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Exposing the lies and seeking truth doesn't = Hate. This is not a Kate Hate Site. A 'Kate Hate Site" wouldn't have "Shame on Kate AND Shame on Jon" in the reaction box.

Just a place where bloggers and commenters can share an open discussion on all things related to the Gosselins.

This blog was created to expose the spins and lies shared by the media and by several individuals who continue to spread filth and garbage for their own self-interests.

This blog will expose those who continue to spread lies as "truth" and those who base their beliefs and support for one individual based on those lies.
Pursuing Truth, Exposing Lies and Informing the Sheeple

November 12, 2009

Kids hasn't seen Kate for 2 weeks. No hugs, no kisses. Just yelling.

Kate see's the kids for the 1st time since Oct. 15. She picks up the kids from school and nothing. No hellos, no hugs. Instead the kids jump to the Nanny.

Alexis(?) then walks up to Kate to say Hi, and Kate screams at her. "This is my spot, don't you ever invade my space". Alexis fearfully retreats back to her "spot".

Moments later, Collin(?), does his happy dance and Mrs. Party pooper again, yells her at him and says "go back to your spot". No a very happy mother. Jon is an idiot, but hey, at least the kids feel very comfortable with him compare to Kate. The kids don't even know who Kate Gosselin is.

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lisa k. said... [Reply]

If Kate is this bad in front of the Paps imagine how she acted when she got them home. This woman never ceases to amaze me! Kate and her fake tears will never be enough to fool people who actually have a brain!

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

I agree 100%. All those time Kate yelled and abused Jon on camera, imagine what Jon goes thru when the TLC crew are gone.

Kate even mentions how she isn't going to deny it in her last interview.

Kate is supposedly doing everything for the kids, but it seems like she's more into her self. And the kids don't look comfortable around her.

Instead of "talking" on camera and saying she's doing it for the kids, she should actually spend time with them.

And she wonders why the kids accidentally referred to her as one of the Baby sitters.

Anonymous said... [Reply] has an article stating Kate took the kids trick or treating without the paps. Jon and Hailey were spotted bar in New york.Jon was tweeting how he was at home making dinner for the kids and missing Hailey while Kate was pictured picking them up frome school. Jon is such a liar! Jon and Hailey did not break up. They want a reality show. The little break up on et was just a preview. JJ stop your hate on Kate for a minute and see the truth.The Jon you are in love with does not exsist.

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

Of course she did. She always contradicts herself. Not only does she have all the holidays with the kids, but, years ago, Kate sent an email to a viewer stating that they didn't celebrate Halloween.

Now Kate claims she took them Trick or Treating w/o the Paps... So how did find out?

Did Kate, once again, call them and said, "hey, This is Kate, I am taking the kids Trick or Treating. Don't forget to mention that on your website.


Anonymous said... [Reply]

Kate and Jon are both fake. Hailey is a gold digger want a be.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Jon needs to dump Hailey. She was laughing and giggling the entire time. Jon was pissed.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

JJ Hailey just said on et tonight that Jon is spendin Thanksgiving with her and her family. She daid that Kate was making a wonderful dinner for the kids and Steve and his family. Although their custody arrangement is that they both get to spend holidays with the kids, Jon would rather be with Hailey.Thank God the kids have Steve in their life....a real man to look up to. Kate is angry in the video picking up the kids because it was Jons' custidy day. He was tweetering that he was making dinner while she had to pick them up. He probably was high or drunk and forgot. Just like he forgot to pick up the twins last week. Thank God there was a mother that stayed with them. (There is a picture on ROL of her saying with them).

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Hailey is gaining weight. jCould she be pregnant? Hailey and Jon want their own reality show. Hailey was trying to act like Kate on et tonight. Jon can't have the real Kate so he will take the pretend one..Hailey.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

JJ look what princess highondegrassi said about you.

The princesses think you have lost your mind, but we know (wink) that sh*t is gonna hit the fan when they find out about Kate's secret

Re: GWOP II: More Gosselins Without Pity
« Reply #972 on Oct 31, 2009, 1:02pm »


Quote:jibberjabbers said...

Seems like everything is happening in stages. What will happen next? hmm..

✔ Stage 1) Kate ends it with Jon on Oct. 2008
✔ Stage 2) Jon is seen "acting out" because he's lonely
✔ Stage 3) Previous "lovers" do interview and say he's crazy
✔ Stage 4) Previous "lovers" make a claim that he thought about ending it.
✔ Stage 5) TLC makes a name change to get the public use to Minus Jon
✔ Stage 6) TLC and Kate team up and file several lawsuits against Jon making him "depressed" and confused.
✔ Stage 7) Those pretending to be Jon's friend leaves him (Lawyers, Hailey, etc etc.)
Stage 8) Kate and TLC issue a public announcement that Jon is "depressed" and in hiding.
Stage 9) ????

Jon, Hire a full-time bodyguard now!

Yes Jon hire a bodyguard now! Your life is in danger! Kate and TLC and Hailey and Stephanie are all in on it. They have had secret meetings in the woods where they run around a raging fire naked and cry out for your blood! You think that sounds hot? Did you not hear that they want to kill you? It all makes sense if you look at the stages. You've reached Stage 8 and getting close to Stage 9. There is still a chance for you to escape. That's why I didn't put one of those ominous little boxes next to Stages 8 and 9.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

8EnoughBiggest aka GHOST

JJ 8's post sounded pretty sane today.

I guess she remembered to take her meds.

She hadn't posted in a couple of days and I was worried about her.

I heard a rumor that Kate took the kids Trick or Treating.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sounds suspicious to me.

I think she really did it cause the candy is free...that's right up Kate's alley.

See ya later

PS I hope that 8 is okay

Anonymous said... [Reply]

8enough to GHOST I am not on meds,I am fine but thank u for thinking about me LOL.I have been working,I do have a life other than posting..Now JJ this area is suppose to be all mine to blog LMAO...GHOST have u been good on RADAR?I've seen where kate zombies thinks I am back it so HILARIOUS haven't been on RADAR for a while but I might just go there & terrorize Kate zombies hope their b/p shoots up HIGH..:) :) :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

8e kate should realize those kids are growing up fast that fool should be dancing w/the kids & having fun instead of hollering at them..Kate missing JON or STEVE & taking it out on the kids..OMG! Kate needs a lot of PROTEINS..EMERGENCY CALLING STEVE...LOL

Anonymous said... [Reply]

8e=GHOST NOW U KNOW JJ WEBSITE IS=" THIS IS ALL MINE"..Kate favorite post on let me be the GHOST BUSTER& run u away...ROFLMAO...

Anonymous said... [Reply]

8EnoughBiggestFan AKA Ghost

Crazy8 I am glad to hear that you are alright. I have been worried about you.

I think HillBillyWhisperer is PattiePie. I think she is the bus driver too.

I know they miss you like crazy over at Radar. They talk about you all the time. They accuse everybody of being 8enough...they are crazy about you.

I love it here...I'm not going away. I enjoy JJ's twisted view on the whole Gosselin mess.

You're doing a good job JJ...keep it up!!!

BOO for now 8

Anonymous said... [Reply]

8e=JJ on US magazine posting there a poster called Bjan that team Jon, on Radar there a Bjan team kate...laura on radar for kate& on US magazine posting laura for team Jon,both of these mention RADAR if they are the same folks they sure are FU**K up..JJ nothing surprises me about kate zombies they are so scared to be theirself on RADAR.JJ TMZ it the same thing with these two names,plus there a HB that for JON as well..SCREW UP BUT IT FUN...

Anonymous said... [Reply]

8e=JJ last night me& some friends had game night where we get together at one of the friend house play games on the computers we carry our lap tops got on RADAR lot of kate zombies ratted out Del Scorcho's to DOUG sending in reports old pevans01 the lezbo bragging about it ,I told them to back off of Del Scorcho's they reported me as well..I hate a snitch!I post mostly on OK magazine& here,now I do post on US magazine not to much on TMZ b/c I think it another KATE thing..THOMAS posted on Radar but his messages were deleted b/c it was against STEVE/kate..I don't know if it DOUG or one of Kate zombies doing it when a report is sent in the message do go away..

Anonymous said... [Reply]

JJ last night I was shown where all of kate zombies live this person is a computer whiz they said no one can keep a secret online which they could care less& I could care less about kate zombies but when these fools get on RADAR they think they are safe & their computers they are wrong, they don't stick to the jon/kate thing they got to bash other posters to get off of the insecurity,MAN they need to wake up about that .UM! I will just stick to JON,KATE/STEVE,which STEVE&Kate loves each other& I do believe STEVE knows about it b/c TLC pays STEVE as well..Like I have posted I don't know kate zombies to hate them it just they are silly gooses,they think DOUG loves them & so they try to please DOUG ain't that so silly..My friend told me that I move around to much,I told them I am A HOBO!!no one needs to know where I am at all times,It won't be ALASKA after Christmas but I have been packing again which I don't pack to much don't need it..JJ LAPTOPS are great to have and as long as u have a website I will be posting here if I am living in a tent in the wilderness..LOL

Anonymous said... [Reply]

8e =JJ I don't buy,bank or anything online b/c there no privacy online..I hope JON will have a great THANKSGIVING JJ I don't understand HAILEY after she said the things about JON & then turn around invite him for THANKSGIVING..The lawyer turn against JON I don't know what to make of all of this...Well it will be a couple days before I post again that old work thing..

Anonymous said... [Reply]

8e=JJ here the news flash I was just told by one of Kate fans,which this fan she a married woman,we are good friends..well they do have their chat area called"THE KATE 69ER GANG".I ask the friend what did the 69 stand for she told me it stands for LESBIANS but all of kate fans can post there,she said she posted there one time and won't return there again, they have a code u enter before posting there..She also told me that she was so shock to find out who was the real lesbians..:) :)

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