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Exposing the lies and seeking truth doesn't = Hate. This is not a Kate Hate Site. A 'Kate Hate Site" wouldn't have "Shame on Kate AND Shame on Jon" in the reaction box.

Just a place where bloggers and commenters can share an open discussion on all things related to the Gosselins.

This blog was created to expose the spins and lies shared by the media and by several individuals who continue to spread filth and garbage for their own self-interests.

This blog will expose those who continue to spread lies as "truth" and those who base their beliefs and support for one individual based on those lies.
Pursuing Truth, Exposing Lies and Informing the Sheeple

April 30, 2010

Happy with Jon? Sad with Kate?

The excuse the sheeple have is that the kids are tired and hungry after a long day at school. Which is sort of true. Which means they should be happy when they're out right?

Seems like they "look" happy most of the time Jon picks them up and sad most of the time Kate picks them up. What's the excuse now?

Alexis? Leah? looks kinda sad here. Any excuse for this sheeple? Not tired from school..

Now see them with Jon... Smiles!

Long day at school. Kids are hungry and tired. Of course they're going to look said.

But, why don't they look sad with Jon?

I mean, look how tired and sad the kids are when they see Jon.

Kids look very happy to see Jon. Not "sad and tired". Hmm

Look at how they kids just want to be held by Jon.

See how close they are to Jon?

Look how much fun they are having. Witch something as simple as blowing a latex glove.

Typical Kate Gosselin. Pointing fingers and yelling. What's new? A video of this exact scene shows one of the tups walking to Kate. Kate screams at the top of her lungs while the tups retreat in fear.

Jon Gosselin needs to step up his game

Source: Star Magazine

If this is in fact his new GF, then Jon really needs to slow down. I mean Hailey, than Morgan and now Ellen? As of now, this looks more be more of a "fan" photo and she is just asking him for an autograph.

Sure he looks happy, but what's with her face? LOL I mean, I truly believe that Jon can find someone better. Maybe not after the slander and defamation by the media and the 2 skanks who never actually been with Jon. (Stephanie Skanktoro and Kate "I have" Major Issues).

April 29, 2010

Organic Kate

Harry & David isn't 100% Organic. Now, what do you think she ordered? Cookies and Brownies, Chocolates, or a basket of Organic Fruits? Maybe it's a box of wine? hmm. She can buy Organic Fruits at a local wholesale warehouse. So I'm guessing, Healthy Eating Kate bought a bunch of chocolates or maybe even a box of wine.

But to be fair, Mothers Day is coming up so maybe it's for her mother, whom she never talks to and this is her way of saying she wants to mend their broken relationship.

Does her kids know what Doritios are? Or are they still left in the dark about those thing?

Happy Kate vs Sad Angry Kate....

When is the best time to grab a broom? When the camera is on.

Notice Kate just giving her kids the look.  So much for "wanting" to be there for her kids. She looks pissed. Is this woman ever happy?

Not that much smiling here. Didn't she say she would rather be with her kids just a few weeks ago? Looks like she rather be somewhere else.  Guessing it must be hard to actually do something on camera to make it look like she's doing house chores.

Time away from her kids. Wow, big difference. Look how happy she is.

Well, Easter Saturday. Since Jon has the kids on Sunday. Might as well take the glory and do a photo-op while she's at it. To bad she didn't have any fun. Yelling at her kids again. What's new?

Oh snap. Look how happy she it with the kids. Too bad it wasn't her kids.

With her kids again. Not much smiling here. Just sad and the look like she wants to head on out.

And there she goes. Off to spend time away from her kids. The best part of her "work".

Just look at how much she hates the paps. Man, sucks to be her. She would rather be home with her kids.

Can't forget this photo comparison. No words needed.

I knew it!. Kate has mental issues. But this time, we have proof.

Kate needs to seek professional help, not seek fame.

I remember reading a few comments from the sheeple stating that "Jon supporters" had a mental illness and that we need help. Well guess what?

Kate has anxiety and depression and is on Zoloft to help her cope with her mental illness. This is why she looks a little "weird" most of the time and has trouble "socializing" with other members. She plays it off by acting like a total bitch. She suffers from social anxiety and probably gets episodes of anxiety attacks.

Maybe this is why she use to be afraid of "heights". This explains it all. She has anger issues which lead to her have anxiety and depression. She is a threat to her 8 kids and herself.

Drinking coffee doesn't help with anxiety. This is also why we see her holding a bottle of water every time. The prescription she is taking probably gives her dry mouth.

People with mental disorder such as Kate Gosselin shouldn't try to on so much and instead, stay home and relax with her family. Prescription drug isn't a cure, and she needs to get some type of therapy to help with her illness.

Only time, til this tool cracks and will be a danger to her 8 kids and herself.

Magazine Scans can be found here: Preesi

EXPOSED! Kaydar rewrites history after being paid off by TLC

Update: Does Kaydar really support Kate? IMHO, no. Kadyar is all about generating revenues. The site thrives on traffic and whom are their most loyalist readers/commenters? Look at their comments and see which "story" receives the most traffic/comments.

Kaydar only has 2 type of readers. Krazy Kate Fans that post hundreds of comments a day & random viewers who post 1-3 comments and thenget attacked for speaking truth. So in order to keep them (the Krazy Kate Fans), (all 15 of them with 3-9 different sn's) they need to 'edit' their story to "please" these certain type of viewers. Because without them, their website is pretty much dead. Just like this blog. LOL


Kate Gosselin has no fans.  Her event was cut short to only 30 mins when they realized no one else was showing up to the event.  Kaydar was even ripping her a new one in their original article. 

Calling her a diva, poking at Kate's lack of fans and so on.  For some odd rea$on, Kaydar had a change of heart and rewrote history.  Thanks to Preesi for pointing this out. Kaydar again proves why they are not a site for credible news. They even admit to LOVING KATE GOSSELIN! LMAO.

Click for larger image.

See original Article here:  Before/ After

Here is the OLD ARTICLE before they were PAID OFF by TLC.

Wearing a deep purple dress and grey cardigan, Kate came down to meet fans at the Barnes and Noble book store about 15 minutes late (although Radar heard she had arrived at the store early).

We love Kate at, but we couldn't help noticing some other slightly diva-ish behavior.

First up, the signing was supposed to be set up in a sectioned off room in the back of the store. But just before it started, store employees got word that Kate wanted to move the signing to an area out on the floor between the bookshelves. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that only approximately 30-40 people showed up to meet the mom of 8 and have her sign their book.

Because of the lackluster crowd of fans, the signing only lasted a half hour. But that was apparently enough for Kate, who even before realizing she had no more fans, decided she needed to to take a break -- and did so just 30 minutes into the book signing.

The other comical thing was how Kate's faithful bodyguard, Steve Nield, kept asking fans who wanted their picture taken with Gosselin not to get too close to her and to instead "stay to the side of the table".

April 28, 2010

Jon & kids to make "special" appearances on TLC

So it is written.  Jon and the kids will make "special" guest appearances on TLC.   What does everyone think about this?  Will you be watching?  

Like everyone has stated all along. Kate Gosselin, the talentless shrew cannot carry her own show. So TLC will be throwing in Jon and the kids to keep the rating goings. Kate can only carry a show for about 1 maybe 2 weeks if that.

She is boring, she has a dry personality and the only thing that made her popular to some woman is the way she belittles her husband and kids. Some people must be very gullible to believe the crap Kate is making herself out to be. If you believe all that crap, she has a "book" to sell you.

Source: Celebrity-Gossip

Following a morning workout session, Kate Gosselin delved into her day's work duties in Reading, Pennsylvania on Wednesday afternoon (April 28).

Accompanied by a film crew, the recently dismissed "Dancing with the Stars" contestant ran errands around town as film crews shot scenes for her upcoming TLC show "Twist of Kate".

Kate will also be working on a lineup of specials featuring her ex-husband Jon Gosselin and the eight kiddies, with both series set to begin airing this summer.

As for Jon, he was spotted out during the course of the day, as well, with TLC reality papa busy moving his belongings into a new bachelor pad in the Reading locale.

Jon Gosselin moves into his new pad...

Glad to see that Jon has a new place only 20-30 minutes away from his kids. Hopefully Kate will allow Jon and the kids to spend more time with each other. To bad they are going back to filming this summer. Same on you Jon and Kate + TLC.
Ready to settle into his new abode, Jon Gosselin was spotted arriving to his just-purchased apartment in Reading, Pennsylvania on Wednesday afternoon (April 28)

Did Jon Gosselin go through another hair transplant procedure? His hair line looks better than ever.
Looks like he's wearing Kate's Hoodie here. LOL

Jon looks younger now. Kate looks older than dirt. After spending at least 40k on her looks (7k+ on her wig, 35k makeover (botox, laser resurfacing, veneers, etc.), 20k boob job (twice?). Kate still looks worn out and depressed.

Kate's waist looks masculine.

Not sure what everyone is seeing but Kate is NOT good looking at all. Look at her waist. She has NO CURVES. She has the same waist as Dwayne Johnson. Doesn't look feminine at all.

I mean, when you say Kate is "Gorgeous", what you comparing her to? A walrus?

Scanning through the comments on Kaydar, it is just crazy to see how many woman out there are "gushing" over Kate's "perfect" body.

I guess they are comparing themselves to Kate? Or maybe even living "vicariously" through her.

April 27, 2010 is back up....  (content has been deleted)  They have also managed to remove it from (waybackmachine). Interesting......

We were married at a friend’s home in Wyomissing under a white tent with tons of beautiful flowers…A perfect garden wedding with equally perfect weather on June 12, 1999. It was truly a beautiful thing!

I had wanted children right away, but Jon wasn’t ready. I had a nagging feeling since I was a child that I would have a hard time getting pregnant. So, that fall I decided to get testing done and I was right. I had PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). Basically, I don’t ovulate and would need help getting pregnant. So we decided to check out a fertility doctor and decided to try just in case it would take a long time to get pregnant. It didn’t take a long time at all! January's cycle failed, but by February I was pregnant! We were ecstatic!!!! Even more so when we learned we were having twins! We had prayed for twins, because Jon was as “baby crazy” as I am and we decided we would fight over one baby! (We had also had a joke about this since we were dating). The pregnancy was rough (so I thought then) and the girls, Cara Nicole and Madelyn Kate were born that October. They spent 5 days in the NICU (they were born at 35+3 weeks) and were then released to go home…As a little family. I was exhausted, but tickled pink…I was so much in love!!!!!!!!!! Jon was such a big helper right from the beginning! I was so impressed! He jumped in and helped with feedings, baths and everything else! I was amazed! He was equally in love with his “daddy’s little girls”—just what he always wanted! God had truly blessed us with these darling miracle babies –and we knew it!

The girls turned one and I started thinking about more children…after all, the girls had been pure fun and I wanted to do it again! But, Jon wasn’t convinced. I prayed for a long time that God would change his mind. It took a long time and a rough experience for both of us for that to happen. In May 2003, we had the opportunity to adopt a newborn in kind of a rare circumstance. Things were moving really fast and we prayed about it and felt that this was not meant to be. Jon and I came to a joint decision that we were not ready to take on such a responsibility at the time. We felt God leading us a different way. Jon was amazed that I so willingly “turned down a baby”. It hurt so badly, but I knew we were doing the right thing. I mourned for the better part of a month and it was then that Jon agreed to let us return to try and have another baby. He saw just how badly I wanted to be a mommy again. We decided that in October we would return for “round two”, but I got impatient (imagine that!) and went back in August right before our family trip to Disney World. August failed! When we returned, we switched doctors and tried again in October. That cycle was perfect! Everything went great! I was told I had 3 with a possibility of 4 follicles, and that was a great cycle! The only thing that made our doctor nervous was the fact that we were absolutely opposed to reduction and that we were concerned about multiples again. We prayed about this and just like our peace about returning in October for this cycle, we felt peace about proceeding. So we did!

Five weeks later, (after my hospitalization for over stimulated ovaries) we were at our initial ultrasound and learned the news. I will never forget this day as long as I live. There were seven sacs with four yolk sacs, or babies in four of them. At the count of four, I was scared. At five I started crying and at six I was shaking absolutely sobbing. Jon had turned from the screen, he couldn’t look anymore. I have never seen him so close to tears in my life!

 Here is a cliff note of what it says on the "about us page".

* Since she was a child, Kate had a feeling that she would have a hard time getting pregnant. Really? Was her ovaries kicking her and telling her things? LOL

* After the twins were born, Jon was happy with the family. Kate wasn't. She wanted multiples. They had the opportunity to adopt a biracial (African/Caucasian) baby. But, since it was just 1 baby, Kate wasn't interested.

* Kate then decided to go through fertility treatment again. Her original doctor refused to help Kate after discovering the "scam" of Kate wanting MULTIPLES.

* Kate went to see a new doctor and was then Hospitalized for over-active ovaries. Over-active ovaries? Hmm.. Seems like Kate went a little crazy with the fertility pills. Wanting "Multiples" Kate?

* Kate was now pregnant with multiples. The doctor suggested "reduction" but Kate refused.

* After getting the news of 6 babies, Jon and Kate went to church to tell everyone.


Soon after, they started getting freebies. And had their home "remodeled".

Throughout the "about us page" The word "prayers" showed up a few hundred times. Kate kept asking for "prayers" and to ask God for help. Wondered if Kate prayed and ask God guidance before filing for divorce? Marriage is a sacred vowel in Christianity and divorce is usually looked down upon unless it was an abusive relationship. (The one being abused was actually Jon). Funny how it was Kate who left Jon on Oct 2008. (Jon was seen clubbing and taking pictures with fans in 2009).

A divorce is usually the LAST resort after Marriage Counseling. But Kare refused to go. Interesting how Kate didn't hesitate to hop on a plane to see Dr Phil or attend her book tours and appear on DWTS. What is her priority? Obviously not her family.

LOL, proof those kaydar posters are just stupid haters...

Proof the sheeple didn't even bother to read the article. All they do is read the kaydar spin (the title) and than start posting their hate. I mean the same 15 commenters posting over 1000 comments.

Jon is helping out his brother's Soccer Team. And the sheeple has again found a way to "hate" on Jon? All proceeds from the sales goes to support a woman's soccer team. And yet, the stupid idiots over at Kaydar still find ways to hate on Jon? I'm sorry, but Jon is helping a local Soccer Team. When was the last time Kate helped out anyone?

The last time she showed up to a charity event, she demanded a Limo Service and refused to get into a SUV, that drove 3+ hours to get to Maryland to pick up Kate and Steve.

Jon Gosselin: Would You Pay $10 For His Autograph?

Jon Gosselin is still a celebrity in some people's eyes.  Kaydar has learned that the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star will be signing autographs Thursday at The Green Turtle Sports Bar in Frederick, MD -- for a $10 fee!

To be fair, the $10 will will actually be donated to the women's soccer team at nearby Mount St. Mary's University. Jon's brother Thomas coaches the team.

Linda Sherman, director of communications at Mount St. Mary's wants everyone to know this is definitely NOT a university-sponsored event.

"We are a Catholic university and we don't sanction infidelity," Sherman tells KaydarOnline exclusively.
"Well, at least his heart is in the right place in wanting to help his brother," she adds.  "Thomas is a great coach.  We have a terrific soccer team."

Who knows, maybe Jon's ex, Kate Gosselin will show up.  Not that she's out of Dancing with the Stars, she may have a little more time on her hands.

Kate Gosselin ditches the kids... again

Kate is NEVER about her kids. Even when she is home, she is alone pampering herself. While the nannies care for the kids. This is why we see little interaction with Kate and the kids and the lack of "attachment" to Kate. The kids love Jon.

“Kate was holed up in a major suite and waited on like she was the queen of England. Now, she is looking for any way to get back to LA for good.” – A friend tells In Touch.

Kate Gosselin burst into tears after being voted off of Dancing With the Stars on April 20, but it wasn’t simply because she’ll miss the ballroom — according to a friend of hers, she was mostly upset about returning to her humdrum life back home with her eight young children. “Now that she is not on the show, she doesn’t have a reason to stay in LA, and that’s why she broke down,” her friend says. “Even though she complained about it, she loved commuting back and forth to Hollywood.” Kate was definitely acting like she wasn’t ready to come home.

She and the kids breezed into town on April 22, but within 20 minutes of arriving, Kate was whisked off to New York in a limo without them. And even though the 35-year-old eventually returned to Reading, Pa., Kate spent most of her time there alone, pampering herself. “Kate doesn’t believe that she has to compromise the things she wants to do just because she has kids,” says another source. “When she got home, she went right back to focusing on herself. Now, Kate is still thinking about her career.”

Kate’s reality in Pennsylvania is as far from the glamorous life in Beverly Hills as possible, her friend explains, noting that once she got a taste of LA, she quickly grew accustomed to her 24-hour personal butler and other luxurious perks at LA’s posh Beverly Wilshire, a Four Seasons Hotel. “Kate was holed up in a major suite and waited on like she was the queen of England. Now, she is looking for any way to get back to LA for good.”

Open Discussion - April

Post anything Gosselin related here. 

* Feel free to post any links, video links or any other Gosselin related stories.
* You may continue to jibber jabber...

April 26, 2010

Gosselin Children’s Body Language Show Sadness, Humiliation, Upset, and Distance Around Kate

Dr. Glass has a new post about the Gosselins. Of course, since it's about Kate, the sheeple will claim this woman has no credibility. BUT, if it's about Jon, then shit, she's speaking the truth!



Whenever you see anyone with bowed head and rounded shoulders,  it means they feel shame or embarrassment or humiliation. It is interesting that the three  kids  in closest proximity to Kate,  Colin, Hannah, and Alexis are the ones who show this distinctive body language.

They also show sadness on their faces.Perhaps she yelled at them or scolded them or shamed them.  In any event, it is clearly  reflected in their body language.


It is also interesting that Kate is being consistent in favoring  one of the girl sextuplets, Hannah. Hannah   appears to be the only child  who’s hand Kate is holding.
Even her favorite child’s head is bowed and shoulders are rounded, as Hannah looks down at the ground. This indicates that  Hannah also may be feeling  shame, upset,and embarrassment as well.

April 25, 2010

Jon issues a warning on those getting to close to the property, and Kaydar bashes him

Jon has every right to protect his kids and his property. The "source" is anonymous so who knows if the story is true or not. But again, get to close, you get shot. Lesson is, don't get to close.

It's not that hard people... Kate even claimed that her tire was "slashed". So Jon has every right to warn anyone who gets too close to the property. Bashing someone for trying to protect his kids? You kaydar mobs really need to get a clue.

"If a photographer comes onto my property, I have the right to shoot him!" Gosselin threatened one photographer, who relayed the altercation to

I guess those members over at Kaydar are pissed they can no longer get this close to the kids.

April 24, 2010

Cara looks a little "sad" at a Live Taylor Swift Concert

Kids are NEVER happy with Kate. Even at a Live Concert. Kate just isn't fun to be around with. Maybe it was because she didn't want to sit next to Kate and would rather sit next to Mady? After all, the kids do not want to sit next to Kate, as seen in this video.

Where is Mady btw? Kate is with Cara. Shouldn't Steve be watching Mady? Steve is in the Blue striped dress shirt. (Matching with Kate that night).

And before you say, "that isn't Steve", "no they weren't matching" and that the twins were actually happy. Here are some pics.

They sure do look happy don't they?

Blue/Black. Looks like they're matching to me. Coming out of a Limo to eat Lunch at P.F. Chang's. That's where all the money is going. Was a Limo really necessary? Talk about having trouble supporting 8 kids. Is this what she spend 20k in Child Support on?

Another Lame & Pathetic attempt to gain publicity

Kate Gosselin has already admitted that she isn't ready to date and that if she was, she would want someone who is willing to put up with her baggage.

This recent event about Kate eying Jeff or David is just a lame attempt at trying to stir up more rumors and gain more publicity.

* Her attempt at trying to host a TV show failed.
* Her attempt to cohost a show with Paula Deen, failed.
* Her failed attempt at trying to gain "male" viewers by marketing herself as a "milf" failed miserably.
* Her failed attempt to prove her kids wrong and that she "can" dance, failed.

She is nothing but a failure. She is making money on the J*K drama, yes, but she is no star, she has no real talent and has nothing to offer. So what does she do now? Try to leech of other stars to make herself one?

You feed a sucker and they will eventually become a leech.

And let be real. The men in Hollywood can do a lot better than this loser who is trying to "fake" her way to Hollywood.

Kate Gosselin Eyeing Jeff Goldblum, The Hoff?

We all know that Kate Gosselin is single thanks to her all-too-public divorce, but aside from random rumors she and her bodyguard had a fling going on, she's been mostly inactive on the dating circuit. Now, however, my sources tell me she wants a piece of 'The Fly' himself -- Jeff Goldblum. What?! Yes, I know, it's crazy, but find out the details ... after the jump!

Kate Gosselin is ready to start dating again, but this time she is only interested in dating Hollywood celebrities. She already has her eye on one in particular, Mr. Jeff Goldblum.

"Kate is serious about going Hollywood and thinks dating a celebrity is a great idea," Kate's pal tells me. "When Kate sees how Tom Cruise changed Katie Holmes life, it became clear that she needed to do the same. Obviously, she knows she's not yet ready to date a George Clooney, but she thinks she would be the perfect partner for a Jeff Goldblum or someone like David Hasselhoff."

April 23, 2010

Compare & Contrast

Kate is a perfect example of someone who says one thing but does the exact opposite.  She likes to say she does thing for her kids and that she misses her kids.  She even claims the kids loves her right back.   But actions speak louder than words.   Has anyone ever seen the kids "happy" when their with Kate?  Seems to me that history is repeating itself.

She would rather spend time away from them, but talk about show she wants to be with them.  When she is with them, she's either yelling at them or hitting them.

Kate couldn't wait to leave the house after spending 20 quality minutes with them.

Jon Gosselin on the other hand, doesn't talk much, but a picture alone says a thousand words.  Notice the smiles and of course, the kids aren't in "Matching outfits".  Kate is all about $ymboli$m...

Jon and Alexis just having one of many moments. Jon looks a little disturbed though.;

 My Kids are “the Wind Beneath My Wings”, Says Kate Gosselin....
Of course they are.  They are the one SUPPORTING YOU...  Source...

So Jon actually spends time with his kids, while Kate shops at Ann Taylor. Wonder what she bought her 8 kids at Ann Taylor?

Who smacks their kids in the face just for tugging on their coat?
Why not hug your kids instead Kate?

Kids are always happy to see Jon. When was the last time the kids were ever happy with Kate? NEVER!

April 22, 2010

Jon Gosselin scripted Interview with TMZ

With TLC's permission of course. 
Any proof that Jon filed a "termination" letter on April 15th? I call BS on that. Why did Jon wait til NOW to say anything? 

So after playing along with TLC like a puppet, Jon Gosselin is free to do interviews with media outlets. This one seems "scripted". Wonder where this ride is going to take us?

Jon gets to appear in Kate Plus 8 or Twisted Kate? Maybe Jon gets do perform on DWTS next season or even get his own show? Let's see where this takes us.

Kate Gosselin Returns Home, Then Leaves Her Eight Kids Again

Mommy's home ... sort of.
Two days after being booted off Dancing With the Stars, Kate Gosselin returned home Thursday.
Wearing glasses and accompanied by her bodyguard Steve Neild, the reality TV mom, 35, popped by her $1.1 million home in Wernersville, Pa., to spend some time with her eight children.

But she wasn't there for long.
After a 20-minute visit, she packed her suitcase, hopped into a waiting limousine outside and took off with her bodyguard, leaving her kids with a nanny.

How nice of Steve to coordinate his outfit with Kate's.

She is set to appear on Live with Regis and Kelly Friday. The show tapes in NYC.
Ironically, Gosselin said that now that she's off DWTS, she can spend more time with her kids. "They'll be glad to have me back," she told Entertainment Tonight Tuesday. "I'm thrilled to have been here and obviously going back to my kids is always a wonderful thing."
Gosselin made no mention of her DWTS ousting in a new TLC blog post. The night after her elimination, she claimed she "spent an exciting evening" packing her kids' school lunches using "piles of Ziploc snack bags."

Don't the kids look happy? Good Job Kate Gosselin.

Jon arrives and is greeted by the twins...

April 21, 2010

The last time Jon and Kate were "intimate" were Aug of 2008. Not Jan. 2009.

Shouldn't be surprising at all. I mean, c'mon now..... Kate was never the touchy, feely type. She couldn't even dance. Imagine her trying to do it. LMAO.

So she hasn't had any for a little almost a year and a half. Are we surprised? No! Can you imagine any man seeking to be with Kate Gosselin? No one wants to do or date Kate. The lame "MILF" crap the media or her PR team was throwing around early this year was just a LAME and PATHETIC attempt to promote Kate as a "sexy momma" or Sex Symbol..... DISGUSTING!

Since that has FAILED miserably, she is trying to promote her "Faith" and herself being a "World Class single Mom"..

Skanktoro is on Kate's payroll. She is just saying what Kate or TLC tells her to sway.

We already know Jon never dated or slept with Skanktoro. This crap is just being played in the media and tabloids to pull the attention away from the real issue. The child labor hearing that went on a week ago.

Kate or TLC is pulling the strings here. No one cares about Kate's lack of sex life. It's her lack of parenting that is the issue. And Jon's lack of intelligence.

Who returned the dogs back to the breeder?

BUMP! For those idiots still blaming Jon for taking the dogs away. And didn't Kate say the dogs were returning? What happened? Or is she waiting til Twisted Kate begins?

Kate once again tried to put the blame on Jon in People Magazine. But here we have a video of Kate saying that she didn't have any time for the dogs and that maybe one day the dogs will return.

Kate of course DEMANDED that Jon be the one to be there when the dogs were taken away. But it was KATE who didn't want the dogs. As proven in this video. Kate even joked about making the dogs pull the kids on a sled during the winter and even laughed about how the dogs were locked up in cages for so long that the dogs manage do BEND THE BARS to break out.

Once again, Kate EXPOSED in her own lies. This bitch lies so many times that she can't keep track of it.

Kate wishes that everyone would know how BORING she is.

Kate to Jimmy Kimmel: "I wish that they would learn how boring I am".


So the truth is out. She is boring, has no talent, and cannot run a show all by herself. W/o the kids, her show will TANK. Not even sure why TLC is giving her two new show. Of course Kate Plus 8 will include the kids. So that show might do OK for two weeks.

But Twisted Kate? I bet money that the kids will pop up here and there just for ratings. Kate doesn't have the it factor. Plain and simple.

Where did Kate get her tissue paper?

A few seconds into the interview after discovering she was gone, Kate grabbed a tissue paper and smiled, then said she needed a minute. Where did she get the tissue from? Did she already know she was going? When her and Tony name was called, she didn't look surprised at all.

She didn't even thanked Tony once during the interview. Matter of fact, Kate has NEVER thanked Tony. Every other contestants on the show has thanked and given all the creidt to their professional dance partners. Kate would never thank anyone.

She did say he was a wonderful teacher, but that could have been the earpeice talking to her.

Kate also claimed that her gut feeling was always right, indicating that she 'knew' it was her time to go.

April 20, 2010

Whoppi saying what everyone is thinking.

Straight from the horse's mouth!

"This is the first and only thing I have ever done that my kids care about," Gosselin said...

You heard it right. The only thing the kids care about is Kate being away from them for days on end and that she makes herself look like a tool on DWTS.

The kids could care less if she was home spending quality time with them. The kids don't give a rats ass about that. Kate said it herself. The kids love the fact that Kate isn't home to yell at them.

The kids don't even care about the stupid book that contained several embarrassing stories she dedicated to hem. The kids don't care about anything other than Kate being on DWTS.

Maybe it's because Kate has done NOTHING for the kids but exploit them for profit?  The truth is out. 
Kate even blamed her bad performance on her kids.  Nice job Kate.  I'm sure the kids are ecstatic about that comment. 
"It's our fault that mommy didn't do to well on DWTS".  Gosselin 8.

Kate admits she never bathed or put her kids to bed.

The sheeple claims that the show was edited to make it look like Jon did all the work while Kate sat on her ass. Well, here we have a statement straight from the horse's mouth!

"Soon everyone toddled up the stairs for bath and bedtime. That was Jon's time with the kids, and he was so thorough and involved -- and fast! He quickly earned the title of Bath Man. He would bathe the kids every night and put them to bed every night." 

Obviously Kate, since you were NEVER home...

April 19, 2010

Kate Gosselin and Ei8ht Hollywood bound?

Rumors of Kate moving herself and her kids to LA? Why? This move is obviously for HER own narcissistic agenda and if true, will be horrible for her 8 kids. Jon, their father, the one who actually loves them and whom they rather be with lives in PA. Their grandmother, friends, aunt, uncle and cousins all live in PA.

If Kate wants to move to Hollywood, they by all means, go ahead. But the kids should stay with Jon in PA.

LOL, wtf happened to her face?


Kate Gosselin is certainly famous'ish, and now the mom of eight and current 'Dancing With the Stars' contestant wants to stay famous by making a move out west. Yep, the octomom is in the market for a house in Hollywood and a new agent, according to her pals. Details on Kate's Hollywood dreams, plus Conan scoop, after the jump!

Sources tell me that in between dance practices, Kate Gosselin has been house hunting in the Hollywood Hills for a mansion big enough for her and her eight kids.

"Now that Kate has tasted the excitement of Hollywood, there is no way that she is going to return to Pennsylvania," a friend of Kate's tells me. "She is looking at homes in the Hollywood Hills in gated communities in the $2 million range. Kate is insisting the properties she sees have a pool, at least six bedrooms, an outdoor hot tub and, bizarrely, a recording studio!"

Proof Kate supporters are Psychopathic idiots

Here we have one sheeple making false claims about Jon Gosselin. With no evidence to back up her statment. Just like the majority of those idiots who post on kaydar, they like to make up information by grabbing them out of their ass. I bet maria999 is also on Zoloft.

This is why Jon Gosselin and Kate needs some type of security.  Especially the 8 kids.  With wackos such as maria999 and many more who post on Kadyar floating around the net, who knows how crazy they may be in real life.

You're lying! The twins hate him! I also read an article about him touching them inappropriately at bath time! Also he bashes their mom to them! They hate it when he talks bad about their mom!
by maria999
Posted Sun, 04/18/2010 - 10:23pm
maria999 trying to grab one of the girls?

The image above proves that the 8 kids needs protection. Especially from crazy fans like Maria999 whom are delusional and a threat to the Gosselins. Both kids and Jon. There were even death threats that were posted on kaydar and dlists, made to Jon. On behalf of Kate Gosselin fans. They are FN crazy.

Also, Maria999, if the "twins" were to hate anyone, it would be Kate. I mean I have video proof.

April 18, 2010

"Jellus" Kate tells TLC to not give Jon a Job with TLC

If it's all about her kids, then why is she telling TLC to NOT give Jon a spot on TLC so that Jon can earn an income and help her out with providing for the kids? Jon is already paying 21k a month. There is no way Jon can keep paying 21k a month w/o finding a job in the media.

An IT Analyst only makes 40-60k a year. So telling Jon to find a "real" job won't even do it. So why is Kate telling TLC to keep Jon away? Kate only wants to be the "star" in her diluted reality. She also suffers from mental illness and Narcissism.

Kate Gosselin Tells TLC To Keep Jon Away
Kate Gosselin famous TV mom, has reportedly told the executives at TLC that Jon Gosselin" is not to be part of any show she is doing for the network. TLC network has slated Kate Gosselin for two new shows. "A Twist of Kate" is rumored to be airing soon and will feature Kate Gosselin telling the stories of other women that were inspired by her. We find this ironic as maybe there is a need for a show that showcases how to get a TV contract by popping out as many babies as you can at one time.

Seriously though, Kate is a good example of what the pitfalls of being a "reality" TV star are. Kate told USA Today that she wanted to "be out there learning from others, helping to provide insight whenever I can." We know Kate loves to give out advice as we have witnessed her telling Tony Dovolani, her partner on "Dancing With The Stars", how he should be teaching her to dance instead of just learning from him.

April 15, 2010

Kate is a great mother. Here's proof.

Because being there is a waste of time.  Texting and Skyping is a new and improved way to be with your kids.

Kate caught in another lie?  Do all 8 kids have cell phones?  Do the twins even have a cell phone?  Just a few months ago, Jon stated that Mady some sneak a phone call to tell him everything Kate says about him.  So I doubt the kids have cell phone to receive her texts.


"I'm not an absentee mom. I'm on the phone, texting back and forth with whoever is taking care of my kids," said Gosselin. 

Kate Gosselin in tears. In an INSIDE EDITION exclusive, Kate breaks down as she speaks about the toll Dancing With The Stars has taken on her because she's forced to be away from her eight kids in Pennsylvania.

"I tell my babysitter all the time I wish I was you. I wish I had your job," said Gosselin.

She continued, "My job takes me away from them and it's not easy to let somebody else pick them up from the bus stop. It's hard. It's really hard."

Usually after Dancing With the Stars is wrapped for the week, Kate takes a red-eye flight home. But this week, she's promoting her new book, I Just Want You To Know.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked Gosselin, "What do you want people to know about you after they read this book?"

"That I am a mom with a really really huge heart, and that I'm not the monster that I'm painted to be," said Gosselin.

When Kate arrived at our Los Angeles studios she was smiling on the surface, but seething inside.

Just hours earlier, across the country, her brother and sister-in-law went before child labor officials claiming Kate's kids were exploited during filming of Jon and Kate Plus Eight.

Moret asked, "Do you feel at all betrayed by your brother for prompting that hearing?"

"Um, I do actually, because he has four children of his own and spending time in court and gallivanting to New York to complain about me, couldn't he be at home with his kids?" said Gosselin.

Her brother Kevin complained specifically about the infamous "potty training" episode. But Kate tells INSIDE EDITION that episode was actually filmed at her brother's house.

April 14, 2010

Mr. Contradiction

Via, Jon's Twitter (obviously with TLC's permission)
  1. The allegations made today by Kevin and Jodi Kreider have not been my experience at all during the production of “Jon & Kate plus8.”
  2. Kate and I were doing what was best for our family. And it gave us an opportunity to spend quality family time together. Jon Gosselin
Sounds more like a statement from TLC...  And we all know Jon wants to join TLC again to be a "talentless star" just like Kate. Jon has lost it.

1) Really?  Didn't you say almost a year ago that the show was detrimental to your kids? Moron.
2) Really?  Is this Kate speaking?   The only way you can spend time with your family is if TLC was there to film it?   What a fucking moron.

Kate once again caught in a lie.

Kate during Season 5 claims that for privacy reasons, no cameras are allowed in the children room.  Really Kate?

During the early seasons, both Jon and Kate allowed TLC to install cameras in the tups room to record every private moment 24/7!  Even camera with night vision.

TLC production crews were even allowed to film the children w/o any parent present.  Even allowing the film crew to record the most private moments in the bathroom, bedroom and everywhere else.

April 13, 2010

Lawmaker Calls Gosselin Kin To Hearing

One sheeple asked, "What happened to Jodie and Kevin? Why did they disappear after making a few interviews while things were hot?"  Even going as far as to assuming that Kevin and Jodie disappeared because they were "paid off".

Well, guess what.
A Philadelphia-area lawmaker will hold a hearing on Wednesday into child-labor laws and reality TV featuring Kate Gosselin’s relatives, and Gloria Allred.

Among the people testifying will be Robert Kuzynski from Pennsylvania’s Bureau of Labor Law Compliance.

In addition, child-star advocate Paul Petersen, civil rights advocate Gloria Allred and Kevin and Jodi Krieder, the brother and sister-in-law of Kate Gosselin, will testify at the hearing.

WHEN: Wednesday, April 14
TIME: 10 a.m.
WHERE: Blair Mill Inn, Fountain Room, 3855 Blair Mill Road, Horsham

WATCH IT LIVE: This hearing will be streamed live at Log on at 9:55 a.m.

Office of State Representative Thomas P. Murt
SEAN YEAKLE (717)787-3406
April 12, 2010 5:18 PM

April 10, 2010

This time we have proof. Jon Gosselin caught with a stick of weed.

The questions have been answered. Jon Gosselin caught red handed with weed. Even offers his stash to the Paps..

LOL, Jon Gosselin is hilarious. And he isn't even trying. Unlike Katie Irene, whose sense of humor is very awkward. She basically "shrieks" and overreacts to little things like a little kid. I think her kids are more mature than Katie.

How much more proof do you need?

Kate confesses and exploits her kids once again in her book.
So you sheeple refuse to acknowledge the proof of abuse, lies, exploitation and myth of Kate Gosselin revealed in the show(Season 1-5). You sheeple continue to ignore all the evidences provided by many blogs and even testimonies from friends and family. So, will you ignore Her own book? Which basically confirms what everyone already knew?

This book is basically a slap on the face to her kids and to her crazy supporters. She knows that you sheeple are so stupid, even after admitting to all the wrong doing she has done in this book, you sheeple will continue to blindly support her. It's time you wake-up from your little fantasy land and step into reality. Kate is not who you think she is or wish her to be.

Magazine Scan Credit: Preesi

Kate's new book reveals how she destroyed her own family and at the same time, betrays her own kid by exposing all their secrets.    And the source?  HER OWN BOOK!  Straight from the horses mouth.  Tell me again why some are saying she is a good mother? She admits to BETRAYING HER OWN FAMILY. She admits that she could have treated Jon with respect, but didn't. The list goes on and on.  

 Alexis was sick for several days and Kate ignored it!

Magazine Scan credit: Preesi

While Kate had custody of the kids for a few days, Kate ignored Alexis and instead decided to use her days with her kids for a photo-op. Kate discovered Jon's plan for Easter with the kids and not wanting to look a fool, she decides to celebrate Easter a few days early. Even going to Target at the last minute to buy supplies!

When it was Jon's turn with the kids, he discovered that Alexis had strep throat and Kate ignored it and brushed it off a cold. Some nurse she is.

More magazine scans available here.

The sheeple will continue to live in their own deranged fantasy, that Kate Gosselin does no wrong. Even when it's done right in front of their faces. They either don't see it, or have their heads so far up in Kate rectum that they don't see BS either. They won't speak it. And they won't hear it.

April 9, 2010

Kate says kids are excited to be back on TV?

Are they excited that they get to finally go on trips because Kate STOPPED all trips after the show was canceled, or are they happy because the cameras are back?

Seems to me that Kate didn't take any of the kids on trips after the show was canceled. Now that the show is back on, the kids get to go on trips. Of course they will excited. Heck, you can take them on the trips w/o the cameras and they still will be excited.

And what's in store for the kids? She said they'll be "taking some fun trips and having some great adventures. They're very excited."

April 8, 2010

Nancy Grace, the most hated woman on Earth has Dirt on Jon!

Nancy Grace, seeking to get ratings for her show that no one watches, attacks Jon once again and this time, she found some real dirt on Jon Gosselin. 


Nancy Grace says:
Jon's reported extravagant spending include: 
$45,700 mercedes
$5000/mo rent in NYC
$895 designer handbags for gf
$90 champagne
$87 birthday cake
$14 hamburgers
NG is such a bottom dweller. imo

LOL... She is really digging at the bottom of the barrow with this one.

* 90 bottle of Champagne
* $87 bday cake
* 14 hamburgers.


Kate Gosselin admits to destroying her family for fame.

Alexis was sick for several days, Kate refused to seek medical attention for Alexis. Kate after discovering Jon's Easter plan for the kids, went to Target at the last minute to buy supplies and celebrated Easter a few days early.

More scans available here.

Kate Gosselin apologizes to all her kids in her new book.  "I just want you to know, but won't be telling you personally, but you can buy my book to find out".... That she was a horrible mother, made some bad decisions and so on.  

Basically, she is saying, she "coulda, woulda, shoulda" for her Kids, but didn't. 
Ex-husband Jon Gosselin is heading back to court for primary custody of his eight children on the basis that Kate is neglecting the kids. Now Life & Style can reveal she's exploiting their children more than ever in her new book.

Life & Style has exclusively obtained a copy of Kate Gosselin's new book, entitled I Just Want You to Know: Letters to my children on Love, Faith and Family. In the tome, Kate pens a deeply personal letter to each of her eight children. Among the secrets, Life & Style can reveal Kate finally owns up to bullying her ex-husband. "Much of what I said to Jon was unwarranted," she admits. "I could have watched what I said better, I could have guarded my tongue better. I wanted to communicate better, but I often failed." Besides not asking for help and berating Jon, Kate writes that she didn't take enough responsibility for day-to-day planning for the family. "I also didn't focus on the fact that much of the responsibility for our children, the finances, the schedules and the decisions about the future was on me."

In her letter to son Aaden, she apologizes for taking away his dad. "I do not possess the skills to father you," she writes. "But I will do everything I can to show you the way." And she even apologizes for ruining her once perfect family. Writing to son Collin, Kate cruelly implies that the 6 -year-old has a fear of abandonment -- and that her split with Jon has hit him the hardest. "I will never leave you," she writes to him. "I know that all the recent events in our family structure have greatly upset you, maybe you most of all. When I leave for work, I will always come back."

On page after page, Kate recounts in vivid detail each child's suffering because of the divorce. However, Kate doesn't seem concerned about how her kids will react to the book. "She's back in diva mode," an insider confirms to Life & Style. "She's not the sweet, humble woman she's been pretending to be."

April 7, 2010

Jon Gosselin Goes After Kate in Court / 20k Child Support

Edit: See the court paper!

What will Kate do? Will she leave DWTS to be there for her kids? Or Must the show go on? A GREAT PUBLICITY STUNT for Kate would to tell America that she is quitting the show to be there for her kids. I'm guessing this is what she will do.

Jon Gosselin Goes After Kate in Court

Kate isn't home (again) to care for the kids, so it's good to see a responsible parent seeking custody of the kids. Kate is too busy seeking fame so this could be a good thing for the family. Obviously Jon received HORRIBLE representation from his previous idiot Lawyer.

Read more:

Jon Goseslin actually pays 20k a month for Child support!

No wonder he was seen eating hot dogs on the side of the street.  Kate is robbing him blind.  So the kids get 20k a month, and Kate got a 30k makeover?  hmmmm.

It's is OBVIOUS that Mark Heller f'd Jon Gosselin over..

Jon is supposedly seeking to shed his $20,000 a month support payments as well and wants Kate to pay him.
The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star has not had a steady job since TLC pulled the plug on the reality show after Jon refused the network to continue filming his children.
TLC sued Jon and won a preliminary injunction after charging her violated his contract. The suit was settled but it cost Jon a fortune and TLC clearly came out the winner.

Kate Gosselin dancing without makeup and Tony

Kate Gosselin rehearsing the Paso Doble w/o makeup and w/o Tony. She did pretty good.

Exclusive! Kate is a loser and she sucks!

Not that this is "NEWS", as we already know Kate has no talent whatsoever, but we have decided to rehash old news because we have nothing else to talk about. And because we are on TLC's/Kate's payroll.

A failed Cheerleader in HS, unable to have kids naturally as an adult, never having any real friends in life, Kate decides to ditch her kids and relive her 20's. But this time, she's using her children to seek fame and hoping one day to be on the red carpet. This pathetic shrew of a mother really thinks she can dance and that people actually "like" her.

Failing to realize she has no talent, her partner Tony hired an acting coach to help Kate be "herself". Realizing that she does suck and doesn't have a choice but to suck. She gets on her knees and tells the producers that she is willing to suck some more.

Currently, no one is accepting Kate's offer. The cast and crew members are totally disgusted by Kate Gosselin and can't want to see her leave. Everyone is sick and tired of Kate Gosselin sucking.