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Exposing the lies and seeking truth doesn't = Hate. This is not a Kate Hate Site. A 'Kate Hate Site" wouldn't have "Shame on Kate AND Shame on Jon" in the reaction box.

Just a place where bloggers and commenters can share an open discussion on all things related to the Gosselins.

This blog was created to expose the spins and lies shared by the media and by several individuals who continue to spread filth and garbage for their own self-interests.

This blog will expose those who continue to spread lies as "truth" and those who base their beliefs and support for one individual based on those lies.
Pursuing Truth, Exposing Lies and Informing the Sheeple

November 28, 2011

Warning! Redbubble steals your work and refuses to pay you!

update: 7/6/2012

Everything has been resolved. They are uptodate on all their payments, and all payments have been received exactly on schedule since the mess up. Thanks Redbubble!

Original Article below

Redbubble sucks!

DO NOT OPEN A REDBUBBLE ACCOUNT! If you are currently a Redbubble member, I would caution you to start looking elsewhere. They are a bunch of evil greedy thieves.

I would suggest you move over to a more reliable company located in the US. There are several other options out there. I won't list them here simply because I don't want to make it seem I am promoting a particular company.

My personal experience with Redbubble. For the last 3 months, I have been receiving a check for $600+ for the sales of my work on Redbubble. After the 4th month, the checks have stopped. However, my products are still selling and is doing quit well.

They haven't deleted my account yet, but I am very close to closing my account. Redbubble has a history of stealing your work. Basically closing your account after you become successful and continue to sell your art on their shirts, posters, etc etc.

Any attempt to post your anger on their forum would be met with an immediate deletion. All emails sent to them would be ignored and you have no chance to get what you are owed. Simply because they are located all the way in Australia.

Fuck you Redbubble. Redbubble sucks and more people are realizing it.

You can google it yourself. I am just kicking myself for not doing any research about this company. Redbubble is a scam. They have stolen thousands of work from thousands of independent artists.

Once you start to become "successful", they close your account and sell your work for themselves.

Here is a copy of their Terms of use.
You keep the copyright of any content you submit or upload to the website. In order to receive the RedBubble services you grant RedBubble a non-exclusive royalty free license to use and archive the content in accordance with or as reasonably contemplated by this agreement.

Hi Redbubble! How about you answer some emails instead of wasting 40 minutes here. Thanks!

redbubble sucks, redbubble scam, redbubble fraud

Interesting reads - More proof Redbubble steals!

* Seller payment problem with Redbubble
* Redbubble refuse to pay and closes all new accounts the artist opens to try and communicate with Redbubble.
* Redbubble refuses to pay another Artist: Redbubble are thieves
* Redbubble refuses to answer why they are not paying the artist and closes the discussion. Redbubble are liars.
Last updated: 12/23/11

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jj@thelyingchannel said... [Reply]

LOL! Redbubble scumbags have 39 minutes to browse this blog, but can't find the time to reply to my emails.

jj@thelyingchannel said... [Reply]

Here is an interesting read about redbubble and their business practice.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Redbubble steals from American artists! Boycott redbubble and stick with an American pod sites!

US laws can't protect us from those greedy bastards from down under.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

RedBubble has an office in California:

Hint: Federal Trade Commission and Better Business Bureau

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Great, the less Yanks on the site, the fucking better I say.

jj@thelyingchannel said... [Reply]


Hi Redbubble. Not a very nice thing to say. Yanks? LOL

Anonymous said... [Reply]

You don't understand copyright law. Note the second part of the paragraph you posted from the Terms of use: use and archive the content in accordance with or as reasonably contemplated by this agreement.

The ways in which they can use this royalty-free license is stated in the rest of the agreement ie. only in the storing, promotion, selling and manufacturing of your work, for you. If they didn't have a license from you, the copyright holder, the moment they display your image online they would be infringing your copyright; the moment they print it they would be infringing your copyright; the moment they sell it they would be effectively selling stolen property.

The license you grant to them is non-exclusive so you can license to anyone else you like, and it is royalty free so they don't have to pay you for promoting your image, or using it to manufacture and sell your product.

The non-exclusive royalty free license also expires the moment you, or redbubble, terminate the account and all outstanding orders for your work have been processed.

This is all standard stuff. Any site where you upload your content, like flickr, deviantart, facebook, twitter, has the same terms because otherwise they wouldn't be able to publicly display your content.

If you believe redbubble has stolen your work and are profiting from it, you should be taking legal action against them.

jj@thelyingchannel said... [Reply]

Redbubble are thieves.


Source: Redbubble Discussion

jj@thelyingchannel said... [Reply]


The license you grant to them is non-exclusive so you can license to anyone else you like, and it is royalty free so they don't have to pay you for promoting your image, or using it to manufacture and sell your product.

LOL, and you don't see the problem with that? They don't have to pay me to sell, promote or use my images.

They are profit from the artists, they are selling shirts, iPhone cases, and prints with our images. They then close our accounts and continue to make money off our products.

You have to be a fucking idiot to agree with those terms. They sell a shirt, earn a profit and you make nothing? Fucking moron.

Teresa said... [Reply]

@ Redbubble. PAY UP SCUMBAGS! I am Canadian and will spread your thievery from Vancouver to Newfoundland. OCCUPY REDBUBBLE!...

Layla said... [Reply]

"You have to be a fucking idiot to agree with those terms. They sell a shirt, earn a profit and you make nothing? Fucking moron."

...didn't you agree with them when you signed up for an account?

jj said... [Reply]


Yes, but I didn't read the terms. So yes, I admit it, I was a freaking idiot.

Layla said... [Reply]
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
jj@thelyingchannel said... [Reply]


Sorry, please stop posting nude pictures of yourself here. Thank You.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Redbubble has a terrible history.

This has been an on-going battle between the members of this site and the admin. Many members have been banned or suspended because they openly objected to these tees. ( you can read about it here and then the baby wear started and it continues )

Some of the members have tried to get the Admin to remove these tees but their official reply is "If you see a tee report it" - why should the members report it ( this is a link that the members asked for the tees to be removed

As quoted by Child Safety Commissioner Bernie Geary : "I am not happy with this trial-by-error method. It's not good enough for them to post the worst, trashiest, most disrespectful images and wait for complaints," he said.

3 strikes out in the press isn't good. Once you can say - yeah maybe it was a glitch. But 3 times!! For different images.

Now it seems like Redbubble is getting into hot water again with all the copyright issues.

So to our list of 1)not paying the artists , 2) selling pro -Nazi tees (and the images made fun of the Holocaust victims) 3) selling images of serial killers on baby clothes, 4) selling pornographic images on baby clothes, 5) Selling and promoting stolen work and work under copyright protection, and cherry on the top 6 ) selling images AFTER they have been removed from sale and you have left the site...... wtf RedBubble.

kimmy1288 said... [Reply]

I was going to join Redbubble but am glad I read this blog before I got ripped off too. Thank you for bringing this info to the public.

jj said... [Reply]


Give a try!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I currently have a redbubble account and am going to close it, but I need to know if I have to go and delete each image individually before closing the account so they won't use my images later?

Thanks, H.W.

Anonymous said... [Reply]


You can just delete your account.

jj@thelyingchannel said... [Reply]

Update! I have been paid in full and all future and present payments have been issued exactly on time.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Perfect response to a weaselly legal letter, by the sound of it.
Your magical powers of prediction are amazing, knowing that all future payment are perfect.

You should have published the letter as well as your "retraction".

jj@thelyingchannel said... [Reply]


lol.. Haven't received any letter. I did receive a retroactive payment that was missing after about 3 months after their 'review'.

I have been paid on time for the past 3 months so, so far so good.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Redbubble keeps art on their server After an account is cancelled. That is a violation of DMCA.

Also, at least part of Redbubble is hosted on cloud servers in Dallas Texas. They can be fucked with here in the states.

As for the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau.
Both are a waste of your time.
A lawsuit against them and their upline providers is your course of action.

By the way, FAA does the exact same thing. They've had so many complaints they are rebranding themselves as

Both companies need to be shut down.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I guess all of you are just stupid ignorant complain about everything customers. I've been paid by redbubble all the time. Have you considered that the check was misplaced in mailing? How about you get a new account and have it transferred to paypal or your bank? Instead of giving redbubble bad rep, resolve things behind closed doors. See, they did pay you you just had to be patient enough. The world needs less of your kind.

Luke Forsyth said... [Reply]

I love the designs of the independent artists in Redbubble.
RedBubble Germany

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Well im a bit late to this one. I haven't come across any issues. Should I still be cautious?

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I've sold my stuff on RB since 2012 and haven't had any problems getting paid. My only issue is that they took down my Lady Gaga fan art that I drew 100% myself, and yet the most popular Lady Gaga fan art traced from someone else's photography is left up... guess they'll bend over for copyright bullies unless its making them money.

Original Straight said... [Reply]

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Amy Andersen said... [Reply]

I love Redbubble! Never had any problems with them! In fact they go out of the way to bond with American Artists! I will not be pulling myself from Redbubble! I love them! I'm sure you will too!


Aris JMW said... [Reply]

RB = RobBer
My account has recently been removed and my money robbed.

Redbubble Robber

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Darn Redbubble Theft
after just making a sale, my account was vanished, gone, nowhere to be found, I don't know what happen, no email or anything from them, darn it, haven't received my pay yet, i've been contacting them in any means yet theirs nothing. "BE CAREFUL TO THOSE PLANNING TO SELL THERE HARD WORK ART" "Be WARNED"

Danja said... [Reply]

lol, sadly it's always a bit too late.

Same as you, I just made a sale and it was already sent to the buyer. I log into my account then I'm suddenly logged off. Thinking it was a bad connection, I kept refreshing and filling those annoying capcha's which by now went into continous loop, until I noticed a red sign on the page saying "It looks like this account is no longer active. See login trouble in the help centre for more information."
After chatting with an online rep, he sent a link and asked to forward a complaint which I since did and there has been no response on the part of RB till date.

Attempting to sign in will still give the inactive message, and chatting with rep after the initial one just says "the matter is still under investigation". Well, if the voice of most people is anything to go by, i might never see that account and have access to MY money again!

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