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Exposing the lies and seeking truth doesn't = Hate. This is not a Kate Hate Site. A 'Kate Hate Site" wouldn't have "Shame on Kate AND Shame on Jon" in the reaction box.

Just a place where bloggers and commenters can share an open discussion on all things related to the Gosselins.

This blog was created to expose the spins and lies shared by the media and by several individuals who continue to spread filth and garbage for their own self-interests.

This blog will expose those who continue to spread lies as "truth" and those who base their beliefs and support for one individual based on those lies.
Pursuing Truth, Exposing Lies and Informing the Sheeple

April 30, 2010

Happy with Jon? Sad with Kate?

The excuse the sheeple have is that the kids are tired and hungry after a long day at school. Which is sort of true. Which means they should be happy when they're out right?

Seems like they "look" happy most of the time Jon picks them up and sad most of the time Kate picks them up. What's the excuse now?

Alexis? Leah? looks kinda sad here. Any excuse for this sheeple? Not tired from school..

Now see them with Jon... Smiles!

Long day at school. Kids are hungry and tired. Of course they're going to look said.

But, why don't they look sad with Jon?

I mean, look how tired and sad the kids are when they see Jon.

Kids look very happy to see Jon. Not "sad and tired". Hmm

Look at how they kids just want to be held by Jon.

See how close they are to Jon?

Look how much fun they are having. Witch something as simple as blowing a latex glove.

Typical Kate Gosselin. Pointing fingers and yelling. What's new? A video of this exact scene shows one of the tups walking to Kate. Kate screams at the top of her lungs while the tups retreat in fear.

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anonymouse said... [Reply]

No excuses now right sheeple?

TVSnark said... [Reply]

How can anybody argue with these pictures? Where are pictures of pure joy in the faces when with mommy? They don't exist. Sad but true.

I heard Paul Peterson will be watching the filming of the kids very closely. He said, "we have friends in PA now . . ." or something like that.

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

To me, Paul Peterson is just working for TLC. Everything he is saying is to get the bloggers to shut up. Yes, "they are watching the filming" closely.

At the end of the day, the kids are still working and making $$$ for Jon and Kate.

What exactly are they watching for? No more potty scene? No more bathing scene? No more cameras in the kids rooms on 24/7?

TLC has stopped doing all that since season 5.

I don't see anything being done by Paul Peterson. Just all talk and mentioning a few things just to get the bloggers to stop picking on TLC.

I am suspect of Paul Peterson and still don't know what his agenda is. A lot of talking, but no action. Again, his committee or whomever said that TLC will not be fined or prosecuted for what they have done in the past.

And they warned that TLC must apply for the proper permits for the kids. That is all they accomplished.

*Sugar&Spice* said... [Reply]

I agree with you Jibber. Someone with power in hollywerid. Should be able to take down this exploitation of children. This is uncalled for filming again. People fight for these kids every day. But I think the damage has already been done. I still blame the parents, greed and pride over this whole saga. They are the ones who signed the dotted line to exploit their children for financial gain.

As you can see in the filming new pics. The kids are happy once again with the crew. Why because they are getting the same attention their father gives them. Loving caring one on one attention. Kate is the bickering diciplinarying with a .15 soft side. Kate has to have control. Without her power and control Kate is just a scared little girl with nothing.

Soon enough I hope people wake up and take a good hard look. Those kids deserve much better. NO MORE FISHBOWL LIVING.

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

Yep, and just because they "seemed" happy when they are filmed doesn't make it right.

They were probably just told that they can now go on trips and they can now play with their toys and even buy new ones..

I mean, wouldn't the kids also be happy if they got to see their aunts, uncles and cousins?

Wouldn't the kids be happy to spend more time with their father? Kate herself refused to give Jon more time with the kids when she was spending weeks away to do her own thing.

It's "bad" for Jon to take the camera crew away but it isn't bad for Kate to take their aunt, uncle, cousin and their dogs away?

I'm sorry, but kids shouldn't have any relationship with a Camera crew the way the Gosselins kids do.. They should have a closer relations to their relatives.

Not some strange camera men filming them.

OrderlyL said... [Reply]

Who says kids have to be frumpy? Kate does. Better them than her.

amc said... [Reply]

Paul Peterson is a child advocate for all children on television. I don’t think he would ever work with any network that treated children the way tlc does. Unfortunately even in his position there is only so much he can do.

I hope I didn't offend you.

Ps. Love the pics and the site

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

You have a valid point there. No offense taken at all.

In any case, it's good to see someone actually looking out for the kids. When the 2 shrew of a parents ignoring the warnings signs and refusing to take their kids to a child psychologist.

Instead, they brought back the cameras.

amc said... [Reply]

The kids’ filming again is just so wrong especially after everything they’ve been through. I really hope that the courts make the whole family go to counseling. I don’t think Jon and Kate want their kids anywhere near a therapist so this is the only way I see that happening.

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

I think a 3-hour "children in the middle" parenting class won't do these 2 any good at all.

A (1) 3-hour class? LOL. Aren't we required to take a 6 hour Driver's Ed course when we want to sign off on our traffic violation?

Even at that, that class is just pointless. As the answers are given to us by the end of the day.

But I guess a 3-hour course is better than nothing.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Hi. First time poster, here.

Those pictures are very telling, thank you! Great to see the kids interacting so positively with Jon,how come those pictures aren't on ROL!

That said, Paul Petersen is simply an advocate for minor children in the entertainment business. He did very good work helping to bring the plight of the Gosselin 8 to the attention of actual lawmakers in PA and testifing in support of new laws. We hope Rep Murt will be releasing new, better, chld labor laws there soon. A bit late for the Gosselins, perhaps, but better than nothing. I don't think it is fair to accuse Petersen of working for TLC. He has no legislative powers in PA, and is doing a good job running a non-profit advocacy organization JMHO. :-)

Jane P.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Although neither parent has done the right thing during this sudden fame era in their lives -- it's easy to see that Kart sets the stage for an unhappy, nerve-wracking, harsh atmosphere for the kids.
Jon appears to play and have fun with them.

anonymouse said... [Reply]

Kate has no intentions in spending any "quality" time with them. Just there for the photos and then she off to the spa.

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