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Exposing the lies and seeking truth doesn't = Hate. This is not a Kate Hate Site. A 'Kate Hate Site" wouldn't have "Shame on Kate AND Shame on Jon" in the reaction box.

Just a place where bloggers and commenters can share an open discussion on all things related to the Gosselins.

This blog was created to expose the spins and lies shared by the media and by several individuals who continue to spread filth and garbage for their own self-interests.

This blog will expose those who continue to spread lies as "truth" and those who base their beliefs and support for one individual based on those lies.
Pursuing Truth, Exposing Lies and Informing the Sheeple

August 31, 2010

Jon Gosselin Gets Kudos From His Kids For Being Their Favorite Parent

Kate brought the camera crew back, Kate takes them to nice trips, buys them expensive toys, Kate has the bigger house and does everything (oh so she says) for her kids. Even after all that, the kids still prefer to spend time with Jon. LOL, what a bitch slap her her ugly botoxed, orange colored mug.

Maybe, the kids don't care about those trips and the camera crew? Maybe, just maybe, all they want is your attention and some quality time with you? Think about that Katie Irene. Next time you look at the camera to blow a kiss. Maybe you should be a home reading to your kids and spending quality time with time.

Instead of letting the nannies care for them while you prance around the 'lime light' pretending to be Mother of the year. The kids are only kids for so long. Cherish the moments.

The collections of photos don't lie.
Jon Gosselin Gets Kudos From His Kids For Being Their Favorite Parent
Source: TimesoftheInternet

Jon Gosselin is quickly becoming the favorite parent of his eight children. 9 year old twins, Mady and Cara and 6 year old sextuplets, Alexis, Aaden, Collin, Leah, Hannah and Joel, while their 35 year old mother, Kate Gosselin, continues to look for work and other money making schemes.

An insider told National Enquirer, "To the kids, Kate is not 'mom.' She's the 'boss' and they're more like employees of 'Kate Inc.'"

The fact that Jon has moved on in his personal life and has shacked up with his live-in girlfriend is another reason for the children to prefer time with their father.

The source continued, "Both Jon and Ellen give the kids a lot of one on one attention. They also allow the kids to let loose and be kids. The children get so much positive attention and affection from Ellen that they've even called her 'Mom.'"

Kate Gosselin recently starred on DWTS and continues to chronicle her life raising 8 children on TLC's reality show, Kate Plus Eight.

Copyright 2007-2010 by Times of the Internet. All Rights Reserved.

Will Quints by Surprise surpass Kate Plus 8 in ratings?

Both Kate Plus 8 and 'Quints by Surprise' will air next week on Monday. Wonder which show will tank 1st? My guess is the one show which includes a woman everyone is sick of. And her shrieking doesn't help.

Also in the news, Twist of Kate is set to make a November Appearance. So much for "Kate Plus 8" being a summer special. Looks like Kate Plus 8 will air until the Fall. Remember when Kate Plus 8 was only suppose to be a "July" special with Twist of Kate airing in August? What happened? Getting pushed back further and further.

Another show in TLC's future is 'Sextuplets take New York'. A show chronicling the life of a Latino family which will air Sept. 14.

Eventually, ending Kate's contract sometime in December when ratings take a dive. That would be my guess.

Maybe no one will tune in next week and both show tanks! (Just like the "Kate special" that aired a few weeks ago on Wednesday). No one watched it. haha

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Photoshop book cover. Please ignore my poor grammar. I'll fix it later.

Flat as a board before. Ridiculously huge after.

"If Kate can lie about something this obvious....."

August 30, 2010

Jon Gosselin interview with Rabbi Shmuley

As much as I don't like this fraud 'Rabbi Shmuley' this is decent interview with Jon Gosselin regarding "fame, family, TLC, work and a new book".

This is a 21 minute interview they did together last night. (8/29/10). Audio was cut to 20 minutes. Pretty decent interview. Notice how Jon is able to carry a normal conversation. No out of place "historical laughing, no bashing Kate, and best of all, no shrieking".

Part 1.

Part 2.

If audio is low, click on the full screen button and adjust the audio.

Jamie Ayers appears on Kate Plus 8 as promised.

Flashback: Some info on Jamie Ayers - Orginally posted on 6/3/10.

In Touch (November 2) has an article on Katie Irene and Jamie Cole Ayers detailing how close they've become since Kate dumped Jon last year.

InTouch scan credit: Preesi

Summary from the article:
Jamie met Kate 8 years ago at a church reading in PA. Also a mother of twins. Currently resides in Michigan where she is originally from.

Husband Mark Ayers filed for divorce from Jamie last summer (July 08). The divorce was finalized this August.

Since her divorce Jamie has been flying to PA frequently and staying with Kate who trusts her so much, she allows Jamie to babysit and discipline the kids.

Kate doesn't have many friends and is urging Jamie to move to PA. She has even offered to help finance her relocation and offered her a recurring role on Kate Plus Eight so she'll have a means of support.

Through an associate, reportedly the two are close enough to hold hands and take naps together but it's a platonic love.
Who is Jamie Ayers? She was married to Mark Ayers. Has a twin daughter and a son. Was living in Michigan. Did Katie Irene offer Jamie Ayers a place to live in the McMansion? Is Jamie Ayers getting paid to appear on the new show? Are they bed buddies? They both look very Masculine.

August 26, 2010

Helicopters flying extremely close late at night...

Anyone else have this problem? At least twice a week, I am awaken at 4am in the morning from a loud rumbling/vibration noise caused by a police or military helicopter flying around the neighborhood. And it sounds like they are just hovering over the house just a few feet away.

Speaking of waking up at 4am in the morning. Regarding Kate waking up early to "work-out" in the basement. Here is an old video of Kate and her personal helper, trainer, secret lover? Jamie Ayers. (Click name for more info on her).

Flashback! Katie Irene and Jamie Ayers. A little too close for comfort? 40 year olds snuggling together and posting their photos on Facebook.

Steve use to spend the night at the Gosselins!

Until TLC kicked him out after Jon got suspicious. Steve than cried like a lil bitch and got his job back. Under the condition that he doesn't make it look too obvious. Jon was then forced to "suck it up" and live with the "reality".

Kate and Steve were so close, that he started to spend the nights in the Basement! And Kate Gosselin, who usually sleeps in late leaving Jon to wake up early to feed and dress the kids, uncharacteristically started to wake up early to "work out" early morning in the basement.
(Remember Jaime Cole Ayers? She was Kate's personal trainer)... Now you know what was waiting for her in the basement.

Click image to zoom in and read.

See the entire magazine scan here: Preesi

Remember, Kate left Jon on October 2008. Jon did not cheat on Kate. Kate left him! Kate even admitted in "Kate - Her Story" which aired November 2009. The sheeple somehow can't seem to remember this part. Selective memory?

FLASHBACK! Jon tells Larry King that Kate left him on Oct 2008. Months later, Kate in her TLC special "Kate - Her story" confirms it!

Jon was not seen with any other woman until early 2009. (For those who suck at reasoning, 2009 is later than 2008).

August 20, 2010

The kids looked very happy to spend a day with Jon.

Katie left the van running and took off. What a freaking idiot. Looks like Jon is still banned from entering the compound. For two "grown-ups", they are sure acting like complete fools.

We all know they won't get back together, but at least act like civilized adults in front of your own children.

L&S Magazine Scans

Kate robbing her kids of their summer vacations, while Jon allows them to enjoy their summer.

L&S Magazine Scan Credit: Preesi

August 18, 2010

Kate once said......

Just a small sample of Kate lies and "exaggerations". A typical Narcissistic behavior. "I would be running around the park with my kid but its 900 million degrees outside". Jon and Kate - Episode: Farm to Table.

1) "that long hair gives her migraines."
- Really Kate?

2) "she's afraid of heights."
- Really Kate? Or was that just an excuse for you to not spend time with your kids? You also claim to "hate snow" and cold weather, yet you were seen with Ted in NY in 40 degree weather in a skimpy outfit freezing your ass off. LOL

3) "she's doing this for her kids".
- Really Kate? Why are your kids still working? What have YOU ever done for them? Besides pimp them in your book. (Eight little faces).

4) "Jon took over 100k from their joint account".
- Really Kate? Because months after the divorce, you yourself STOLE 100k and was forced to return half of that to Jon. And yes, Jon did take the money under the advice of that idiot Lawyer of his. Except, he return the full amount. Unlike Kate, who pocketed the 50k she took. (boob job?).

Kate also took an additional 33k which was unaccounted for. The courts excused Kate of the 33k as Kate claimed the money used to pay off her monthly expense. (Nannies and cooks, botox and laser treatments). Because she does everything herself.

5) "that organic milk was expensive".
- Really Kate? That $300 boot you're wearing isn't? Kate has her priorities. Ugly, expensive shoes > Milk for her kids.

6) "the kids love being filmed".
- Do they really? Or, do YOU love being filmed. Why does Colin cover his face whenever a Pap "films" him?

7) "I bagged 20 to 25 bags of groceries (and, yes, I do bag ALL of my own groceries!), ".
- Really Kate? Looks like 4 bags to me. At most, I've seen about 6-8 bags.

And below, she's using a Grocery Basket. Can anyone show proof that she loads at least 20 bags of groceries? All the pap photos prove that Kate over exaggerate. She's checking out some cupcakes. Wonder if they're organic?

8) "Nothing is staged, it's the most realest reality show."
- Really Kate? Leah clapboard And lets not forget the earpeice clip.

9) "It was Jon that took the dogs away."
- Really Kate? Video clip of YOU saying otherwise.

10) "they're real"
- Really Kate? Photo collage proving otherwise.. Remember a few years ago she was BEGGING Dr. Glassman for a free boob job. She can't keep track of her lies.

Flat as a board before. Ridiculously huge after.

11) Kate on Jay Leno claimed a typical breakfast consists of "3 dozen eggs (36 count), 1-2 packs of bacon, and an entire loaf of toast. (I think she meant bread)."
- Really Kate? Every time you feed them lunch, all I see is a cup of fruit, half a P&J sandwich and a carton of Juicy Juice. But for breakfast, they each have 4 eggs, 2 strips of bacon, and 2 slices of toast? I don't think I can eat that much. But your lil 6yo can?

The SAME kids that didn't have dinner because they drank too much milk earlier that afternoon and were full.

12) In her latest flop, (I just want you to know), she claimed, "we go though 4 boxes of cereal or 2 dozen eggs for breakfast everyday." Pg. 15, 1st paragraph. (see it here).
- Really Kate? 4 boxes of cereal a day? 2 dozen eggs? I thought it was 3? Can't keep up with your lies can you? She also claims she purchase loaves of bread by the flat. Right... She also makes the claim that her families eats more eggs and cereal than any other family. I guess she hasn't heard about the Duggars?

Lets see, cereal and eggs for breakfast, P&J sandwich for lunch and an all egg dinner. NO WONDER YOUR COOK BOOK FLOPPED...

13) Kate once said...

Little long-haired Hannah Joy
‘Til 30 shall not date a boy
She'll grow up to study and be very smart
But until she's 30 from boys she will dart...
You know, something like that ...
~Kate .
- Really Kate? Til 30?
til 7 shall they graduate Kindergarten.
til 20 shall they graduate HS
til 30 shall they receive paychecks that Kate is holding onto.
til 40 shall they leave the house. (If Katie doesn't hand them over to Jon when they're no longer marketable).
til a life time shall they support Mommy dearest and Daddy dearest.

14) We use 1,200 to 1,300 paper plates every 3 months.(Jon & Kate Plus 8 S1E7 Pancakes and Potties )
- Really Kate? So much for being green.
Feel free to add to the list.

August 16, 2010

Find Steve's Ring...

Wonder if Steve's ring is made by the same company that makes Kate's wonder bra?

Find Steve's ring

August 12, 2010

Katie Irene and Steve caught Kissing

Bump! Back tthe top. Originally posted on 6/5/10

And Mady saw everything! Katie Irene you freak. Kissing Steve and now she's holding hands and sharing beds with Jamie Ayers. Not sure what Steve was thinking. He can do a lot better than Kate. I guess he has to make money somehow.


More scans available here: Preesi

Kate and Steve caught touching legs?

"I took a couple pictures with my phone and ended up catching Steve's attention. He jogged over to my beach chair and asked in a stern British accent, "Would you mind not taking pictures of the children?" I didn't point out I was more interested in snapping him and Kate touching legs.".
Source: huffingtonpost

August 10, 2010

Sheeple Magazines

Just a collection of Sheeple Magazine covers. I am missing a few issues. I'll look for the rest later. Thanks for looking!

Issue 11 | Issue 10 | Issue 9 | Issue 8 | Issue 7 | Issue 6 | Issue 5 | Issue 4 | Issue 3 | Issue 2 | Issue 1

Sheeple Mag - Issue 11

Issue 11 is just a spoof off of People's Photoshopped Bikini Kate.

Sheeple Mag - Issue 10

This is what Kate really looks like. Notice the tree trunk body and the horrible cellulite.

Sheeple Mag - Issue 9

Kate's photoshopped abs. Compare this to People's latest cover. WTF happened to Kate's six pack in the People's cover?

Sheeple Mag - Issue 8

Yeah, Kate and Jamie sitting on a tree.

Sheeple Mag - Issue 7

Issue 7 is a bit creepy. Sorry!

Sheeple Mag - Issue 6

Jon is packing heat. Don't mess with him.

Sheeple Mag - Issue 5

Shopping cart Kate. Look at how she moves!

Sheeple Mag - Issue 4

Look at me. I'm famous.

Sheeple Mag - Issue 3

Jon spends time with Kids, and Mady celebrates Kate's departure. (She runs off to do her book signing). When Kate return, she shows up at the bus stop only to yell at the kids. After not seeing Kate for weeks, the kids didn't look like they missed her at all.

Sheeple Mag - Issue 2

Kate Gosslins hits little kids.

Sheeple Mag - Issue 1

The first issue that started it all. I think this is still the best one.

Issue 11 | Issue 10 | Issue 9 | Issue 8 | Issue 7 | Issue 6 | Issue 5 | Issue 4 | Issue 3 | Issue 2 | Issue 1

Israel at it again. Wiping out Palestine one family at a time.

Israel soldiers wiped out an entire family. They shot an old man, the head of the house, then the woman who ran in crying, and then they shot the children.

This is the life in Palestine. NEVER FORGET.

"By way of deception thou shalt do war". That's the Mossad's motto. Never believe any of the crap the Idiotic Defense Farce spits out to the media.

Who is wiping whom off the Map? The maps tells the full story.

August 6, 2010

Kate's camping trip with Palin only lasted 2 hours!

Poor pathetic Katie Irene. Couldn't handle a real camping trip with her family and Palin. Left after only 2 hours. No wonder her kids were MISERABLE. Kate promised them a nice camping trip but she only stayed long enough for TLC to record a few clips.

I guess is back to "Camping in the back yard". Where they sleep in the tent for "show" and when the cameras are off, Kate sneaks into her bed.


SARAH PALIN bit her lip as KATE GOSSELIN melted down on their camping trip after the Plus 8 mom was handed a bucket with a toilet seat on top.

Kate Gosselin's much-hyped Alaskan camping trip with Sarah Palin turned into a nightmare when the mega-mom suffered a diva-like meltdown - and stormed off despite Sarah's pleas.

The reality show star stayed at the campsite for just two hours of the planned two-day adventure - and left amid an avalanche of insults, complaints and tears, The ENQUIRER learned exclusively.

"It was a nightmare," revealed an insider.

Kate agreed to visit Alaska for her TLC show Kate Plus 8 - but it was clear from the time she hit the ground that she would not be a happy camper.

And then Kate Gosselin learned exactly what the word "wildnerness' meant!

August 3, 2010

How about them apples Kate? What is Kate staring at?

Flashback! From way back when. Kate was caught staring at Steve's apples. Twice!  I bet you want to take a bite out of his apples right Kate? No, she rather cop a feel on Tony's behind. Maybe not. Tony rides "coach" while Kate and Steve rides First Class. Mile High Club? You bet. 

Not only was Steve's wife there. But Mady was right next to her. Shame on you Kate.

Arrow Version

August 2, 2010

Lets compare. Trip to the local arcade vs trip to Alaska....

Jon takes his kids to a local arcade. Notice that they're a lot happier in PA than they were with Kate in Alaska.

In Alaska with Kate.

Just more indications that Kate is clueless on what the kids like to do. Or maybe, she just ignores what the kids like to do, and FORCES them to do what she wants. Kate doesn't listen. That's pretty obvious.

Interesting isn't it? Every pictures you see of the kids smiling are almost always when they are with Jon. Photos of the kids looking said, tired and popped out, are always when they're with Kate.

* More sad pics taken in Alaska.
* More Happy pics of the kids with Jon.

Music Video Dedicated to Kate Gosselin

jongosselin1 finds it hilarious.  Wonder how katie_gosselin feels about it.  

Just listen/read the lyrics. This guy knows his stuff! He has Kate all figured out.

@jongosselin1 Check this video out -- DWTS Kate Gosselin is a Bitch (A.P.T. Song) Dancing With The Stars about 6 hours ago via web

@SummerBabeOh10 Oh man!! That video is HILARIOUS!!!! Thank you so much for sharing! lol!!!!! about 6 hours ago via web in reply to SummerBabeOh10