovers" make a claim that he thought about ending it. Stephanie SKANKtoro already issued a statement claiming Jon thinks the kids are better off w/o him. (right). Radar and SKANKtoro are not RELIABLE sources!
Stage 5) TLC makes a name change to get the public use to Minus Jon
Stage 6) TLC and Kate team up and file several lawsuits against Jon making him "depressed" and confused.
Stage 7) Those pretending to be Jon's friend leaves him (Lawyers, Hailey, etc etc.)
Stage 8) Kate or Hailey issue a public statement that Jon is "depressed" and in hiding.
Stage 9) The media hypes it up. Where is Jon, what is Jon doing? Is he going to "end it"... Getting the public ready for something big.
Stage 10) ???????
* Someone poisons him and make it look like a drug overdose?
* Jon gets into a "car accident"?
* Jon "end-it" in the apartment above the garage? it because he can't take it anymore?

Then, Kate cries it up in a public announcement on The Today Show saying: "She would have never thought in a billion years that Jon would do such a thing. She then complains now she has no way to support her kids. And the show must go on. TLC will then air a special, Kate +8 @ Jon's memorial.

So, what do you think will happened next? Is Kate crazy enough to do something like this? YES SHE IS... No family members are even talking to Kate any more. Wonder why? She's PSYCHO!

October 30, 2009

Kate Gosselin and Jamie Cole Ayers - Hungry Eyes?

Don't you see the magic between these two?

So, according to a "food delivery" guy, while delivering food to Kate Gosselin at the old Etown home, he saw Kate fooling around with someone. Way before the divorce, before Jon was partying, etc etc. He actually caught it on his cell phone. He even posted it on the internet and said that "we would be surpise with who Kate was fooling around with". Days went by and everything got DELETED.

Did TLC/KATE pay him off to keep quiet? Was it Jamie whom he saw Kate fooling around with on the couch? Kate Gosselin and Jamie Cole Ayers lesbian lovers? Hmm

Also see: Who is Jamie Ayers

October 26, 2009

Kate Gosselin: "The more Asian they 'can' look the better?" What?

Anyone know what Episode this is from?

Psycho mom at her best. What does looking Asian have to do with anything? The better what? Kate Gosselin was also quoted to say "she wished she was Korean". Seriously, this women has issues.

The better she can pimp them for $$$? Like she did in her Book, Eight Little Faces. Which was just a photo album filled with bible quotes. Elementary compared to the book Beth Wrote. "Multiple Blessings"

October 25, 2009

Kate's new Book and movie deal? What was "I" thinking?

New Book:

She looks a little "flat" in this old picture. hmmm

New Movie:

Free Image Hosting at

October 23, 2009

Is this Kate Gosselin wearing a wig?

Is this Kate Gosselin showing up to the mansion with a wig on smiling at Jon? Are we being scammed here?
*** Update ***
All photos of "Kate and the wig" have been removed of the sosugary site. All posts mentioning this have also been removed from GWOP. hmmm

*** Update 2 ***
The pics are back up. See them here.

October 22, 2009

Why was Steve Neild blurred out in the most recent episode?

Gallery Here:

TLC trying to hide the fact that Steve Neild also went on this trip with Kate? And when Kate had to "Step out" of the Bug Museum, she was actually trying to spend time with Steve?

Kate Gosselin caught staring at Steve's package

October 21, 2009

Questions to ask Kate...

1: Did you get an 'eye lift' to make yourself look more Asian as you have dreamed?
- See Kate wishes she was Korean
2: Are you filming to "document the memories of the kids" because you're to busy to be there with them to make memories?
3: Where is the 2 million?
4: Why did you lie about not having enough money to pay the bills and purchase groceries? Then tell the world you were going to buy a new ring?
5: Why did you break it up with Jon on Oct 2008, and lied to the world for 2 more years? Just to continue filming?
6: Why did you cry foul when Jon took the kids off the air, but didn't cry at all when you saw Jon dating another women? You went crazy when Jon took the kids off the air. You're only mad because Jon didn't go with your plan to build the "brand".

And now you're mad because the "show will not go on". As you have planned.

7: Why do you need a bodyguard, but the children are left without one? Are you more important than the kids?
8: You forced Jon to quit his job as a IT analyst for the government, so he can stay home an watch the kids? Giving you the free time to take credit for a book you never wrote? Ruining your relations with Beth Carson..
9: What happened to Beth Carson?
10: What really happened with Kevin and Jodi?
11: Why are your parents out of the picture?
12: Whats the spoon sitting on the passenger door pocket doing there?
13: Where is your hideout? Somewhere in the McMansion? You got caught being there on Jon's custody day and used the "working out" as an excuse..
14: Why did a DJ say he saw you and Steve holding hands at a hotel?
15: Why did you ditch your plans to purchase a condo in Maryland after it was reported to the public?
16: Why did you lie about the 230k?
17: Why do you only complain about money, filming, and "missing the old Jon"? But never once did you complain about the girls he's been with. Did you plant them? Or is it because you have a contract with Jon agreed upon in Oct 2008 that he can date other women as long as he continues filming?

And you're only displeased with Jon actions because the media caught on. You wanted everything SECRET, so you can "build the brand". Right Kate?

18: When asked if Steve had an affair with you, he ran off and didn't say a word. He must be guilty then right?
19: Allowing TLC to sue the father of your 8 kids, suing Jon for alimony, and then accusing him of hacking into your personal data. How do you think the kids feel that mommy is doing all this?
20: Screeching, making goofy faces while the hot-air balloon operator working. Are you desperately trying to be funny?
21: 1st you said you were afraid of heights, years later you ride a hot air balloon?
22: Why are you afraid of therapy? Scared of the truth? Scared of what your children has to say to the therapist? Scared of the therapist saying filming would be detrimental to the kids?

Count how many times Kate says "I"....

I, me, myself.. Yeah we know it's all about you.

October 20, 2009

Jon never wanted to do the show!

Link Here:
Jon never wanted to do it, but Kate was the boss. According to Figure 8’s Bill Hayes, “you could see the friction [in their relationship] from the start.” And that made for good television. Jon & Kate quickly became the top-rated show on TLC, with an audience of between five and six million viewers. “We had a show that was rising in interest,” says Eileen O’Neill, “based on the unfiltered, sometimes cantankerous relationship of this couple with these eight beautiful children.” Often the production team would goad Jon and Kate into discussing their disagreements during their weekly couch sessions.

Kate spends time with those that are most important to her

TLC says with only a limited show left, the family spends time with those that matter most. Then shows Kate with a 1hr special. All about Kate.

October 18, 2009

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October 17, 2009

Nanny Says Jon Lied, Kids Love Filming TV Show

Nanny Says Jon is lying!

Yep, we now know that this Nanny is working with Kate and TLC to bring Jon down. Basically she is getting paid to say the opposite of what Jon is saying. Why is she coming out now?

Where did the 50k go Kate? To Stephanie and her mother?

Where is the millions? Here she is crying over 250k which are all Jon's money that were deposited into that account. While Kate has 11 other Bank accounts that are all hers and can't be touched. Jon's checks are deposited into that joint account. Kate's checks are deposited into a private account.

October 16, 2009

TLC sues Jon for breach of contract..

My suggestion to Jon Gosselin:

Take this opportunity to call TLC's bluff. Go on Entertainment Tonight, have a talk with TLC and their Lawyers live. Ask them, "how much are you suing me for?"

Then pull out your checkbook and say, here you go. All I ask for is for TLC to leave me and my family alone. I'm willing to give up my cars, my NY apartment for my kids and their well being.

Then, if TLC rejects it, They will look like a total idiot.

If TLC agrees, who cares. Sue Kate for Alimony and Child support.

In the end, Jon and the kids will finally be free.

October 15, 2009

Kate yells at a little girl asking for an autograph, Jon is a nice man

The kids are unhappy because filming has stopped!

Sure looks like it. They're Wailing about it.

October 14, 2009

Jon picks up the kids

Yeah, the kids do love Jon better than Kate. Compare this to Mady walking away from Kate's hug. LOL

No Jon = Low Rating, No Kids = No Show

Last weeks episode, "Time to Organize" which featured 20+ Kate screaming and bossing people around, only pulled in 1.7 million viewers.

This weeks episode, "School Days" which featured the kids and a surprise appearance by Jon, pulled in 2.4 million viewers.

The show is NOTHING w/o Jon and the Kids. Can a show featuring the talentless Kate survive? Good luck with that TLC!

Kate Gosselin Abusing Collin - Smacks him in the head

October 13, 2009

Kate goes to Mady for a hug and Mady walks pass her. LOL

Kate trying to pose for a photo-op by hugging Mady as she walks towards the car, ignores Mommy Dearest. Making Kate look like a total fool.

October 11, 2009

Daddy I don't want you to leave.....

When was the last time you saw Kate spend time with the kids like this?

Slices of life: Author's first book a best seller

Beth Carson of Leesport co-writes a memoir titled "Mutiple Blessings: Surviving to Thriving with Twins and Sextuplets" about the events surrounding the births of the Gosselin family's sextuplets.

October 10, 2009

What will Steve do now that TLC is no longer paying for him "guard" Kate?

1) Continue to be there for Kate because they're good friends
2) Sit in his pajamas and go online to talk smack about Jon?

What will he do? LOL

What would the TLC crew now that they don't have to film the show and work with Kate?

1) Write a book about how bad it was to work with Kate?
2) Bash Jon on Radar because they no longer have jobs?

Just what will they do?

Jon Gosselin Fires Back: Kate's Made Her Own Money Withdrawals

"The Insider" breaks the news that Jon Gosselin has filed court papers in which he accuses his estranged wife Kate of making unauthorized money withdrawals. The story follows:

Jon claims one of the reasons Kate filed an emergency petition last week was "to cover up the fact that she removed hundreds of thousands of dollars from the marital estate" prior to filing for divorce from him in June.

He also claims Kate violated the terms of their divorce arbitrator's awards by writing checks and/or withdrawing funds totaling more than $60,000 from one joint account between June 15 and September 15, and approximately $9,800 from a second account in mid-July.

ET to Stream As Jon Gosselin Arrives Home - "CONFUSION"

After ET made an announcement of streaming Jon's return home LIVE, idiots all over (Radar, TMZ, etc etc.) mistook that as ET Streaming the b-day live! Don't these idiots do any fact checks before they open their mouth? LOL

Again, ET will only be allowed to stand behind the fence and do the recording. ET will not be in the house streaming the b-day as claimed on (TMZ and Radar). ET was hoping that the kids would play outside so they can get a good shot of the event but that did not happened.

Estranged reality couple Jon and Kate Gosselin are set to come face-to-face as they celebrate their twins Cara and Mady's ninth birthday today in Pennsylvania -- and ET will be streaming every moment as Jon arrives at their shared home.

October 9, 2009

Will GOOD Triumph over EVIL?

Jon vs Kate

Here we have Jon helping the twins carry their belongings.

Here we have Kate running from the kids and forcing the "guest" to help carry the goods. LOL

October 8, 2009

Kate won't leave the house!

This witch who sent Jon an email, saying she will allow Jon to spend time with the kids from 4-6pm while she will be with them from 6-8pm (bedtime)...

Looks like Kate again lied and it just sitting in the house like THEY ORIGINALLY PLANNED..

What happened Kate? Not true to your words as always?


Update: Kate gives in, admits she was wrong with "splitting" of the joint custody agreement. She finally agrees to allow Jon to stay until the kids are ready for bedtime.

Hopefully these two can suck up their pride and just be there for the kids.

Kate playing a skit for Jay Leno

LOL! This is pathetic. She's a horrible actress. She cannot ACT at all. And the thing is, she's playing a role as HERSELF! haha

She even calls herself a "MILF".  Good luck at explaining what that means to the kids!

See Kate's Text Messages to Jon!

Radar has pic of Jon's cell phone claiming it to be a real shot. Obviously, it is impossible to catch a clear image of the text message with a shaky camera and with Jon not holding the phone steadily.

The Radar pics shows Jon getting a txt from Kate at 5:30 AM?? But Jon on Camera acted like he received the text right then and there.

What I have here are several shots to Prove How EZ it is to fake the same shot.

October 7, 2009

Jon just ratted out Mady as the tattletale? WTH Jon?

Today on ET, Jon just ratted on his own daughter Mady for telling him everything Kate says about him.

JON! WTH? You know what you just did? Mady is in BIG trouble now. KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT JON! All you had to say was "the kids tells me everything". No need to NAME NAMES!

Jon, keep Mady safe. We all know how Crazy Kate is. Now that she knows you know everything she says about you, Kate is going to be furious.

Kate why so quiet? Why not answer Jon? What happened to the 2 million?

After that statement from Jon, Kate decides to HIDE from the media? LOL Did TLC place a gagg order on Kate? Or did Kate have a mental breakdown after lying gain on the Today show?

Where is she? Probably filling her pool with the millions she stole and swimming in it.
TLC is quiet, Kate's Lawyer is Quiet and Kate is Quiet. What happened? Kate was CAUGHT LYING on TV. Everyone knows it. And the court papers are available for all to see.

Kate's BFF says "Jon is such a sweety"

Everyone who has met Jon says he's a nice guy and down to earth. Everyone who has met Kate in person says she's rude. hmmm

Free Image Hosting at
Click to Enlarge

Kate gave Jon a text saying she doesn't want to see him on Mady and Cara's Birthday!

Jon and Kate were given "joint custody" on special occasions. Birthdays, holidays, etc etc.

Today, Kate sent Jon a text message saying that she does not want to see him and that he can spend time with the kids for 2 hour and leave so she can spend time with them.

Jon is furious. He says he will stay longer than 2 hours and that he isn't going to just drive from NY to PA, just to spend ONLY 2 hours with the kids.

So much for Kate "wanting" to reach out to Jon as she says in her TV Interviews. Kate just keep getting caught in lies after lies.

I don't see Kate wanting to do anything but be a bitch about it. It's the twins birthday, suck up your stupid pride and be there together for the kids. You both are adults here, act like one.

An old "helper" speaks out (5 years ago)

Here is a collection of confessions from a previous helper to the Gosselin family of how Kate treated her "helpers" and the people surrounding her. Even telling 1 person not to come back because "she" supposedly stole YOGURT!

A very long but interesting read.

October 6, 2009

Kate heads back home in tears?

Funny, when she's away from the kids. She's happy. When she's home, she looks unhappy. Maybe this is why she was in hiding after all that commotion she made on the Today Show.

Maybe TLC placed a gag order on her? Or she was caught lying?

Meanwhile, no children are seen running to welcome her back home.

Where is Kate's Hideout? In Maryland? Or is it........

Or maybe it's behind the blue tarp?

What's behind this blue tarp?

Jon's bed? Is this the basement where Jon use to sleep before the divorce? LOL

October 5, 2009

Kate Gosselin’s Body Language on the Today Show Shows Signals of Deception, and Crocodile Tears

Click Here for Full Article:

There is no doubt whatsoever that Kate Gosselin went on the Today Show, crocodile tears and all, to try to pull at the public’s heartstrings during her first of two interviews by telling how bad soon to be ex husband Jon emptied their joint account of $200,000 leaving her unable to pay her children’s bills. Yet in the second interview, she completely contradicts herself by telling how well the kids are provided for and that their money is substantial and secure and that she will be getting her own show.

During her first interview Kate’s body language belies her as she uses a victim like breathy sounding tone telling how John left her with only $1000. She looks down and casts her eyes from side to side as Meredith Viera asks her if this is accurate? Instead of answering as simple “yes’ Kate repeats Meredith’s words “this is accurate”. All of these signals indicate deception. While Jon may have taken money out of their joint account, there is no way he has left her penniless as he wants the public to believe and she knows she isn’t being completely honest. Hence, the signs of lying. She pretends to be crying as she tells of how Jon was making erratic purchases while leaving his children to go hungry.

Rumors, Gossip, Media and other news

It has been reported on Kate's website (radar) that Jon Gosselin has secretly emptied Kate's Bank Account and that his Attorney was suspended from Practicing Law; Guilty Of "Professional Misconduct"...
So far, neither Jon nor his Attorney has made a response. Hopefully we will have an answer on Monday.

*** Update ***

Jon Gosselin on ET and The Insider refuted Kate's claim and will present the Bank Statement as Poof. He then asked Kate, "Where is the 2 million?"....

Jon will be on ET and the Today Show on Tuesday 7-8PM Pacific.

This is Kate's week to watch the kids! Where is she?

You guessed it. Instead of "doing things for the kids" as she puts it, this hag decided to appear on the today show and make up more lies. (Faked some tears and um, uh, umm huh) stutters as she searches for words (lies). She even admitted this morning that she STOLE the money 1st and was forced to return it. Why didn't this make the headlines? It is only news worthy if a man does it?

Look at what the kids are going through. Kate sure loves her children. Kate even said she was buying a NEW RING with 8 diamonds to represent the kids. DO THE KIDS REALLY CARE ABOUT A RING WITH EIGHT DIAMONDS representing them? How about being there for them when it's your week to watch the kids?  How about showing them some affection.  To all of them.  Not just Hannah.

Kate grabs Mady to hug her good-bye and Mady says EWW.

Failed Photo-Op. Kate tries to get a good show for a Photo-Op. Didn't goes as planned.

October 4, 2009

Episode 16 "Time to Organize" ** DO NOT WATCH **

Please do not turn to TLC Monday Night. Ratings have been steadily declining each week, Jon has been acting up for quite some time trying his best to get TLC to release him out of his contract. All of a sudden, TLC announces the name change.

BUT, Jon is STILL under TLC's exclusive contract. They didn't rip his contract yet.

All this drama begins and these two non-celebrities all over the media once again. Do not fall for this rating ploy by TLC. Hopefully no one watches and TLC will just give up.

Who wants to watch Kate put socks away and use her new label maker for 20 minutes?

October 3, 2009

Dr. Lillian Glass blogs about Jon's body language on LKL

View: Dr. Lillian on Jon's body language

On Larry King Live Jon’s posture and demeanor showed a self confidence we have never seen before. His voice was powerful and deliberate. He was sure of himself and what he wanted for his kids. He sparred with Kate’s lawyer and in my view, put that attorney in his place. Jon finally showed that he is a man and he has finally grown up. It takes a big man to say you are sorry and to show remorse and have accountability for your actions. Jon did just that on the show. He spoke up and addressed questions independently of his own attorney.

Twins don't look too happy with Kate and Steve

Mady with her arms crossed showing how upset she is and Cara looks like she's crying. This after having Lunch at PF Chang's? Clearly, Cara and Mady just wanted to go home after school. Not hang out with Kate and Steve for their photo-op.

October 2, 2009

Kate Gosselin broke it off with Jon back in October of 2008!

October 1, 2009

TLC uses Jon's Bike to blackmail him

Be good Jon, if you're good, you can have your bike back.
(Be good) Meaning, be our puppet. We pull the strings, you do what we say. Kate left Jon back in 2008 and didn't say a word about it. Even faked a Wedding Vow renewal in Hawaii just for the show.

This show is no longer a "documentary" everything is SCRIPTED.


Kate says she loved the old Jon she once knew

The old, soft and easy to boss around Jon is no more. Jon wants the kids out of TLC, and that's when Kate wanted to break things off. Jon no longer wants to pimp out his kids. He finally speaks out, and That's when Kate called it off.

Jon Ready To Sue Network; Show Never Had Required Permits To Film Kids

I bet Kate and TLC wished they could go back in time and accept Jon's proposal to delay the Divorce and work on their communication.

Jon: Lets talk about this:
Kate: No

Kate: Why are you doing this? I don't understand, this came out of no where. Are you from Mars?

TLC never obtained the proper permits required by state child labor laws in order to film Jon & Kate Plus 8, claims Jon Gosselin's lawyer.

The lawyer also drops the bombshell that he's ready to go to court and sue to keep his kids off TV.

Jon Gosselin stopps production of J&K + 8!

The smartest thing Jon has done! Jon waited for TLC to do something stupid. And they did. Jon baited TLC to changing the name to Kate + 8, thereby making his current contract with TLC null and void. Jon now has the authority, as the father of the 8 kids, to halt any further shootings of the failing TV SHOW.

It was just YESTERDAY when Jon requested the divorce be delayed so Jon and Kate can work on their "communication", so they can make life a little less frustrating for the kids.

Kate REFUSED any delay and didn't want anything to do with Jon. SO what is a father to do?

Do the best thing anyone has ever done for the kids. Cancel the stupid show.

Now, Both Jon and Kate can film their own TV gig. So why is this bitch crying about it? Kate can now move forward with her own show with TLC.

Kids can focus on being kids and catch up with being kids and focus on education.

Kate & Jon knew of the name change for Months!

via her polyvore account:

I got many PM's asking why I changed the group name to Kate + 8, WELL NOW YOU KNOW WHY! If you haven't heard the news, TLC decided to release the new name for the show today, though we have known about the change for months now!