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Exposing the lies and seeking truth doesn't = Hate. This is not a Kate Hate Site. A 'Kate Hate Site" wouldn't have "Shame on Kate AND Shame on Jon" in the reaction box.

Just a place where bloggers and commenters can share an open discussion on all things related to the Gosselins.

This blog was created to expose the spins and lies shared by the media and by several individuals who continue to spread filth and garbage for their own self-interests.

This blog will expose those who continue to spread lies as "truth" and those who base their beliefs and support for one individual based on those lies.
Pursuing Truth, Exposing Lies and Informing the Sheeple

April 23, 2010

Compare & Contrast

Kate is a perfect example of someone who says one thing but does the exact opposite.  She likes to say she does thing for her kids and that she misses her kids.  She even claims the kids loves her right back.   But actions speak louder than words.   Has anyone ever seen the kids "happy" when their with Kate?  Seems to me that history is repeating itself.

She would rather spend time away from them, but talk about show she wants to be with them.  When she is with them, she's either yelling at them or hitting them.

Kate couldn't wait to leave the house after spending 20 quality minutes with them.

Jon Gosselin on the other hand, doesn't talk much, but a picture alone says a thousand words.  Notice the smiles and of course, the kids aren't in "Matching outfits".  Kate is all about $ymboli$m...

Jon and Alexis just having one of many moments. Jon looks a little disturbed though.;

 My Kids are “the Wind Beneath My Wings”, Says Kate Gosselin....
Of course they are.  They are the one SUPPORTING YOU...  Source...

So Jon actually spends time with his kids, while Kate shops at Ann Taylor. Wonder what she bought her 8 kids at Ann Taylor?

Who smacks their kids in the face just for tugging on their coat?
Why not hug your kids instead Kate?

Kids are always happy to see Jon. When was the last time the kids were ever happy with Kate? NEVER!

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Lawyer List said... [Reply]

Jon Gosselin exists on the internet, on blogs, on twitter. He is not a real person, has no real life, or job. Have you noticed? If he was not on blogs or twitter, he would be a ghost.He only exits to twitter about his life, never follows thru with anything, or seems to be involved in anything other than being photographed in his yard, at the bus stop or walking around Wernersville. He exists for the bloggers and the bloggers exist for him. He would have no life without them.

yeah, whatever said... [Reply]

Kate is really an Alien sent here to see how stupid our country is.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Oh yeah, you've really nailed Kate. Everyone knows that "real" mothers don't shop.

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

Kate shops at Ann Taylor then cries 2 days later saying she has no money for bills.

Kate also spent the kids money on her boob jobs and fact lifts. LOL What a fucking tool.

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

And no way in hell would anyone want to "nail" Kate. LOL

Anyways, Kate has been spotted out in public, abusing her kids. IN PUBLIC. Imagine the crap that goes on behind closed doors... Oh wait, I have a story about that.

Kate Gosselin is a regular boozer with a hair-trigger temper who has angrily paddled her kids with a kitchen utensil, an ex-staffer for Kate and her estranged husband Jon charges.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Ah, yes, the ever-reliable "anonymous insider." Funny how the anonymous insider is the most frequently quoted tabloid "source."

Of course you went directly to the sexual connotation of "nailed" since you seem to be obsessed with Kate Gosselin's sex life.

BTW..."anyways" is not a word. Perhaps it's time to stop obsessing over Kate and take a few remedial English classes.

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

Former TLC staffer... Of course they're not going to use their real name.

Heck, Stanktoro used her real name, and we all know she's full of it.

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

Anyways, Kate has a history of being abusing with Jon and with her kids. She yells all the time. She is always angry and is currently taking Zoloft for her anxiety and depression.

She seemed pretty zoned out DWTS so who knows what the hell else is wrong with her.

Some few examples of her anger issues:

Spanking her one of the tups for blowing a whistle OUTSIDE?

Smacking Colin in the face for tugging on her coat? And yes this was out of anger. Look at her face when she smacked him. Pure evil.

Yelling at her kids every time they stand next to her?

"Wanting to shoot Jon" for not using a receipt when he made a purchase.

I'm sure they are thousands more. But hey, all she has to do is put on some water works, and a sheeple such as yourself will "forgive her" and feel sorry for her right?

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Please provide me a direct quote from Kate stating that she is taking Zoloft. Otherwise, please refrain from stating rumor as fact.

Your examples are simply your interpretation of events. They are not facts. I'm not a fan of spanking, but you don't know the reason the child was spanked. Perhaps she'd been asked 10 times to not blow the whislte and the spanking was for not listening, not for the act of blowing the whistle. You have no freakin' idea.

The Collin picture again is your personal take. I don't think she was hitting him. I think she was shushing him by putting her hand over his mouth. I don't know if my interpretation is correct, because I wasn't there. Just like you don't know if any of your interpretations of events are correct, because you weren't there. The difference between us is that I acknowledge that I'm interpreting what I am saying and you are incapable of doing the same.

I don't know Kate Gosselin, and therefore have no need to "forgive" her for anything. I don't think I'd be particularly fond of her if I did know her, but that doesn't mean I think she's evil. You might want to take up your extreme hatred for a person who you do not even know with a therapist.

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

Exposing Jon and Kate for the fraud they are is not "hate".

Someone who blindly supports someone and see's nothing wrong with the way their "hero" treats everyone around her is in fact a sheeple.

There's a reason why Kate doesn't have any contact with friends or family.

And who "hushes" their kids in a parking lot? LOL. Look at the series of pic. He was "tugging" on her coat, Kate turned around and smacked him.

Anyways, I don't even know why I wasted my time talking to you Mark Momjian.

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