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Exposing the lies and seeking truth doesn't = Hate. This is not a Kate Hate Site. A 'Kate Hate Site" wouldn't have "Shame on Kate AND Shame on Jon" in the reaction box.

Just a place where bloggers and commenters can share an open discussion on all things related to the Gosselins.

This blog was created to expose the spins and lies shared by the media and by several individuals who continue to spread filth and garbage for their own self-interests.

This blog will expose those who continue to spread lies as "truth" and those who base their beliefs and support for one individual based on those lies.
Pursuing Truth, Exposing Lies and Informing the Sheeple

December 31, 2011

Photo of the Day

Remember folks, Israel is not our friend.

"Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States,
it can dry up and blow away."
— Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister

London 2012 Logo contains the word Zion

I think Iran is correct. It does spell zion.

Iran claims London 2012 Olympics logo spells the word 'Zion'

Iran has threatened to boycott the London Olympics unless the organisers replace the official logo, which Tehran claims spells out the word "Zion".

The logo, a jagged representation of the year 2012, has been said by its critics to resemble many things, from a swastika to a sexual act, but the Iranian government argues it represents a veiled pro-Israeli conspiracy.


The same man who created the 2012 Logo also crated the Olympic Medal. See anything interesting?

December 30, 2011

Breaking! Proof that Ron Paul is President

Lets make this viral!  Proof that Dr. Ron Paul is Racist. The racist Liberal Media refuses to air this. Conservative everywhere should work together and spread this video. This is 100% proof that Ron Paul is a racist.


December 29, 2011

Should American "Jews" move to Israel?

Not unless you to be spat on and eggs and rocks tossed at you. These Ultra Orthodox "Jews" also believes that women should sit in the back of the bus.

For a State claiming to be the only "democracy" in the Middle East, one has to wonder....

Below is a video of  a group of Ultra Orthodox Jews harassing an 8 year old girl for wearing a dress.

Israeli ultra-Orthodox Jews 'harass' 8-year-old... by euronews-en

December 28, 2011

Afghanistan signs ‘$7 bn’ oil deal with China

So, what did the United States accomplish with it wars?

* Americans got colored magnetic ribbons for their cars
* A bunch of blown up kids returning home
* Trillion dollar deficit

And China, without using 1 bomb, gets a 7 billion dollar oil deal. Americans ARE fucking damn stupid.

The reason for War is simple. Profits for the Republican and Military Complex. Companies such as Boeing and other that manufacture weapons reap from War. While their children are safe at home, your kids are off fighting "alCIAda" and dying for no reason other than Greed.

Afghanistan’s first major oil exploration contract will see state-owned China National Petroleum Corporation develop three oil fields in the relatively peaceful north of the country along the Amu Darya river.

Under the deal, signed in Kabul by Afghan mining minister Waheedullah Shahrani and CNPC president Lu Gong Xun, Afghanistan will take 70 percent of the net profits, and the Chinese oil giant will pay 15 percent corporation tax.

“This will have enormous benefits for Afghanistan,” Shahrani told reporters after the signing.

Read more: RawStory

Debris from Japan's "tsunami" will hit the West Coast

Radioactive debris from Japan are now hitting the West Coast. So instead of focusing on the cleanup and keeping the public aware of the dangers of these debris now entering US shores, our media is busying attacking over it's Nuclear weapons which does not exists.

What's more likely to hurt us? These radioactive toxic waste from Japan or the mythical fairytale of Iran's Nuclear Weapon?

Sudan plans to drop the dollar....

Barack Obama: Time to bomb Sudan because it's leader is an evil dictator and is in violation of basic human rights. They kill babies, have rape rooms, support alCIAda and was involved in 9/11. That's right. We have new evidence that Sudan was the one responsible for aiding Saddam on September 9/11.

Sudan asks to deal with China in yuan and pounds: central bank

Sudan is in talks with China to see if the two countries can do business in Sudanese pounds and Chinese yuan, rather than U.S. dollars, Sudan’s central bank governor said on Wednesday.

The Sudanese pound has weakened sharply against the dollar on the black market since South Sudan seceded in July, taking about three-quarters of the country’s roughly 500,000 barrels per day of oil output -- a major source of foreign currency.

China has been a major investor in both African countries in areas including construction and oil.

“We have submitted an official request to China to deal with them in Sudanese pounds and Chinese yuan, and it is possible that after a short while we could exit finally from the dollar,” Central Bank Governor Mohamed Kheir al-Zubeir told reporters.

“The dollar has become weak and is deteriorating.”

He said Sudan’s central bank was discussing the issue with China’s central bank, but did not give a timeline or other details about the proposed arrangement.

“We believe that very soon China will become the number one economic power in the world,” Zubeir said.

The loss of oil revenues has helped to drive up the cost of food and other imports, fuelling inflation and biting an economy already hit hard by decades of war, mismanagement and U.S. trade sanctions.

Why do Native Alaskans (Eskimos) look so Asian?

Maybe Gavin Menzies was correct. China did discover America in 1421.

Alaska. Barrow. Inupiat Eskimos Bertha Leavitt and Nordel Rexford wearing traditional parkas. MR.

Photo of a Native Inupiat woman smiling for the camera in Alaska.

Alaska native Inupiat Eskimo hunter


December 27, 2011

Heads up! Ovation hair and Mega-tek are the same company!

So you're basically using Horse shampoo on your head lol!

Here are some info, Mega-Tek made by a company called "Eqyss" sells Horse shampoo with the claim that it helps hair grow thicker, shinier and stronger.
Hair: Strengthens hair from root to tip, so mane and tail won’t break off easily. Vitalizes hair on bare spots caused by halter and blanket rubs, or injuries. Makes hair healthier and stronger.

Hoofs: Makes hoofs stronger. Sand cracks and chipping disappear, quarter cracks heal faster, shoes hold better. Fantastic for shelly footed horses. Strengthens hoof wall.

Now a new company called DC Labs has a product called Ovation "Cell Therapy" that basically does the exact same thing but for humans.

The claim is "Fast hair growth, stronger hair, improved appearance, improved skin quality and faster nail growth".


So what's the difference between the two? The price. Mega-Tek is about half the price of what it is for the human version. However, as many have noted, they contain the exact same ingredients.

The only difference would be the price and the smell. The shampoo / conditioner for their Animal line all have a coconut smell, while the Ovation product line has more of a perfume fragrance to it.

How do I know it is the same company? Easy! I decided to return my product and guess what, the return address for Ovation is the same addressed listed on the Mega-Tek website!

Are Americans dumber than Chickens?

Yes! African chickens refuses to eat GMO corn. At the same time, Americans are eating it like it is the best thing since slice bread.

Chickens Not Fooled by GM Crops

Chickens refusing to eat the maize they had been fed has led to the discovery that their feed had been genetically modified to include a well-known weed and insect killer.

Strilli Oppenheimer’s indigenous African chickens were refusing to eat the mealies in the chicken feed bought from a large supplier. Concerned that the birds may be ingesting genetically modified maize, she had the maize tested.

The results confirmed Oppenheimer's initial suspicion -- the maize had been genetically engineered to produce proteins that are toxic to certain insects and weeds.

About her chickens' refusal to eat their maize, Oppenheimer said: "They're smart."

US Beef is banned worldwide... But it's good for Americans?

US beef are banned in Europe, Japan, China, Vietnam and several other countries. Interesting how our media portrays US products as being top of the line, healthy and the stuff coming from China are dangerous.

So, if the Chinese are willing to consume lead, poison and so on, why aren't they willing to consume US beef?

There are several concerns over US Beef. From Hormone injections that will lead to cancer to traces of Spinal parts that can lead to Mad Cow Disease.

Most US beef (non-organic) are injected with a synthetic sex hormones. Humans should not consume any amount of hormones. No dietary levels of hormones are safe and a dime-sized piece of meat contains-billions of millions of molecules.

The increase of Cancer (breast, prostate, etc etc.) in America are due mostly to the crap American consume. It is best to go with Organic beef when Available.

Unless you like cancer. Then by all means, enjoy! (POPULATION CONTROL).

Interesting read:

* American Beef: Why is it banned in Europe
* Japan reinstate bans on US Beef
* A growing number of countries are banning US beef

December 24, 2011

The Palestinian Exodus (Holocaust)

In 1948, 804,767 Palestinian men, women, and children were forced to flee their homes. Since then, thousands of Palestinians are ethnically cleanse (forced to move out their home) to create a Zionist state. Anyone who decides to stay are then bombed to dust as to leave no evidence for the History books.

While the Zionist claim how they are being "pushed" into the Ocean, or Wiped off the map, the Real maps tells a different story.

These racist Zionists are claiming to be the "Jews" whom were expelled from Egypt. However, DNA evidences shows that these Zionists are not the Jews from the bible. But, are actually Europeans who have converted to Judaism.
“There is no such thing as a Palestinian people... It is not as if we came and threw them out and took their country. They didn’t exist.”

- Golda Meir statement to the Sunday Times, 15 June, 1969.

Really Golda Meir? Because DNA proves that the Palestinians actually have a historical connection to Palestine. And that AshkeNAZI and Khazar Jews do not have any Historical linkage to the biblical Jews. Also pointing out that there is no such thing as a Jewish race. Since nothing distinctive in DNA can point you to being a Jew. (See "The myth of the Jewish Race").

And as a matter of fact, anyone can become "Jewish".

Photos shows a train of Palestinians men, women and children being forced out of their home to become a lifetime refugee. How can we, Ameicans, standing for Human Rights, Democracy and defenders of Freedom, just stand and watch while the illegal state of Israel Ethnically cleanse and area and massacre anyone who decides to stay.

The only one being pushed into the Ocean and Wiped off the map are not the Zionists, but the Native people of Palestine.

While Americans are constantly reminded of the "Holocaust" in which Hitler forced "Jewish converts" into concentration camps, thousands of Palestinians men, women and children are murdered, bombed or forced out of their home on a daily basis. Even as we speak.

Interesting how they scream "NAZI" or pull the Holocaust card every chance they get, while they are doing the EXACT SAME THING if not worst, to what Hitler did to them, to the Palestinians people.

The Bible Myth: The African Origins of the Jewish People
- Amazon
Basing his theories on extensive research into Egyptian history, archeology, literature and mythology, Gary Greenberg makes several contentions that are certain to ignite major controversy among scholars, religious historians and lay readers. Among Greenberg's contentions are that the 12 tribes of Israel never existed, the first Israelites were Egyptians, and the founding patriarchs of the Hebrew people were actually characters from Egyptian mythology

December 19, 2011

Israel was responsible for the Fukishima meltdown

Of course they were. The Stuxnet worm was created in Israel. Why? Japan supported an Independent Palestinians State.

Fukushima Sabotage – Japanese Journalist Accuses Israel
Source: Veterans Today

A leading Japanese journalist recently made two incredible claims about the Fukushima power plant that suffered a nuclear meltdown in March 2011, sending shockwaves around the world.

First, the former editor of a national newspaper in Japan says the U.S. and Israel knew Fukushima had weapons-grade uranium and plutonium that were exposed to the atmosphere after a massive tsunami wave hit the reactor.

Second, he contends that Israeli intelligence sabotaged the reactor in retaliation for Japan’s support of an independent Palestinian state.

According to Yoishi Shimatsu, a former editor of Japan Times Weekly, these nuclear materials were shipped to the plant in 2007 on the orders of Dick Cheney and George W. Bush, with the connivance of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

The shipment was in the form of warhead cores secretly removed from the U.S. nuclear warheads facility BWXT Plantex near Amarillo, Texas.

December 18, 2011

Illegal "Jewish" settlers attack a Choir group

Now imagine if it were a bunch of "ayrabs" attacking a Christian Choir bus in Palestine. The US media would be running that 24/7.

Funny how these Illegal settlers get away with so much. It's like they have immunity from every crime they commit just because of what Hitler allegedly did to them.

Seems like they are pulling the Holocaust card as an excuse to get away with everything. Reminds me of a story called "The Boy who cried wolf". It will soon catch up to them.

Settlers attack carol singers near Nablus

BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Settlers attacked a Palestinian choir bus returning from a carol concert in Nablus on Saturday evening, choristers told Ma'an.

The singers, from Bethlehem Bible college, said five men attacked them on a quiet road outside of the northern West Bank city.

"A rock smashed through the window, and glass shattered everywhere inside," chorister Saleem Anfous told Ma'an, adding that none of the 25 carol singers was injured.

"We kept driving and starting singing to cheer ourselves up and encourage the choir members," he said.

"Tomorrow we will continue our carol tour of the West Bank in Jenin, using the same road, and we are afraid. But we are trying to convince the families that God will protect us."


December 13, 2011

Kate Gosselin - Top 3 of the Worst Parenting Failure

If you are visiting this site, you would know that Kate Gosselin plays a "mother" om TV. In her "reality show", she claims to be very organized, loves to spend time with her kids, a great "cook" and a smart shopper who threaten to shoot her ex husband over a coupon.

But behind closed doors, Kate isn't any of the above. Unless the above is Psycho Bitch who overreacts to every little thing. (Typical behavior of a Narcissist).

As times passes more, more and more people are seeing right though Kate. Her lies, her delusions and her self-proclaimed role as Mother of the Year.

Worst Parenting Fails? A Year Of Explosive Parenting Moments

Source: Huffington Post


JJ rantings:

Kate Gosselin has a history of spanking her kids in the restroom while filming. Basically taking them to the restroom, closing the door, and hitting them with a wooden spoon. Click on link to see the spoon she keeps in the van to "remind her kids" not to act out.

A mother would makes sure her kids are fed before she eats.  Kate Gosselin however, is different.  This stupid bitch actually drank water right in front of her kids while one of her kids were dying of thurst.

Kate Gosselin and her fans also attacked Jon Gosselin for allowing the kids to sit on his ATV while the ATV was off.   They then had a field day when they found out that Jon Gosselin gave the tups a ride going less then 2mph.

A few weeks later, Kate did the same thing!  However, in this video, she was going full speed and even at one point, allowing the tups full control of the steering.

And the most recent hiccup from this "mother of the year".  Kate Gosselin, busy tweeting to her haters about how much she loves her kids, somehow didn't know her kids were playing under the van while the van was still running.  Kate was at a parking lot picking up her kids from the Bus stop. 

Too busy being the best mom of the year, Kate didn't bother to get out the van to help her kids get into the van and put their bags away.  Instead she was tweeting about how haters shouldn't read her tweets and that Kate has more important things to do than to reply to haters.

While this was going on, the kids were running around in the parking lot and one of them was hiding under the van.

December 12, 2011

Collage tribute to Romare Bearden (1911 - 1988)

Almost done!  Final project for my Drawing class. A collage of 4 abstract art from Romare Bearden and a portrait of the artist himself.

"Romare Howard Bearden was born on September 2, 1911, to (Richard) Howard and Bessye Bearden in Charlotte, North Carolina, and died in New York City on March 12, 1988, at the age of 76. His life and art are marked by exceptional talent, encompassing a broad range of intellectual and scholarly interests, including music, performing arts, history, literature and world art. Bearden was also a celebrated humanist, as demonstrated by his lifelong support of young, emerging artists".

December 10, 2011

Israel evicts Palestinian families from their home

Israel once again, wiping Palestine off the map.  One family at a time. Israel, according to our media, is the victim. They are claming "Arabs" are refusing to recognize Israel and how they are trying to "wipe Israel off the map". But if you look at the maps, you can see that Palestine is GONE.

Here is a video that shows what happens in Palestine since Israel was Illegaly created by the United States and the UN. We created a monster and there is nothing we can do. They control our media and our Government. We also give them billions of dollars in handouts. Didn't we fight with the Brits over taxes?

December 7, 2011

Are the State's lottery rigged?

The lottery is rigged and it's very easy to do.  Hours before the draw, a computer basically comes up with the numbers that no one is playing.

A lottery official then selects those "losing numbers" ping pong balls and injects the ball with a gas lighter than air.  This makes it more likely that the "chosen ball" will come up in the machine.

All of the ping pong balls have a very tiny valve like those of a basketball or soccer ball.  A needle is used to inject the gas to rig the lottery.

Of course, every now and then there are no losing numbers and the State has to issue a winner.  Then and only then is the lottery fair.

December 6, 2011

Where are the photos of Kate Gosselin crossing the finish line? Kate Gosselin admits to cheating!

*** Update: Here is a link to the video: ***

For such a huge event, you would think that the most hated women in the world would be caught on camera crossing the finish line. You would think her fake body guard Steve Neild or even her partner in crime Chris Watts would be there to document the entire event.

I think Kate Gosselin took the easy way out. She met with someone in a restroom and gave her chip to another runner. That person was probably paid off, to keep her mouth shut.

How else can you explain the exact same time slot and exact same pace....  And they're both from Beverly Hills CA. lol

And for those claiming that having the exact same time slot isn't out of the ordinary.  Please show me another runner at the same event that shared the exact same time slot and pace with another runner.

Interesting that Kate Gosselin is hugging the very person with the exact same time slot....  Take a look at her shirt.  "For all the nonbelievers".  I thought she was running for her kids?   Don't we all feel special that Kate Gosselin faked her Marathon just for us!

Update! Kate Gosselin admits to cheating!
via twitter

Kateplusmy8 Kate Gosselin
I could barely walk from finish line..had to b helped!NEVER could have done it w/o running buddies Paula and Ellen! 1/3

OvrPl SexPl DivPl Bib First Name Last Name City State Chip Time
3301 1186 51 59617 Paula Congelio Beverly Hills CA 04:59:21

Paula Congelio

Bib: #59617, Race: Marathon

PointTimeTime of DayPace
START00:00:004:12:26 pm--
10K01:01:565:14:22 pm09:58
10M01:42:325:54:58 pm10:44
HALF02:15:516:28:17 pm10:46
19.5M03:29:517:42:17 pm11:34
23.1M04:19:578:32:23 pm13:55
FINISH04:59:219:11:47 pm12:39

Avg. Pace11:26

OvrPl SexPl DivPl Bib First Name Last Name City State Chip Time
3300 1185 259 59615 Kate Gosselin Beverly Hills CA 04:59:21

Kate Gosselin

Bib: #59615, Race: Marathon

PointTimeTime of DayPace
START00:00:004:12:26 pm--
10K01:01:565:14:22 pm09:58
10M01:42:325:54:58 pm10:44
HALF02:15:516:28:17 pm10:45
19.5M03:29:527:42:17 pm11:34
23.1M04:19:588:32:24 pm13:56
FINISH04:59:219:11:47 pm12:38

Avg. Pace11:26

November 28, 2011

Warning! Redbubble steals your work and refuses to pay you!

update: 7/6/2012

Everything has been resolved. They are uptodate on all their payments, and all payments have been received exactly on schedule since the mess up. Thanks Redbubble!

Original Article below

Redbubble sucks!

DO NOT OPEN A REDBUBBLE ACCOUNT! If you are currently a Redbubble member, I would caution you to start looking elsewhere. They are a bunch of evil greedy thieves.

I would suggest you move over to a more reliable company located in the US. There are several other options out there. I won't list them here simply because I don't want to make it seem I am promoting a particular company.

My personal experience with Redbubble. For the last 3 months, I have been receiving a check for $600+ for the sales of my work on Redbubble. After the 4th month, the checks have stopped. However, my products are still selling and is doing quit well.

They haven't deleted my account yet, but I am very close to closing my account. Redbubble has a history of stealing your work. Basically closing your account after you become successful and continue to sell your art on their shirts, posters, etc etc.

Any attempt to post your anger on their forum would be met with an immediate deletion. All emails sent to them would be ignored and you have no chance to get what you are owed. Simply because they are located all the way in Australia.

Fuck you Redbubble. Redbubble sucks and more people are realizing it.

You can google it yourself. I am just kicking myself for not doing any research about this company. Redbubble is a scam. They have stolen thousands of work from thousands of independent artists.

Once you start to become "successful", they close your account and sell your work for themselves.

Here is a copy of their Terms of use.
You keep the copyright of any content you submit or upload to the website. In order to receive the RedBubble services you grant RedBubble a non-exclusive royalty free license to use and archive the content in accordance with or as reasonably contemplated by this agreement.

Hi Redbubble! How about you answer some emails instead of wasting 40 minutes here. Thanks!

redbubble sucks, redbubble scam, redbubble fraud

Interesting reads - More proof Redbubble steals!

* Seller payment problem with Redbubble
* Redbubble refuse to pay and closes all new accounts the artist opens to try and communicate with Redbubble.
* Redbubble refuses to pay another Artist: Redbubble are thieves
* Redbubble refuses to answer why they are not paying the artist and closes the discussion. Redbubble are liars.
Last updated: 12/23/11

November 20, 2011

Jon Gosselin spotted?

On the Cleveland show!

Jonathan Keith "Jon" Gosselin (born April 1, 1977) is an American television personality, known for his appearances with then-wife Kate Gosselin and their eight children on the American reality TV show Jon & Kate Plus 8.
When Donna tries to search for Holt in Las Vegas in "Another Bad Thanksgiving", she is forced to pass by several short, hipster wannabes including Jon Gosselin who appears in the resort pool.

Source: Wikia

November 11, 2011

More proof that Kate Gosselins fans are mentally ill

Just one of many examples that Kate's followers are not right in the head.

Check out this sheeple's twitter account.  She took the time to create a "hate" account and filled it with a bunch of obscene photos.  These are the people who support Kate and worship Kate's every move.  These people are very dangerous and should be left alone.!/RWALesbo

No wonder Kate Gosselin has a bodyguard.....  To protect HERSELF from these lunatics.  To bad Kate doesn't care about her kids.

Seriously, almost all of them have some signs of not being right in the head.  Just like their Princess Kate Gosselin.

They constantly need reassurance that they're doing a good job from Kate, and if they don't they go crazy.   So here's a pat on the head to her.  "good job sheeple"... Good job...

November 3, 2011

Kate Gosselin to busy tweeting about how good of a Mother she is

Kate Gosselin was so busy tweeting about how much of a loser Jon Gosselin is and how much of a WONDERFUL mother she is that she some how lost track of her kids and almost ran over one of them.

Kate Gosselin is known for speeding like a freaking idiot and has received over 3 speeding tickets this year.  In one occasion, she smashed into a parked vehicle and took off. Didn't bother to leave a note.   When the cops showed up to her door, her excuse was "I'm to famous to stop and pull over".

In this incident, Kate Gosselin decided to pick up her kids after Radar Online called in and said they were going to be there for a photo-op.  Kate at the time, just woke up in the late afternoon from not working.

She decided to put her her makeup and dressed in her slutty outfits to pick up her kids.  Chris Watts had to do a wake her call at 3:30 in the afternoon to remind Kate to pick her kids up.

Once she arrived, Kate just remembered that she wore the exact same slutty outfit she wore to an elementary Halloween Party. Not wanting to be seen in the same outfit, Kate decides to sit in her car and tweet about how much she love spending time with her kids while her kids were playing outside and under the car.

What a stupid cunt.  Unlike Jon Gosseln who always supervises the 8 kids and even helps them with their heavy backpacks.   I guess Kate Gosselin was too tired from Not Working.

Read the full story at Kaydar Online.

October 30, 2011

Ron Paul wins Straw Poll with a landslide!

Not to worries though. We'll fix (rig) that with our Electronic Voting system. - TPTB

Ron Paul once again wins takes MAJORITY of the People's vote. Interesting how the media is calming Ron Paul can't win. But the numbers don't lie. Ron Paul has the people's vote.

To bad this is America, where our votes don't really count. The electoral process is just an "illusion" to make it look like we have options.

October 26, 2011

The media and their whoring for Big Pharma

After the sudden death of Steve Jobs, the media starting attacking Steve Job and his decision to go with "alternative" medicines. These outlets actually blamed Natural medicines as the cause of Steve's death.

Really? Because no one has ever died from cancer after going through Traditional Cancer treatment such as Chemo and Radiation therapy.

Why is it that when someone passes away after using "alternative medicines" the media will start attacking it? BUT, when someone dies from cancer, even after going through chemo and radiation therapy, those treatments aren't to blame, but the cancer itself.

A simple google search reveals several outlets attacking Alternative Medicine, and Steve Job for refusing traditional treatments.

BUT, as it turns out, the cause of Steve Job's sudden death, was his chemo and radiotherapy for cancer .

Why aren't the media saying anything about this?

Steve Jobs dead at 56, his life ended prematurely by chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer

(NaturalNews) It is extremely saddening to see the cost in human lives that modern society pays for its false belief in conventional medicine and the cancer industry in particular. Visionary Steve Jobs died today, just months after being treated for cancer with chemotherapy at the Stanford Cancer Center in Palo Alto, California. In recent months, he appeared in public photos as a frail shadow of his former self. The thin legs, sunken cheek bones and loss of body weight are all classic signs of total body toxicity observed in chemotherapy and radiotherapy patients.

Red more here - Natural News

October 23, 2011

My latest pencil drawing

My latest drawing.  It's about 90% done.

October 22, 2011

Canadians demand the arrest of President Bush

Protest against George Bush visit to 2011 Surrey Regional Economic Summit
Protestors demand the arrest of former U.S. president George Bush for war crimes and torture as he and fellow former president Bill Clinton attend the 2011 Surrey Regional Economic Summit at the Sheraton Guildford Hotel in Surrey near Vancouver, British Columbia, October 20, 2011. Bush and Clinton were invited by Surrey Mayor Diane Watts and allowed no media coverage of their talk. UPI/Heinz Ruckemann

A reminder to why the United States Govt. should NEVER be trusted....

Let this be a warning to all who thinks that the United States Government is your friend. They will shake your hand and smile with you one day, but then STAB YOU IN THE FUCKING BACK.

This is what happens to Leaders that DON'T have a military. So by all means, go ahead and get the means to DEFEND yourself from Evil.

October 19, 2011

LOL! Kate's Monday recipes was 'borrowed' from a Tortilla package

In her blog, this so called "mom of the year" who supposedly wrote a cook book that was never published in the States due to it being a book filled with stolen recipes found on the internet, somehow was confuse and didn't know the difference between Fajitas and Enchilada.

Or, maybe Kate purposely renamed it a "Fajihta" so that no one would be able to see that she ripped this Enchilada recipe from a package of flour tortilla.

Kate Gosselin's Fajitas

October 17, 2011 12:39 PM EDT (Updated: October 17, 2011 12:40 PM EDT)
Who is going to criticize a busy mom for using recipes found on soup can labels and packages of tortillas? Not I, I’ve used them myself as I’m sure we all have. But to change the name of a tried and true favorite and foist it on the public as their own deserves a comment or two.  So Kate, listen up!

In your recent Monday Menu blog entry, you’ve taken a well known chicken enchilada recipe that can be found on a package of flour tortillas, changed the name to chicken fajitas and have called it your “creation.”  Just as you cannot make a silk purse from a sow’s ear you cannot make a fajita from an enchilada.  “No puede ser hecho.”  I wonder if in her travels Kate has not had the pleasure of dining at a Mexican restaurant and been educated on the difference between the two.  Far be it from me to try.  In the Gosselin household an enchilada is a fajita “and that’s never going to change” or something like that.  However, if Kate is going to write that cookbook she’s promising her fans, she has a lot to learn.  While her fans may tweet her high fives on her creamy, cheesy casseroles and renamed classics, cookbook publishers are looking for innovation and creativity.

In fact Kate did write a cookbook, “Love is in the Mix” which never saw the light of day. One has to wonder why.  But then again, after seeing her Monday Menus so far, maybe not.  Anyone can write a cookbook and even fill it with mediocre, pilfered recipes.  Getting it published is another story, isn’t it Kate?

October 17, 2011

Sheeple of the month (October 2011) - Linda Foerrester

Linda Foerrester via Twitter

So much of a sheeple, even the Jon Gosselin haters are claming she's a nutcase and probably a fake. I don't have all the details but supposedly, this person, who is married to an NBA player spent her hubby's money to donate (5-6) iPads to the Gosselin kids.

Kate then claimed she received it from a (a friend) which is a lie because Kate has no friend. So it is VERY plausible that Kate Gosselin did in fact received the iPads for this Linda Foerrester person.  The sheeples are claiming that this sheep is a fake. 

They only way to put an end to this drama is the simply provide a tracking info.

Seeing that they all sound a bit challenged, I have to say they're all nutcases.  If you donated something, then good for you.  No need to tell the world about it.   Especially donated something to Kate Gosselin. I would keep that to myself. 

I mean, you can see what happens when you try to do something nice.  Kate will ignore you, and her even crazier fan will disown you. Because they're jealous they didn't donate to Kate.

Here are a few tweets from the twits
AskBabyMama - Baby Mama
@miloandjack @Livin4LifeLove @kateplusmy8 a fake story I had to clear up. How long will hate sites believe @lindafoerrester is real? REPORT!

Livin4LifeLove - Living4Life
@AskBabyMama @kateplusmy8 @lindafoerrester Hate sites will never stop believing that ruse because as Kate says: You can't cure stupid.

lindafoerrester - linda foerrester
@kateplusmy8 would you please message me. I've decided to go ahead and send Ipads to your lovelies. ordering online. Need shipping address

October 2, 2011

Children being arrested for 'protesting'

Welcome to China folks.  Interesting how our media are playing this down.  Imagine if the Chinese Government did the same.  Our media would run this clip 24/7 and putting up a poll to see if we should invade China to free it's people from a corrupt Government that arrest children.

September 30, 2011

Still Life Project

Here is a drawing of a Still life Project.  Basically random objects are placed in a box and the goal is to draw the objects and shadows.

This is about 85% completed. A bit on the 'sketchy' side.  Need to start blending and shading. 

Pencil Eggs drawing

Egg drawing by JJ.  It's about 95% completed.  Needs a bit more work on the shading and it's done.

Compare and Contrast 9/30

A picture is worth a thousand words.....

Can you tell the difference? But Kate on her TV show claims that she loves to spend time with her kids. Now that she's unemployed, she has all the time she needs to spend quality time with them.

This includes yelling at them because she had to wake up a 3pm to pick her kids up since her nanny quit and Jamie Ayers left after the show was cancelled. LOL

More photos of Kate showing her love for her kids here.

September 29, 2011

Paranormal Witness on SyFy!

Those who enjoy watching "True" Paranormal Stories should consider tuning in to the SyFy channel every Wednesday.  Since 'A Haunting' was cancelled by Discovery, I have been searching for another Paranormal show and most of the "Ghost Hunting" detective shows aren't cutting it.

So far, the Series from SyFy is sort of like the "A Haunting" series from Discovery.  It's basically a recreation of True Stores from people who experienced paranormal activities.

As a child, I once lived in a Haunted House.  So I am very interested in these sort of things.  And no I am not crazy.  Once we moved out of that house, I no longer see Shadow People.

Make sure you tune in!  We need viewers to keep the series running.

For those who missed it, you can watch the Full Episode on SyFy!

You can also stream all the Episodes here. (Currently 3 Episodes)

September 28, 2011

How Express almost runied my Dinner Reception.... sucks

I just saved myself over $500! Sucks!

Wow! What a freaking headache!

I made 2 purchases from  The 1st order (placed on 9/22) went fine w/o any headaches.  The 2nd order (placed on 9/26) was huge a headache...........

The 2nd order I placed was the wrong size so I immediately called customer service to make the corrections. This call was made within 5 minutes after placing the order. No big deal right?

Wrong!  She too entered the wrong size and decided to ship it out.  Noting that the 2nd order was needed by Saturday Oct 1st, 2011.

I had the 2nd order shipped 2nd day air.  After realizing the wrong size, I contacted Express and once again, re-ordered the item in the correct size.

2 hours later, I received an email stating that they put a STOP SHIPMENT on the 2nd order (the shipment with the several items, 1 being the wrong size). WTH?

The 3rd order I made was only for 1 item.  The 2nd shipment had several items so why did the put a stop shipment on it?

Since the 2nd order had multiple items.  I had to re-order it.  And the thing is, the lady I spoke with wanted to charge me for the new order and then credit me when they receive the 2nd order. 

This after speaking with another rep stating that all I had to do was take what I needed from the 2nd order and return the wrong item.  So why did they put a stop shipment?

Long story short, I cancelled the 2nd order and contacted FedEx to issue an RTS on the first order.

They could have made things right.  But instead, I had 1 week of headaches trying to sort this shit out with them.


I'm glad that's over.  Hopefully, they won't fuck up on the credits that are owed to me.

So instead of wearing what I wanted to, I will be wearing an old outfit. Oh wells.

Ok, the lesson here is, when buying something for an important occasion or special event, head over to the store!

Ronald Raegan Exposes the 6 million myth

Just like the myth about "God" promising a bunch of Europeans the land of Palestine....  The real Jews came from Egypt. (Palestinians).

Kate Gosselin shocked over no Reality Show offer

How about this reality Kate? You suck and have nothing to offer. W/o the drama between you and Jon AND w/o the your kids, you are a NOBODY. You have zero talent, you can't carry a normal conversation, and you lack any sense of logic and humor.

Time to wake up and get a job Kate Gosselin. You ran with the exploitation of your kids for a good 5+ years. You made a nice living off of it and HOPEFULLY you put a good percentage of that in the kid's savings account. (Oh wait, you just bought a new car after getting fired).

It's NEVER to late to go back. The kids deserve a normal childhood. And it's time for YOU to grow up. Be a mother, stop trying to be Hollywood with your fake tits and a face that looks like it's been beat with a baseball bat dipped in urine and feces.

So instead of wasting time emailing TV networks and sending videos of your kids trying to land a TV show, why don't head over to a McDonald and ask for an application.  Oh that's right, you can't cook or communicate with other people w/o talking about how you were in bed-rest for 30 weeks. 

In the words of Jon Gosselin, "why don't you pull that stick out". 

Kate Gosselin frustrated with the lack of Reality TV offers
Source: Kaydar Online

The mother-of-eight is frustrated with the collective yawn she's received from reality TV producers since becoming a free agent last month when her TLC show Kate Plus 8 was cancelled, a source told the Huffington Post.

"She has approached many different networks, including pitching a travel show idea to her old network, TLC, but so far no one has said yes," the source said. "She assumed that given her fame, producers and networks would be knocking her over with job offers and is, to say the least, very surprised that she hasn’t received a single one."

September 24, 2011

Rose Pencil Drawing

Homework for my Drawing 1 class. It's about 70% complete.

Still needs some work on the shading and shadows.

I think the shot glass came out pretty good.  I need to clean everything up a little. 

September 23, 2011

Kate Gosselin says anyone who works a real job is a loser and hates their kids.

Told you Kate isn't willing to work a real job.... I HOPE that NO TV PRODUCER would ever put the 8 kids back on TV to SUPPORT their lazy ass mother.

Kate Gosselin, get a fucking job you fucking bum. You rather be unemployed and sit on your ass than to work a real job to support you 8 kids?

Nice logic there Kate.

Here is Kate's reply to Jon Gosselin that it's time for Kate to get a job instead of whoring around trying to be Hollywood.
"Well, it's a situation where Jon may be accepting of mediocre for his kids and working a regular job. I want the best for my kids and the best opportunities not unlike every parent. I think that to be a good parent is to work as hard as you can and give them the best opportunities in life, and this has provided that.

I think at this point, the best opportunity for all of us would be me continuing on TV as a way to provide for my kids. Something that’s exciting and challenging for me has been TV, and I wouldn’t be opposed to it.”

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

September 22, 2011

pHisoderm 5 Minute Blemish Mask

This product was actually a great product.  It simply worked.  Cleared up your complexion, zaps pimples away and gives your skin a nice glow instantly after use.  And you only have to leave this mask on for only 5 minutes!

I was disappointed to see that it was discontinued and after doing some research, several other people were feeling the same.  A lot of the newer pHisoderm products don't work for me.

However, after doing some research, I came upon a site that listed the ingredients and rated the warnings levels of the ingredients from a 1-10.  After seeing the ratings, I AM NO LONGER SURPRISED that this product was discontinued.

This product contains ingredients that can lead to cancer, reproductive harm and  is simply just toxic for human use.   Hmmm.  Do you want clear skin and be dead?  Or do you want to be alive but suffer acne blemishes....

Read all about  it here.

September 20, 2011

Truer than fiction....

With Kate Gosselin having custody of the 8 kids, I wonder how they will turn out.....

Let's just be thankful that the nannies are the one caring for the kids.... And Kate has little to zero relationship with her kids now that the cameras are gone.

She can spend the rest of her time on her website selling red paint as " Organic beauty product".

And her stupid fans are none the wiser. "Hi Kate, I love your beauty products. It really works!" - Dumb sheeple

September 18, 2011

Decoding Kate Plus My 8 Logo

Ok, there are two websites going around.  I'm not exactly sure which one is the 'real one' but on Kate's twitter account, she has it listed as

Now, lets take a look at her website logo.  See anything interesting?  Let me break it down for you.

We all know Kate abuses her kids.  Now she has a logo depicting it to the whole world.  The above logos dipcits Kate Gosselin, kicking her baby in the ribs.  "How dare you cry for milk!"  It's mine, all mines.

September 16, 2011

What we all have been saying all along

Yes, Kate Gosselin is delusional. She finds it laughable that her income are being reported.  She's worried about money, but doesn't want to work a regular job.  So she would rather be unemployed and bash Jon Gosselin once again.

Kate Gosselin: Living in a Dream World?

Kate Gosselin was blindsided when TLC canceled her show, "Kate Plus 8" earlier this summer. The last show of the series ended Monday night.

Gosselin made millions during her reality run on TLC with book deals, talk show appearances, photo shoots and a laughable stint on "Dancing With the Stars." Now it looks the mother of eight is looking at a life without the spotlight she so clearly covets.

"There is sadness, because it's the end of an era," Gosselin told NBC's "Today Show" earlier this week. "I feel sad for my kids because of all of the opportunities that they're now questioning what's gonna happen."

September 15, 2011

Excellent Ron Paul Ad

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." ~ Mahatma Gandhi
Ron Paul 2012

September 14, 2011

Panic over Children's drawing

What are they afraid of? The truth. Interesting how these groups are allowed to have a Holocaust Museum and a few books written about the Holocaust (and the majority of them have all found to be fiction). Including the Diary of Anne Frank. But these children's drawing of what is going on in Gaza is CENSORED in the US.

Shows just really who controls America. Not us..

All the BS aside, the children of Gaza are extremely talented. It's no wonder music, art and culture are being banned in Gaza by the evil Zionists. I'm surprised they (Zionists) didn't steal these artwork and claim they drew it themselves. Politics aside, these are some amazing work.

However, the sadness, torture, and current way of life the Palestinians are facing is just sad. It's 2011, and Nation Building, Occupation, War Crime and Ethnic Cleansing should be over with. Shame on Israel and America.

See the children’s drawings that terrified the San Francisco Jewish Community Relations Council and the Jewish Federation of the East Bay

A California museum has cancelled an exhibit of art by Palestinian kids in Gaza, reportedly after pressure from pro-Israel groups in the Bay Area. The Museum of Children’s Art in Oakland had been working for months with the Middle East Children’s Alliance on the project, “A Child’s View of Gaza,” set to open in two weeks. Does it really need to be said: Kids shouldn’t have to pay for the appalling cruelty and stupidity of adults. Look at this art.

September 12, 2011

Obama is an anti-semite

Obama administration confirms it would veto Palestinian statehood at the U.N.

The State Department confirmed today that, if the Palestinian drive for full recognition at the United Nations reaches the Security Council, the United States will veto it.

The clear statement on U.S. plans for a potential Security Council showdown comes one day after President Barack Obama's nominee for undersecretary of state, Wendy Sherman, got out ahead of the administration and told a Senate committee that the United States was planning to use its veto power.

"The United States is very resolved to a veto threat in the Security Council. What we are very resolved about as well is urging the parties to enter into direct negotiations again," Sherman testified, in remarks first reported by The Cable.

The State Department press corps pressed spokeswoman Victoria Nuland about Sherman's remarks at Thursday's briefing.

"We've seen the press furor around this. Frankly, it was surprising to us. It should not come as a shock to anyone in this room that the U.S. opposes a move in New York by the Palestinians to try to establish a state that can only be achieved through negotiations," said Nuland. "So, yes, if something comes to a vote in the U.N. Security Council, the U.S. will veto."

September 9, 2011

Kate cries to the press about MONEY and then buys a new Audi TT!

LOL! I feel sorry for the poor saps that donated Kate and her kids a new iPad after hearing the show was "cancelled".

These idiots think Kate is in need of help and what does Kate do? Slap them all in the face by buying a Brand New Car. A Twin Turbo car... Because Kate loves to speed with her 4+ speeding tickets in less than a year.

I wonder how many of her 8 kids would fit in that car? Was this stupid twat thinking about her kids when she purchased this car?

Source: inquisitir

Well, if yesterday’s post about Kate Gosselin’s fears for her brood’s future got you all up in arms, it appears the worries may have been premature.
Kate had tearfully told press that she was terrified that her family would be thrust into poverty following the cancellation of her show Kate Plus 8, and indicated that a return to her former career was not feasible to support her massive collection of children- further insinuating that she cares for the clan of eight largely without help. She said:
 “I’ve never quit a job in my life without having something else lined up. I don’t know what’s next… The scary reality is, 12-hour nursing shifts every day wouldn’t let me continue to provide well for eight kids essentially on my own. When you think about it that way, it gets really scary.”

September 8, 2011

How the Government planned a "terrorist attack" to provoke War

As the anniversary of 9/11 nears, the media is pushing really hard with their propaganda. Repeating the words "terrorist attack", and then feeding us videos and pictures of Middle Eastern men.

Basically, brainwashing Americans and making sure we know who to blame if and when something happens on 9/11.

It's great to know that the majority of Americans are not falling of this BS. Remember, HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF.

U.S. Military Wanted to Provoke War With Cuba

In the early 1960s, America's top military leaders reportedly drafted plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create public support for a war against Cuba.

Code named Operation Northwoods, the plans reportedly included the possible assassination of Cuban émigrés, sinking boats of Cuban refugees on the high seas, hijacking planes, blowing up a U.S. ship, and even orchestrating violent terrorism in U.S. cities.

September 7, 2011

Ron Paul fires up the crowd....

But according to Fox news, Ron Paul supporters Don't Exists! They're just a bunch of fake online users hacking the polls and making it look like he has REAL SUPPORTERS....

Destroying the Postal Service - another Manufactured Crisis

Republicans want to privatize the US Postal Service. A couple of Republican politicians (sponsored by UPS) are pushing for a new bill that would bankrupt the US Postal service.

September 5, 2011

Still blaming everything on Jon?

Let's look at the facts:

1) Kate decided to ban her parents from ever seeing the kids.
- After their church donated a new van, tons of clothes and cribs. Evil bitch decided the no name clothes were not good enough and demanded money.  The cribs did not match and those were returned.  The van was not the color Kate wanted so she SOLD the van to purchase the Mercedes bus.

2) Beth Carson was out of the picture AFTER she wrote the best selling book, "Multiple Blessings". 
- During the ski trip to Utah, Beth and her daughter left from the TRIP EARLY and was never seen again.  No one knows why.  Jodi flew in at the very last minute to help.  Ashely? still watches the kids.

3) Kate then decided to ban Jodi and Kevin.
- Jodi and Kevin questioned if the show should continue and they too were banned from the kids lives.  They did have a chance to reunite after Kate divorce Jon Gosselin.

4) She then divorced Jon after TLC told Kate that she could have her own show and pretend to be a "single parent".
Jon put a halt to the show and TLC replied with renaming the show and Kate officially divorce from Jon Gosselin at the very same time. 

5) Kate BFF who came out of no where, Jamie Ayers is threatening to fly back home or already has done so.
- Not exactly sure how they met or became BFF, but I suspect the both of them to be fame whores.

6) Long time Nanny, Ashley (Beth's daughter?) quits on Kate
- Not sure if she is a on and off nanny, but she too quits on Kate.

This is just a FEW example of the people who cannot stand Kate. And the funny thing is, they do all the can to help the kids, but it is KATE that pushes them away.  And half of the people involves Kate banning them or firing them.

See a pattern here?  We have Kate Gosslin pointing fingers and throwing temper-tantrums, blaming EVERYONE around here.  When the REAL issue is not the people around her, BUT KATE HERSELF.

Also note that Kate doesn't try to FIX the problem. She doesn't try to talk things out. When things doesn't go her way, then it's the HIGHWAY.

Communications is what separate humans from animals. The ability for humans to talk things out, to try solve any problems that arises is something Kate Gosselin isn't capable of. All the while, her stupid fans cheer and worship her like a bunch of brainless sheeps.

Stop pointing fingers and look in the mirror.  The problem is YOU Kate.  Please get help ASAP.  Not only for your kids, but for YOU.  You narcissistic cunt.  Help you kids by helping yourself. 

August 30, 2011

'Hurricane was message from God to Washington politicians':

'Hurricane was message from God to Washington politicians': Michele Bachmann says He is angry with government policies

Michele Bachmann has claimed that Hurricane Irene and last week's earthquake in the eastern United States were messages from God to lawmakers in Washington.

The Republican presidential candidate used the hurricane, which has killed at least 32 people and caused billions of pounds of damage, and the 5.8 earthquake, as signs of God's anger at government policies.

Speaking on Saturday, just as Irene was beginning its raking course up the East Coast, Mrs Bachmann told senior citizens in Poinciana, Florida: 'Washington, DC, you'd think by now they'd get the message. An earthquake, a hurricane. Are you listening?'

August 28, 2011

Libya Truth - What our Governemnt doesn't want you to know...

I watched this video and was shocked by what it claims in how amazing Libya is/was and how Gaddahfi treated his people. I didn't believe that everyone had free electricity, free great medical care, interest free loans, govt. paid 50% for purchase of a car, govt gave newly married couples $50,000 to buy a house, the lists goes on and on in how well the Libyan people have/had it.

The problem was Libya had an independent state bank, not part of BIS (Rothschild's banks) and wanted to switch trading oil from dollars to gold.

August 23, 2011

Kate's 1.3 million McMansion now worth only 219k

(click image to enlarge)

How is this possible?  Only 219k?  I don't think Kate will be selling this house any time soon.

Reportedly, someone has made an offer of 250k for the property.  I don't think there is any way in hell anyone well let this property go for 250k.

Of course, Kate Gosselin being the drama queen she is, will be asking for donations just like her sister.  I find it strange that when Jon tried to put a stop to the show, Kate Gosselin threw a hissyfit.

But when TLC cancels the show, Kate goes away without a fight.  No crying on TV and bashing TLC.  No crocolidles tears about how the kids are "wailing" because Jon took away the Camera crew and their best friends.

Interesting how Kate Goseslin was quick to bash Jon Gosselin, the father of her 8 kids, when he was doing everything in the kids best interests. 

August 21, 2011

Rick Perry Exposed

Another Republican preaching "family values" has once again been exposed for their hypocrisy.
Rick Perry accused of hypocrisy as he comes under fire for investment in America's largest pornography distributor

Leading Republican contender and prominent Christian candidate Rick Perry has been accused of hypocrisy after it was revealed that he invested thousands of dollars in the country's largest pornography distributor.
Just a week after he launched his presidential campaign, the Texas governor has come under fire for his investment in Movie Gallery, a company that rented pornographic movies.
In 1995, while serving as Texas' agriculture commissioner, financial disclosures reveal that Mr Perry bought between $5,000 and $10,000 worth of the company's stock.

Read more:

August 18, 2011

Michele Bachmann: If We Don’t Completely Support Israel, God Will Curse Us

We all know who these puppets have to please to gain any lead in American Politics!

At a Republican Jewish Coalition event in Los Angeles last week, Rep. Michele Bachmann offered a candid view of her positions on Israel: Support for Israel is handed down by God and if the United States pulls back its support, America will cease to exist.


I am convinced in my heart and in my mind that if the United States fails to stand with Israel, that is the end of the United States . . . [W]e have to show that we are inextricably entwined, that as a nation we have been blessed because of our relationship with Israel, and if we reject Israel, then there is a curse that comes into play. And my husband and I are both Christians, and we believe very strongly the verse from Genesis [Genesis 12:3], we believe very strongly that nations also receive blessings as they bless Israel. It is a strong and beautiful principle.

Right now in my own private Bible time, I am working through Isaiah . . . and there is continually a coming back to what God gave to Israel initially, which was the Torah and the Ten Commandments, and I have a wonderful quote from John Adams that if you will indulge me [while I find it] . . . [from his February 16, 1809 letter to François Adriaan van der Kemp]:

August 16, 2011

Kate cannot go back to being a nurse...

And I'll tell you why.

1) She's been out of a job for how long?
- 4+ years?  She has no relevant work experience and would need to go back to school to receive some type retraining to get her back up-to-date.  And since school is hard.  I doubt she'll go back.  Kate of course, being a narcissistic cunt will believe she knows everything and doesn't need training. 

2) Her crazy fans
- The hospitals are busy as is.  They don't need crazy fans packing up the parking lot waiting for Kate to show up and leave.  And if they're going to stand there and wait for their idol, maybe the should check themselves in for a psychological evaluation.

3) She incapable of showing affection
- She's evil.  No one in their 'right' mind would allow Kate to handle their kids.  No one.  The Sheeple of course would be an exception to the rule.
- How wants a nurse that talks about herself and how long she was in bed-rest for instead of doing her job?  Would you want Kate to draw your blood and then scream and laugh right at your face? (Remember when he pulled the staples out of Jon's head).  That's not something I would want to go though.

4) It's too hard.
- When things gets too hard, what does Kate do?  She quits.  She would rather drag her kid to L.A. and try to get them a few gigs in Hollywood.  Wasn't Kate thinking about moving to L.A.?
- Kate has 2 nannies providing all the "motherly" care  Kate is suppose.  A few have quit but she'll hire more.

5) Kate herself said so! (click here to read article)
Kate maintains she must continue to live in the public eye because, "At this point, I can't go back," she said. "Let's face it — being a nurse, a single mom of eight kids, I would not be able to provide for them in any way shape or form." 
 - Straight from the horses mouth.  She can never go back.  She's to famous to work a real job.  She believes she is "better" than that.  I mean, Kate's lazy.  And we all know what she's thinking,  "Why work when I have 8 kids that will take care of me".

August 15, 2011

Kate Plus 8 Finally Cancelled?

It's about time! Now get a job Kate you lazy bum. Waiting to hear you cry and blame Jon again.

I also see that Kate is "claiming" the kids are going to cry when they hear the news. Sorry, but the only one crying about this is you Kate.

Hopefully this is the end of it. Let's hope that this isn't a trick. Will Twist of Kate continue after the cancellation of Twist of Kate? Will the kids make "special" appearances on Twist of Kate?

Why isn't Kate crying about this now? She has to work right? And serve her kids with a Golden platter.

Kate Gosselin's TV Show, Kate Plus 8, Gets Canceled

Kate Gosselin's days as a reality star are done for now.

TLC – the network that gave viewers a firsthand glimpse of Kate's tumultuous and highly publicized split from ex-husband Jon Gosselin while they continued to raise their eight children – will no longer follow the 36-year-old and her brood with cameras.

"TLC has decided not to renew another season of Kate Plus 8," a network rep told PEOPLE in a statement. "By the end of this season Kate Plus 8 will have hit the 150 episode mark (including Jon & Kate Plus 8); an exceptional milestone. TLC hopes to check in with Kate and the family periodically with specials in the future."
– Dahvi Shira

Source: People

Google trends tells the Truth - Ron Paul vs Michele Bachmann

The media is hyping up Bachmann even though she has no real supporters. No one has a clue to who she is. She's just another right wing puppet that supports Israel over America.

The media is trying pretty hard to Censor Ron Paul. He is rarely ever mentioned by the media. Fox even banned him from the Republican Debate back in 2008.

Below shows you just how much people are interested in Ron Paul. Every single (untainted) polls have Ron Paul in the lead. So much that every single one of them are taken down.

Bachmann 1.00 Paul 9.00

Google Trends - Ron Paul vs Bachmann

Here is another example of the media doing what they do best. Notice how every other candidates have their names in bold besides Ron Paul. hmmm

Source: MSNBC

August 12, 2011

Most Hated Person in America Poll – The Top 10 List

Why is Jon Gosselin in the list? Jon Gosselin has been irreverent for about 2 years. He hasn't been in he spotlight for a long time and is living a normal life, working a job and being there for his kids.

Unlike Kate Gosselin who manages to find the time to attack Jon Gosselin every chance she gets. Are the sheeple that dense? Why the hell are the still carrying a grudge against Jon Gosselin?

Jon Gosseln has moved on. Kate and her stupid minions are still crying about Jon?
I guess this is true. Kate and her loser followers love Drama. Kate the attention whore and her followers who obviously don't have a life of their own and are living vicariously through Kate.

I can understand why People do not like Kate. Nothing has changed about her. She's still the same useless person she has always been. Still has 2 nannies caring for her kids while she plays "Mother" on TV. If that's your description of a "good mother", then I feel sorry for your kids.

And judging by the list, America is fucked. There are a few people who aren't on the list that needs to be. Most of them are politicians that are running this country to the ground. Robbing the middle class blind.

According to the poll released on Wednesday by E-Poll Market Research, here are the Top 10 Most Hated People in America:

1. Casey Anthony – the Florida woman who was found not guilty recently of murdering her two year-old daughter.
2. Spencer Spratt – former “The Hills” star.
3. Nadya Suleman – the unemployed single California woman who gave birth to octuplets in 2009 despite already having six children.
4. O.J. Simpson — who was acquitted in 1995 of murdering his ex-wife and a friend in 1994.
5. Jon Gosselin – a reality-TV star famous for his eight kids and a public divorce from his ex-wife Kate Gosselin.
6. Kate Gosselin – Ex-wife of Jon Gosselin.
7. Levi Johnston — the former fiance of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol.
8. Paris Hilton – Hotel chain heiress, socialite and actress. Star of the reality show “The World According to Paris.”
9. Heidi Fleiss – Former Hollywood madam, and also a columnist and television personality.
10. Howard Stern – Radio shock jock.


August 11, 2011

Personalized Save the Date Postage Stamps

Looking for custom save the date postage stamps? Check these out!

Save the Date Wedding Postage

Save the Date Postage for all occasions
- Add your own dates

August 10, 2011

US asks China to explain why it needs aircraft carrier

So the United States which spends trillions in it's defense, more than any other country combined wants to know why China is building it's military.

I think the answer is obvious. Look at the countries don't don't have an actual military. Look what we did to Iraq, Afghanistan, Hawaii, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Cambodia, and hundreds of other countries currently occupied by the US military.

The real question should be, why are we spending trillions occupying other nations, while our own citizen sleep on the street. And a good number of them are War Veterans. So much for "Supporting our troops".

US asks China to explain why it needs aircraft carrier

China's stealth fighter jet, the J-20
© AFP/KANWA NEWS/File Kanwa News

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The United States said Wednesday it would like China to explain why it needs an aircraft carrier amid broader US concerns about Beijing's lack of transparency over its military aims.

"We would welcome any kind of explanation that China would like to give for needing this kind of equipment," State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told reporters when asked whether the carrier would raise regional tensions.

"This is part of our larger concern that China is not as transparent as other countries. It's not as transparent as the United States about its military acquisitions, about its military budget," she said.

"And we'd like to have the kind of open, transparent relationship in military-to-military affairs," Nuland said.

"In our military-to-military relations with many countries around the world, we have the kind of bilateral dialogue where we can get quite specific about the equipment that we have and its intended purposes and its intended movements," she said.

But China and the United States are "not at that level of transparency" to which the two nations aspire, Nuland added.

See entire article:

Amazon Sucks! - Amazon has officially lost my business

First they closed my affiliates account because I resided in CA and Amazon refuses to pay taxes.

Then they closed my seller's account because supposedly, the have evidence that my account was linked to another account which was closed do to reasons they don't want to get into details.

I'm not sure what the reason is but I did have one sale that I was about 2 weeks late on because I forgot to check my email and didn't realize I had sold an item.

Once I saw that email, I shipped the items that very same day and sent the buyer an email apologizing. Since she didn't cancel the order and has since received the item, I'm not sure why Amazon is all bent out of shape.

They are withholding my funds, both from my affiliates and sellers account and I'm not worried about it. The amount is a whopping $25!

But since Amazon is being such a whiny bitch, I decided take my business elsewhere. I spend a good amount of money at Amazon (several hundred a month) and they just lost a customer over $25. They can keep it.

I'll take my business elsewhere. I was looking to purchase an unlocked phone and Amazon was my 1st choice. But after this incident, I'll take my business elsewhere. Amazon isn't the only place selling unlocked phones!

And this wasn't the first time I had issues. I also ran into problem with their other store Long story short, my CC company decided in my favor.