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Exposing the lies and seeking truth doesn't = Hate. This is not a Kate Hate Site. A 'Kate Hate Site" wouldn't have "Shame on Kate AND Shame on Jon" in the reaction box.

Just a place where bloggers and commenters can share an open discussion on all things related to the Gosselins.

This blog was created to expose the spins and lies shared by the media and by several individuals who continue to spread filth and garbage for their own self-interests.

This blog will expose those who continue to spread lies as "truth" and those who base their beliefs and support for one individual based on those lies.
Pursuing Truth, Exposing Lies and Informing the Sheeple

October 31, 2009

Jon needs to hire a full-time bodyguard now!

Everything is happening in stages, and it looks like murder is next. The only way Kate +8 can continue is if Jon agrees to it, (which we all know he will not allow the kids to be filmed). So the only other option is if Jon "commits" suicide.

Yep, that is the next step. Someone is going to do something to Jon and make it look like a suicide. Then the "media" will play clips of Stephanie Santoro being interviewed saying that Jon was thinking about "suicide". They will hype it up saying I told you so etc etc.

Then they will pay Hailey to "confess" that Jon did say if they broke up he would end it.

But we all know this makes no sense. Jon loves his kids way to much to "end it".

The media will also have Dr. Phil come and say that Jon did show signs of depression and all the excuse in the book to make it look like it wasn't murder.

Everything is happening in stages, and what is the next step?

Jon says he wanted to stop filming at the end of Season 3. This pissed TLC and Kate off bad. Seems like a well pre-mediated plan all along.

Stage 1) Kate ends it with Jon on Oct. 2008
Stage 2) Jon is seen "acting out" because he's lonely
Stage 3) Previous "lovers" do interview and say he's crazy
Stage 4) Previous "lovers" make a claim that he thought about ending it. Stephanie SKANKtoro already issued a statement claiming Jon thinks the kids are better off w/o him. (right). Radar and SKANKtoro are not RELIABLE sources!
Stage 5) TLC makes a name change to get the public use to Minus Jon
Stage 6) TLC and Kate team up and file several lawsuits against Jon making him "depressed" and confused.
Stage 7) Those pretending to be Jon's friend leaves him (Lawyers, Hailey, etc etc.)
Stage 8) Kate or Hailey issue a public statement that Jon is "depressed" and in hiding.
Stage 9) The media hypes it up. Where is Jon, what is Jon doing? Is he going to "end it"... Getting the public ready for something big.
Stage 10) ???????
* Someone poisons him and make it look like a drug overdose?
* Jon gets into a "car accident"?
* Jon "end-it" in the apartment above the garage? it because he can't take it anymore?

Then, Kate cries it up in a public announcement on The Today Show saying: "She would have never thought in a billion years that Jon would do such a thing. She then complains now she has no way to support her kids. And the show must go on. TLC will then air a special, Kate +8 @ Jon's memorial.

So, what do you think will happened next? Is Kate crazy enough to do something like this? YES SHE IS... No family members are even talking to Kate any more. Wonder why? She's PSYCHO!

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Anonymous said... [Reply]

E9-11 That scary as heck!JJ If I were Jon I would turn it all a lose& get away from the religion crap& away from the whores..Steph&Hailey are being paid well to turn on jon,that a sign..I don't know who Jon guide is but they are leading him wrong..JJ The money train been stop,so that dangerous as well..Why don't Jon family step in about the religion crap/talk to Jon about letting TLC film the kids..JJ there no amount of money worth Jon losing his life over..JJ if Jon was my son or brother I would encourage him to do that and the religion crap would go,plus the whores I would get Jon into rehab b/c Jon not looking well at all/he bloated looks like Elvis before he over dosed,something not right with Jon mind&soul,Please JJ don't get upset w/me but I am concerned about Jon& I don't even know the guy..The money train people is like a revolving door everyone is paid but never revealed& puff the one person that caused the money train to stop is deleted,afterward the money train rolls again and everyone is happy....JJ I have no ill feeling toward Radar or TLC,it sad how money took over Jon&Kate life..JJ I believe is should be banned a family life should not be aired on any program like Jon/Kate life was aired...I Hope everything will work out that Jon is safe & well from all of this ...

Anonymous said... [Reply]

JJ I don't mean to contradict myself about TLC filming the kids& then turn around and post it should be banned but if it saves Jon life for GOD sake film away& somebody get Jon the help he needs where is his FAMILY??????JJ I am a non-denomination person when it comes to religion...

Anonymous said... [Reply]

JJ I though Korean family sticks together..I'm not his kin but I can see there is something wrong w/jon,I hate it when someone take advantage of a person ,plus use the stupid RELIGION CRAP,if something happen to Jon then his people will say,"IF I HAD DONE THIS OR THAT IT COULD HAVE SAVED HIS LIFE," then the suit his people will want to do,back to the MONEY CRAP.My guess is Jon lawyers walked off from him..Steph&Hailey turned against Jon it could be they have been threaten ,or been paid a huge amount of money..Hailey&Jon in NY having a great time w/the buggy ride,something not right about all of this...

Anonymous said... [Reply]

JJ I think this is a little over the top. I can't believe you think that Kate and TLC would kill Jon and then make it look like a suicide. That's quite a stretch.

I am glad I came to your site today because I have discovered that 8Enough is your most devoted fan. I have missed her sensely ramblings at ROL.

I am not a lezbo Kate zombie, but I am truly amazed at the emotions they both bring out in everyone.

Sorry to hear you were banned at ROL because I have always enjoyed your posts...they always get the lezbo kate zombie lovers all riled up.

I will definitely check into your blog daily because Crazy8's post always crack me up.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

E9-11 JJ I wonder who left a message about 8enough? Not just 8enough posted sensely all of kate zombies fans posted sensely,now JJ I don't won't to get into a battle on your website w/one of Kate zombie fools,b/c they would love it if u banned me from your website& those fools sneaks on your website b/c they are NOSY!"DON'T TRUST THEM JJ".JJ it shame they won't identify their self YEA!right I just won a million dollars JJ they are not sorry u were banned from ROL..They miss 8enough I hope the ghost & gobbling gobble everyone of kate zombies up...Let me quit before I do get UGLY about those fools..LOL

Anonymous said... [Reply]

JJ those fools wants to follow me/start their mess here on your website..but I will be nice & not to ugly...

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Calm down 8. I wasn't trying to start trouble with you.

I like you. I didn't mean to insult with the senseless rambling comment. Actually I have seen some of your older posts and you made a lot of sense. So I know you are intelligent and you are just pretending to post senselessly.

I thought you did it on purpose to get under the lezbo kate zombie lover's skin.

I really and truly like readiing your posts.

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

JJ I think this is a little over the top. I can't believe you think that Kate and TLC would kill Jon and then make it look like a suicide. That's quite a stretch.


Like I said, it's happening in stages. We'll have to wait what happens next.

You don't think is greedy enough to do it? LOL You obviously don't know the length of what people will do because of Greed.

Anonymous said... [Reply]


JJ anything is possible. I have seen people do terrible things for way less money than is involved here.

I do hope that you are wrong.

Regardless of how anyone feels pro Jon or pro Kate I wouldn't wish anyone physical harm.

I think they both need body guards. These two bring out very strong emotions in people for some reason.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

8enough wants to know who u are,but it ok if u are afraid that kate zombies might find out... ok I am going to nickname u= GHOST..Ghost it like this I like coming to JJ website b/c lot of things make sense about Jon/Kate,Radar seem to hide Kate dirt but 1 day it will come out b/c no body perfect..GHOST it not my website but I wonder why have u wonder this way since kate zombies are trying to have JJ website deleted plus I don't know JJ but they are not a fool,more so a GENIUS that why lot of kate zombies hate JJ b/c they are STUPID & JEALOUS of JJ,I wish I was as smart as this person is but not to the point to hate this person like u fools do,too lot of kate fans have such a low self-esteem ..GHOST I visit other websites with different alias& post but I stick to the same I am a Jon& the children supporter NEVER,NEVER a kate zombie fan..GHOST lot of Kate zombies are flip floppier on RADAR,I have never come across women that wants to be so popular on a website!WHOOP I believe that called low self-esteem one time for HUZZIE KATE& then for Jon,now that a disturbed person....

Anonymous said... [Reply]

E9-11 what is JON thinking??Rabbi Schmuley is connected w/TLC..MY goodness is Schmuley preparing JON for his last right..I google Schmuley,didn't have no idea who this fool is until now..Why would Rabbi have anything to do w/JON since he got a show with TLC..JJ what is wrong w/JON people?why don't his mom step in?? JON needs help& needs to get away from the DEMON Schmuley..JJ,Jon gained weight& what causing that I don't know...JJ,wonder what lead JON to this fake Rabbi,was it the revolving door people?JJ u know what I mean when I post about the door ..I will just keep doing my PI work on the rabbi...STRANGE.....

Anonymous said... [Reply]

LOL..TO KATE GHOST FAN, The Idiot Kate got a bodyguard,plus he her lover boy"STEVE".The fool STEVE is Kate shadow,kate tell STEVE to bark,pee,poop,laugh& why he holding her hand he sneak a kiss to her, he will do as she tells him...The black Guy is a decoy,Kate hope people will forget about lover boy STEVE,wrong STEVE hides in the background but his shadow reflect, the fools don't even realize that...

Anonymous said... [Reply]

8EnoughBiggestFan aka GHOST

Hmmmmmm Crazy8 I aint no KATE loving zombie. I only want what's best for the children.

I think you might be a secret KATE loving ZOMBIE. You are jealous the girls on RADAR don't love you. They won't let you into their secret chat room....makes you mad!!!

KATE'S Bodyguard Steve is HOT!!!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

8EnoughBiggestFan aka GHOST

Crazy8 you better hurry up with your super duper PI undercover work. The Apology/Confession Summit with the TLC Rabbi is tonight.

Maybe if you hurry you can make it to NYC in time to warn JON!!!

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

The only positive note no matter what the real motive is, is that Jon and Hailey are no longer together. Hailey is just way to out there for Jon.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Crazy8 to GHOST= I could care less about the RABBI& I have warn Jon..GHOST now don't get mad what I posted about kate/Steve.Steve the old white head sure feeds Kate a lot of PROTEINS..U are mad b/c U want STEVE since u posted he hot..GHOST u must miss crazy8 b/c u wouldn't even bother to posted if u didn't how nice,let me get the puke bucket..OH! don't even try to make me mad where JJ will ban me that ain't going to happen..GHOST now go to the secret LEZBO chat room where all of kate zombies created..OH! I sure don't want a bunch of stinky women loving me ..I rather have a bunch of men loving me..GHOST I get on RADAR....

Anonymous said... [Reply]

crazy8 to GHOST well the old RABBI let JON ask for forgiveness I wonder if KATE or TLC will drop the BIG SPOON ON HIM...NOT THE MONEY I am posting about..Look at the clip of Kate & girlfriend... those 2 are STRANGE......I rather see old white head STEVE sitting there holding foolish kate hands..OLD white head steve been feeding kate a lot of PROTEINS...

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

Update: TLC has 4 "bombshell" witnesses to testify against Jon for Beach of Contract.

Lohan, the Hellers, and Hailey will be forced to testify under Oath.

TLC is attacking Jon where it hurts. His bank account.

TLC thinks this will subdue Jon into submission, leaving Jon with no choice but to allow the filming to continue.