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Exposing the lies and seeking truth doesn't = Hate. This is not a Kate Hate Site. A 'Kate Hate Site" wouldn't have "Shame on Kate AND Shame on Jon" in the reaction box.

Just a place where bloggers and commenters can share an open discussion on all things related to the Gosselins.

This blog was created to expose the spins and lies shared by the media and by several individuals who continue to spread filth and garbage for their own self-interests.

This blog will expose those who continue to spread lies as "truth" and those who base their beliefs and support for one individual based on those lies.
Pursuing Truth, Exposing Lies and Informing the Sheeple

December 27, 2011

US Beef is banned worldwide... But it's good for Americans?

US beef are banned in Europe, Japan, China, Vietnam and several other countries. Interesting how our media portrays US products as being top of the line, healthy and the stuff coming from China are dangerous.

So, if the Chinese are willing to consume lead, poison and so on, why aren't they willing to consume US beef?

There are several concerns over US Beef. From Hormone injections that will lead to cancer to traces of Spinal parts that can lead to Mad Cow Disease.

Most US beef (non-organic) are injected with a synthetic sex hormones. Humans should not consume any amount of hormones. No dietary levels of hormones are safe and a dime-sized piece of meat contains-billions of millions of molecules.

The increase of Cancer (breast, prostate, etc etc.) in America are due mostly to the crap American consume. It is best to go with Organic beef when Available.

Unless you like cancer. Then by all means, enjoy! (POPULATION CONTROL).

Interesting read:

* American Beef: Why is it banned in Europe
* Japan reinstate bans on US Beef
* A growing number of countries are banning US beef

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