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April 17, 2012

iPhone is a copy of the LG Prada

Every review I read of all the current Android phones, all I see are a bunch of Apple lunatics screaming iPhone copy!  Well folks, the truth is, the Apple iPhone is a direct copy of the LG Prada (LG KE850), which was released in 2006.   The Apple iPhone 4 was released in June 2010.  Almost 4 years later!

(We're comparing phones that look similar here.  The iPhone 3 was released in late Jan. 2007.)

After the iPhone's debut, it was LG, not Samsung, that complained Apple had copied its design. LG had actually demonstrated its own full-screen smartphone in the fall of 2006, and like the iPhone, it had a largely black, minimalist front. It was first to market with a capacitive touchscreen, the same type subsequently used by the iPhone. Unlike the iPhone, LG's Prada phone built its user interface using Adobe Flash Lite, with a home screen featuring six round, monochrome icons and a separate menu bar. The phone was intended to sell through Prada stores, at $775. After Apple unveiled the iPhone, LG's Woo-Young Kwak, who headed its Mobile Handset R&D Center, called a press conference and stated, "we consider that Apple copied the Prada phone after the design was unveiled when it was presented in the iF Design Award and won the prize in September 2006." The company didn't file a lawsuit however. LG had already shown an affinity for Apple's designs, changing its LG Chocolate phone for the US market to resemble a classic iPod. Two years later, LG delivered its GM730 phone running Windows Mobile 6.5, with a grid of colored icons above a home row of shortcuts, and rounded corners tipping a hat to the original iPhone. This year, the company is producing an Android-based Optimus X2, which appears closely pattered after last year's iPhone 4.

The pics says it all.  Who is copying who?

(Left: LG Prada 2006)  (Right: iPhone 4 2010)

So it took Apple 4 years to add a Apple logo and a 1 button design in front? Now they're trying to sue everyone from Samsung to who knows what. C'mon Apple, you weren't the 1st. Now stop crying.

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Teresa said... [Reply]

I don't own a cell phone. Never will, hate the fuckers. When l am in grocery store, people talk so loud on them l can hear both side of conversation! Especially annoying when l'm in checkout line....grrrrr. lol

jj@thelyingchannel said... [Reply]


LOL, so true! But I can't help it. I need it for the just in case scenario.

Also nice to check my emails when I'm out and about.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Thanks for the article. Never knew about the LG phone. Looks copied to me.

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