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Just a place where bloggers and commenters can share an open discussion on all things related to the Gosselins.

This blog was created to expose the spins and lies shared by the media and by several individuals who continue to spread filth and garbage for their own self-interests.

This blog will expose those who continue to spread lies as "truth" and those who base their beliefs and support for one individual based on those lies.
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November 9, 2009

Why is Kate Gosselin estranged from her parents?

There is a great deal of speculation about Kate Gosselin's relationship with her parents. Please add your contribution to the Discussion.

Contributions from various WikiAnswerers:

Kate Gosselin was pregnant with her sextuplets when her father asked the members of the church, that he was a minister at, to donate clothes and cribs for the sextuplets. Kate refused the cribs and clothes because they were slightly used and she wanted NEW and MATCHING things. She didn't say thank you for the things instead she told her father she wanted COLD HARD CASH!

The father and the mother didnt think it was right to tell the people of the church that she refused to take the clothes and cribs and that all she wanted was their money. So they didnt ask them to donate any money. These are the same parents that took care of Mady and Cara when Kate went into labor with the sextuplets. I feel so sorry for her parents because of how she has reacted to all of the fame she has gotten.

  • Kate's parents are Charlene and Kenton Kreider. Charlene (age 50) and Kenton (59) had six kids - Kate is the second oldest (born when Charlene was only 17). Kenton is an assistant pastor at Calvary Bible Church in Sinking Spring, PA. He and Charlene own a trailer park/campground in Lancaster (primary business)
  • Actually, only 10% of the above is true... Kate's father has his Masters Degree in Education. He's a teacher, a minister, owns a large campground, was in local government, and they just built a large beautiful house.

  • No one knows this except Kate.

  • Many people know exactly why Kate is estranged from her parents. Her dad had the members of his church pull together to help Jon and Kate when she had the sextuplets. They donated clothes and cribs, among other things. Kate rejected the cribs as she only wanted NEW, MATCHING ones, not gently used. Also, she told her dad she only wanted CASH. Kenton Kreider could not go back to his church members and tell them his daughter refused their overwhelming generosity and would accept only cash. So, Kate cut her mom and dad out of the sextuplets' lives. They are estranged. So, when Kate says on the show, "They don't know how to help us," what she means is that she did not get the cold, hard cash she insisted on. Jon and Kate's PR people can spin it anyway they like, but the reality is that Kate cut her parents out of her lives because of money. Kate, a self proclaimed "devout Christian" should know the "money is the root of all evil."

  • Kate is not estranged from her parents. She stated in an episode of the show that they simply don't live in the same neighborhood and just because you don't see them on the show, doesn't mean they don't participate in the lives of all 8 Gosselin children.

  • They love all their grandchildren, but Kate hurt them deeply when the sextuplets were born.

    Kate's dad's church, where he is a minister, got tons of donations and volunteers for the sextuplets. And Kate was rude and nasty and demanded ONLY NEW MATCHING items. Then she demanded CASH. Then she disowned him when he refused to give in.

    She rejected unmatched cribs and clothing.

    She wanted 6 matching cribs, etc.

    These are the same grandparents that watched the twins the entire time Kate was in the hospital with the sextuplets.

    See where this is going?

    It caused a rift and Kate disowned them in a huff and cut the sextuplets out of their lives.

  • I don't think she would do this!! When you get pregnant with sextuplets, you wouldn't be stupid enough to turn down cribs!!

  • Sadly the above poster is correct as to her parents as its been discussed with the locals in Elizabethtown PA where they live by people who donated clothes and then found out they were given away to a consignment shop. Kate's parents would not give into her wacky demands and so she cut them out of her and her children's lives. The one person who did have insight to the real workings of what was really going on in the home and on the show and who used to be on Jon & Kate Plus 8 was Jon and Kate's sister-in-law Jodi the wife of Kate's brother. Jodi has been featured in many episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8. Jodi used to help out Kate and baby sat a lot for the sextuplets, she has now been booted from the sextuplets lives for speaking up for the children and confronting Kate Gosselin on a few issues about the show. Looks to be a bad pattern here. Sadly in all of this its the children who pay the ultimate price. You can read of whats going on here. See Related Links.

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