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Exposing the lies and seeking truth doesn't = Hate. This is not a Kate Hate Site. A 'Kate Hate Site" wouldn't have "Shame on Kate AND Shame on Jon" in the reaction box.

Just a place where bloggers and commenters can share an open discussion on all things related to the Gosselins.

This blog was created to expose the spins and lies shared by the media and by several individuals who continue to spread filth and garbage for their own self-interests.

This blog will expose those who continue to spread lies as "truth" and those who base their beliefs and support for one individual based on those lies.
Pursuing Truth, Exposing Lies and Informing the Sheeple

October 17, 2009

Nanny Says Jon Lied, Kids Love Filming TV Show

Nanny Says Jon is lying!

Yep, we now know that this Nanny is working with Kate and TLC to bring Jon down. Basically she is getting paid to say the opposite of what Jon is saying. Why is she coming out now?

Where did the 50k go Kate? To Stephanie and her mother?

Where is the millions? Here she is crying over 250k which are all Jon's money that were deposited into that account. While Kate has 11 other Bank accounts that are all hers and can't be touched. Jon's checks are deposited into that joint account. Kate's checks are deposited into a private account.

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Anonymous said... [Reply]

8=wondering how much TLC& Radar paying the nanny? Kate trading it out with the nanny..CJ is a poor example of a retired Lawyer ,there no lawyer going to sit & post all day& night about crap.Kate zombies fans remind me of 7th graders.Thomas posted on Radar but he said he didn't stay there long b/c it shame that grown people show so much immaturity& lot of kate fans needs help to find their way back to reality,he said,"Sick of ragging is such a goofy person".Thomas named a lot more of kate zombies lesbians fan!I just laugh.He ask me about Doug,I told him I think Doug a girl b/c dougie a girl name & she changed it to doug b/c they allow kate lezbians to spew personal attacks right&left but none of jon fans can do that& if they do dougie delete them!Thomas grinned.JJ it will all work out between jon/kate I don't believe it as bad as radar,TLC& Kate lezbians are making it to be... well they can't kill jon& eat him.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I went to another posting site,looked around the same thing like radar got mostly jon fans but spewing out so much hate & spending hours on posting show a reflection of a person real life never though of that until Thomas pointed it out,he a sweetheart& open my eyes about posting venom,I need to marry that GUY.JJ kate,TLC & Radar making MONEY off of this crap&Kate fans are being used to post on radar.Thomas got a website about health,which I have posted on his website,he makes money w/ the advertisement& on so many posting that are posted by people.That why radar pop anything about jon/kate drama so the Idiots fans of kate will sit day& night to post hate about a man they never met!they are sick& need a Intervention,asap...

Anonymous said... [Reply]

8 thinks lot of kate funnyfan has made radar look like fools!some it about kate to cover up for their goofy meeting.JJ one time they will say they are a man& then a woman,I don't know maybe not lezbo but a human or aliens got both gender.Praises about 1802 posting b/c all of them suck up to be popular,wow that is a bunch of disturbed kate zombies fans.They must have a miserable life or their mates are out at bars&their children or grandchildren lock in closets....:) :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Oh! I would go on radar & comment on the nanny lies about jon the 1802 posting but dougie she would delete them.JJ lot of jon fans post was deleted,so I believe the person about radar being pro-kate,for 2 days off& on I had to see for myself.Money involve Radar& TLC, don't care what kate zombies post about,no respect for the Gosselin children. kate not making money on radar about all the posting.I believe anyone that can make money off jon/kate are going to since it a hot spot item & no respect for the children.Kate don't have respect for her children,MONEY!MONEY,media,paps & STEVE her secret lover..

Anonymous said... [Reply]

8e posting,JJ just though I would introduce myself I moved to Atlanta Georgia 3weeks ago,have 1 child,married to a wonderful black guy.we move every year due to work,plus our child in private school due to moving around.JJ we love the moving around & it legal work.I do enjoy your website& most of your website is the truth about KATE but her dirt is swept under the rug,one day it will all come out about her,just like it does esp: when their children grow up & might turn to using drugs& booze due to what they have read about their dad/mom that people posted about& JJ people don't know what goes on behind close doors those children will speak about it later, that when the dirt will come out on kate. I hope those kids won't turn to drug abuse&booze abuse....

Anonymous said... [Reply]

8e posting it will be awhile before I can post again b/c our old provider will be discontinued,got to get another provider here in Atlanta,Ga. Take care just ignore kate freaky zombies fans this jon/kate drama will fizz out just like anything else then maybe kate fans will look back & say,"HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SO SILLY ABOUT ANOTHER PERSON THAT DON'T MEAN A HILL OF BEANS TO ME&RAN OFF & MARRIED HER BODYGUARD STEVE"...:) :)

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