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Exposing the lies and seeking truth doesn't = Hate. This is not a Kate Hate Site. A 'Kate Hate Site" wouldn't have "Shame on Kate AND Shame on Jon" in the reaction box.

Just a place where bloggers and commenters can share an open discussion on all things related to the Gosselins.

This blog was created to expose the spins and lies shared by the media and by several individuals who continue to spread filth and garbage for their own self-interests.

This blog will expose those who continue to spread lies as "truth" and those who base their beliefs and support for one individual based on those lies.
Pursuing Truth, Exposing Lies and Informing the Sheeple

November 29, 2010

The Gosselin Kids Do The Parent Swap

The kids return back home after spending a wonderful time with their loving father, Jon Gosselin. All 10, including Ellen (despite rumors of a breakup) spent some quality time together over at Jon 1 bedroom apartment a day after Thanksgiving. The crew were all spied upon leaving the apartment to return to the bat cave. Just a few month ago, an INF crew filmed Jon dropping the kids off, and all were crying for Jon not to leave them alone with their mother.

Kate Gosselin, as usual looked disappointed when the kids returned w/o a film crew. But Chris was there to document the exchange and Kate decided to step outside for a photo-op. Kate Plus 8 aired last night but no one watched. A slight increase in ratings is expected as sheeple all over decided to do a "lets turn on all our TV campaign" to try and beat the rating system. One woman, even purchased 4 portable TV's just to help increase the ratings for her favorite reality show.

We'll find out by tomorrow how well it worked. Anyone else looking forward to the day when TLC finally free the 8?
The Gosselin kids went back home after staying with their dad Jon and
his girlfriend Ellen Ross over the weekend. All ten of them stayed in
Jon’s one bedroom apartment. He packed up the kids, drove to Kate’s
house and then waited at the gate while she drove up in the van to take
the kids from there. It looks like Jon [del] isn’t even allowed to know
the code to the gate, as Kate punched in that number
Read more or see photos: infdaily

November 26, 2010

Army Demolishes A House In Yatta VIllage

The Palestine News and Information Center,WAFA, reported on Thursday that Israeli soldiers demolished a house of that belongs to two brothers identified as Iyad and Mohammad Al-Ummor, in the village of Yatta in the eastern part of the southern West Bank city of Hebron. Read more: 

That's one way to promote the peace process. How many Israeli homes has the Palestinians destroyed? Israel doesn't want peace. They want a "Jewish state" and they don't care who they run over during the process. Is there a Christian state? I Buddhist state? What is a Jewish state?

Imagine if THIS were to happened anywhere else.  The US media would be all over it.  But who controls the US media?  And now we know why the US media isn't covering this. 

November 24, 2010

Kate Gosselin exclusive Interview with ET..

What happened to keeping things private Kate Gosselin?  Oh yeah, ET decided to throw some $$$ and give you an exclusive interview so she now decides to throw her kids under the bus.  Maybe it was Kate Gosselin  who gave Hollybaby the inside info?  We already know that Kate is an attention whore.  Every time $$$ or a spot on television is given to Kate Gosselin, everything she say previously goes out the window and she jumps on a bus to pursue her dreams of being a celebrity.  And she doesn't care who she runs over to get there.Read more for video.
ET:  You plan on continuing doing episodes of Kate Plus 8?
Kate: Absolutely.  We have so much plan for Kate Plus 8. So many trips so many adventures.
ET: So no end in sight?
Kate: Goodness gracious no. My kids would fall apart.
(Your kids will fall apart? or YOU.... Kate once again, is a freaking idiot..)

November 23, 2010

Gosselin’s Kids — Expelled From School For Fighting!

Update: 11/22/2010 - "The kids were not expelled, they were asked to resign".... 
- Same difference!  In the end, they are not allowed to go back, meaning they're expelled!  Doesn't matter if they were asked to leave, asked to resign, suspended indefinitely or kicked out.  It's all the same.  They can't return and are now home-schooled.  If they weren't expelled, what are they doing at home for over a month? They're banned from the school. Plain and simple.

Update: 11/23/2010 - "Kate Gosselin blames the 'behavior problems' on the divorce"

- Really Kate?  So why didn't you take the kids to COUNSELING? This proves that it is Kate's fault.  SHE refused to take the kids to counseling and now they are suffering from Kate's lack of parenting skills. Jon wanted counseling for the entire family and Kate refused. A year went by and guess what, Jon was RIGHT to request counseling. Kate can keep on pointing fingers, but the real problem is KATE.

Kate Gosselin and her crazy followers are in denial.  They can make all the excuses they can but there is no hiding it. Kate Gosselin is a mentally unstable mother who only cares about herself, her show and her 'pursuit' to be a celebrity.  Her followers aren't that far behind.

Kate robbing her kids of their childhood, and now she's robbing them of their health, both physical and mental.  How can anyone support this?

November 22, 2010

Israel razes Bedouin village for seventh time

Wiping Palestine off the map. One town at a time. - Idiotic Defense Farce. And what will Obama do about it? Nothing!  Didn't Obama bribe Israel with 30 billions dollars to halt Israel illegal settlement building for 3 months? The inhumane actions about the Israelis just shows you what they think about America and the Tax Payers that support that illegal welfare State. Our tax money well spent.

Israeli government bulldozers raised the Bedouin town of Al-Arakib, in the Negev desert, for the seventh time in three months on Monday.

Local sources said Israeli police raided houses in the village, emptying them of residents' possessions, before demolishing the structures.

Full story:

November 18, 2010

Jon once again receives the worse end of the bargain.

Kate will have the kids on Thanksgiving and Jon will have them the day after?  How is that share custody?  A source close to the family reveals to jj that the kids will be enjoying week old 'samwiches' for Thanksgiving.  Kids are then forced to tell "mommy" thanks for the dinner. 

Jon & Kate Gosselin Bury The Hatchet For Thanksgiving, Will Share Custody Of Kids
Source: RadarOnline
They had one of the most bitter marriage breakups in reality television history but Jon and Kate Gosselin have called a truce for Thanksgiving, has learned exclusively.

The holiday season can get awfully tricky for divorced couples but when you have eight kids to consider plus millions of fans watching your every move, these arrangements can quickly become impossible. But Jon and Kate have agreed that she will have their kids on Thanksgiving while Jon and his girlfriend Ellen Ross will have them them on an alternate day.
A source told "Jon and Kate have comeup with an amicable arrangement for Thanksgiving.

November 17, 2010

Twist of Kate canceled?

Has the show been canceled? Who would want to take any motherly advice from a woman who can't cook and doesn't know how to be there for her kids? The only thing she does know how to do is blame other people.  If I read this story correctly, a "TLC rep" claims neither show is canceled.

Has Kate Gosselin’s Show ‘Twist of Kate’ Been Canceled?
Source: Hollywoodlife

Kate can’t keep the ratings up without Jon! What is she going to do?

Has Kate Gosselin lost her ratings mojo? ”Twist of Kate is canceled,” a source tells Life & Style magazine. “It’s no longer on the schedule because Kate can’t bring in the ratings.”

Despite Twist of Kate’s cancellation, TLC reps say, “Neither show has been canceled! (this statement makes no sense!) In fact, the next Kate Plus 8 special airs Nov. 28.” They didn’t mention Twist of Kate.\
L&S Magazine Scan Credit: Pressi

A sheeple's perspective....

Reading through the comments left by these imbeciles, I have come to realize that these people are actually looking at things from their perspective and not from a kids point of view.  They need to step out of their narcissistic point of view and imagine how it feels to be a kid. 

Kids don't care about fancy trips, a big house or how their mother looks in hooker heels.  It's actually the quality time they get to spend with each parents and NOT how much money you spend that makes them happy.

As a kid, I would rather eat a nice meal in a crowded apartment with family and friends, then a week old musty sandwich in an empty Mansion with an idiot of a mother hounding me because I'm sick of Peanut Butter and Jelly...  (Is that the only thing Kate knows how to prepare).

Source: Kate Gosselin Makes Kids Eat Week-Old Sandwiches

Kate has control issues.... No? This has nothing to do with being on a budget.

Waste not, want not!
Source: OMG.Yahoo

Budget-minded Kate Gosselin has no tolerance for the finicky eating habits of her eight kids. A source close to the single reality TV mom, 35, tells that Kate gets incensed when her children don't finish their packed lunches at school.

(Left) Look at Kate taking all the food to herself! LOL

November 12, 2010

More PROOF the kids hate Kate.

Bump! Back to the top. Originally posted on 8/3/10.

Remember how Kate claimed the kids cried because they missed the camera crew? Kate then attacked Jon because he took away what the kids loved so dearly.

Take a look at this video. Kids are pleading Jon not to leave them when he dropped them off with Kate. Did Jon attack Kate after this? Nope. Did he say "see, this is proof that don't want to live with Kate". Nope.

OK Magazine Scans - Kids to Jon: "Daddy Don't Go".

The kids pleading to Jon to not leave them with Kate. Meanwhile, the kids looks miserable with mommy of the year....

Click desired scans to zoom in and read.
Magazine Scan Credit: Preesi
"He'll probably never receive a "husband of the year award, but there's no doubt that Jon Gosselin is crazy bout his eight kids - and clearly they love their daddy too. On Aug. 3. the divorced former star of Jon & Kate Plus 8 returned to his ex-wife's rural Pennsylvania abode after taking the sextuplets to a local arcade (the twins had stayed home) - and a group tantrum broke out!"

November 11, 2010

Exposed! In her own words. She always wanted multiples....

Straight from the horses mouth!  Kate openly admits to "praying & hoping" for multiples when she was 1st pregnant with Cara and Mady.  Now you know why she was hospitalized for overactive ovaries in her 2nd attempt for "just one more".  Obviously 2 wasn't enough.  And "Just one more" wouldn't do.
"I never said it out loud, but when I was pregnant with you, I deeply hoped and prayed for two baby girls." ~ Katie Irene Gosselin
 Listen to the 1 minute audio clip below!

November 9, 2010

Mysterious Missile Launched in Southern California

All that money and the pentagoons are still clueless. Don't you feel SAFE?

Update: Fox News is reporting that the Pentagon does NOT know who fired the missile and therefore cannot deem the immediate area safe.

Last night a mysterious missile was fired of the coast of southern California. Right now we do not know who fired it or why. This is a very curious incident that could possibly be used as a staged event.

Video was taken from a KCBS chopper that showed a huge contrail which obviously indicates some sort of missile launch. If witnesses had not got this launch on video, the Pentagon may have denied that it happened all together.

November 7, 2010

This is why Kate is still on TLC, not because of blogs, but because of people watching.

Monday bump! Don't tune in!

"I swore I wouldn't watch, but I turned it on for just a few minutes--enough to see all the kids sprawled out on the boat, lying down, vomiting in buckets, having their puke thrown in the water, and saying "Mommy, I don't want to be in this boat, I want to get off," to which she replied, Nope, too late."

"I watched the fishing segment only because I was curious about the company that provided this trip, and because of the life jacket issue."

"I clicked on for just a second in the midst of watching my Cincinnati Reds beat the the Arizona Diamondbacks, just to see if the kids were wearing life jackets. They weren't."

"I haven't watched this mess since the divorce announcement, but I did this time, I had to see who it was sailing this ship of fools."

It's people who say they won't watch and want the show to end. Yet they still tune in. Even though some may claim that their 1 viewership won't affect ratings, just remember that there are probably thousands thinking the same thing.

If people really want the free the kids, they should just stop watching. Kate can have her OWN TV SHOW. I have no problems with that. But I won't be tuning in to any of the Kate "Plus 8" episodes.
1 minutes or 20 minutes, why bother?

From reading all the comments, they say they're disgusted and feel sorry for the kids. We already know that this was going to happen without even watching the show. People were already blogging about the previews.

Hopefully the ratings for this week will also drop to another low. But I'm guessing TLC is going to have a little ratings bump for this week.

Again, if you like the show, then by all means, watch it. But if you really want the show to end, try not to tune-in.

November 5, 2010

The Sumerian, what is now Modern day Iraq, first culture of civilization

1st to invent writing, language, time, calender, school, court, system of law and the Zodiac.... Why doesn't our school teach about these ancient civilization?

Read more about Sumeria here:

November 3, 2010

Kate Gosselin’s Daughter Gets Suspended From School For Fighting! Is Kate Causing This Bad Behavior?

Children tend to imitate their parents behavior. 5+ years of watching their mother abusing and bulling their father has probably led to this. Add to the fact that their mother believes she is entitled and a famous TV star doesn't help. Katie Gosselin, shame on you!

Maybe the kids were picked on because of the Kate Plus 8 episode where they threw up on themselves? On maybe it was the potty training episode? I thought students who attended "Private Schools" were well behaved? Well, we all know what a bitch Kate is... Jon was right all along.

Kate Gosselin’s Daughter Gets Suspended From School For Fighting! Is Kate Causing This Bad Behavior?

Source: HollyBaby
One of Kate Gosselin’s 6-year-old daughters was reportedly suspended from her elementary school for fighting. Experts tell that Kate’s attitude is adversely affecting her kids.
Kate Gosselin’s eight kids ( 6-year-old sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, Joel and 10-year-old twins Cara and Madelyn) are starting to act out! One of the sextuplets was reportedly kicked out of their Lancaster County Day School for two weeks! A source close to the family tells Us that the little girl was suspended from school for hitting a classmate. “Hitting another child is an aggressive act. It’s bullying! Schools are finally taking bullying very seriously,” says New York City-based psychologist Dr. Gilda Carle. And she thinks that Kate is to blame for this!

Penn & Teller Debunks the Ouija Board

3 parts. Click [read more] for video clips.

Do I believe in ghosts? Yes. Do I believe in the Ouija Board, EVP and Orbs? Nope. Here we have Penn and Teller debunking the Ouija board.

Basically he takes a group of people and have them play with the board. They all were shock and believes they really were talking to a spirit. Then, Penn and Teller flips it and have the group play with the Quija board blind folded. The end results was hilarious.

After all, if the spirits are talking through you, why would you need your eyes?

California Residents, it's time to VOTE!

It is time to vote. Get rid of the idiots running California. Those who voted for 'Arnold Schwarzenegger' GTFO here and move to Arizona. Need a quick intro to the different propositions? Confused to how the propositions are worded on the ballet? Read a much CLEARER interpretation here.

State of CA Govenor
1) Meg Whitman | 2) Jerry Brown
- Vote Jerry Brown. Meg Whitman's claim to fame was when she increased 'seller fees' on eBay and then pocketed millions before the company laid off thousands of employees. Do you really want a woman of this character to raise taxes, increase her pocketbook and cuts funds from education and other social programs? She claims she supports "tax cuts". What she doesn't tell is that she is supporting tax cut for the rich, and who ends up picking up the tab? We do.

I remember Arnold Schwarzenegger saying the same thing. Yet, a few years later, guess who is picking up the tabs? We are. How nice for large corporations to receive a tax break while we the working middle class end up picking up the tabs? How? Simple. Inflation and an increase in sales tax. Since govenor, Arnold manage to increase our sales tax from (here in the OC) from 7.75% to 9.75%. Reducing our purchasing power.

Prop 19 - Legalize Marijuana
- Vote Yes. Why should our jails be filled with people who were caught carrying marijuana? Also, our state can use the tax revenue generated from the sale of marijuana. Legalizing it may also prevent small crimes caused by the plant being "illegal". Why should we spend billions of dollar housing people in jail just for carrying or using marijuana?

Prop 21 - Establishes $18 Annual Vehicle License Surcharge
- Vote No. WTF? Why would anyone vote yes on this. Vote YES on Prop 24 to make up for it.

November 2, 2010

What are the Gosselins dressed as for Halloween?

Didn't Kate claim because of her religion, the family does not celebrate Halloween?

Not sure if the contents are "true" because it's coming from a Jon hating sheeple. Jon hasn't "bashed" Kate in months. Yet this idiot is spreading more lies about Jon "attacking" Kate.

Gosselins Trick or treating?
Source: AssociatedContent

- Cara Gosselin, is wearing a costume that she has designed herself. It will be very interesting and has a wig.
- Mady Gosselin, is dressing up as a "cute pirate" for Halloween.
- Aaden Gosselin, is trick or treating in a "swat team boy" costume for Halloween.
- Alexis Gosselin, is dressing up as Cleopatra. Wow, that is interesting for a six year old. What a cool costume.

November 1, 2010

It's voting season, time for more smear campaigns against China.

How about, instead of crying about it like a little 5 year old, how about we do something that actually works? Like bringing back the manufacturing jobs back to America and creating jobs?

Instead of getting jealous over the success of another country. Is that all we can do? Bitch and whine about everything? I guess that's easier than working hard and breaking a sweat. Of course it's China's fault that the economy is tanking.

And oh yeah, the Palestinians and their Olive trees. How dare they enjoy olives. We need to build illegal settlements in Palestine "God" promised us the land.