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March 4, 2013

Sony Xperia Go Sucks - Light Bleed Issue and review

Sony Xperia Go Light Bleed Issue

Warning: Do not purchase the Sony Xperia Go. Apparently, there is a HUGE issue with quality control.  There is a known issue with the screen, however, instead of recalling it, Sony has decided to ignore it and delete any thread posted on their support site.  (They removed both of mine).

So instead, I will be posting the photos here.  I encourage everyone to send in a photo to me so I can share it here.  (email photos to or post a link in the comment section.

I originally posted a complaint here:   (I added my post again on the Sony Forum, looks like it's still up for now).

However, Sony has deleted all most post concerning the screen quality.  So it is obvious they have something to hide.  The fact that they removed my post is pissing me off even more.  Instead of replying, or allowing everyone to comment, they instead decided to prevent anyone from discussing this issue.

Shame on you Sony!  Actually, fuck you Sony.  I will return this phone and purchase an LG or Samsung device. 

Here is a photo of my 2nd Xperia Go. (3/4/2013)

Here is my first Sony Xperia Go (2/20/2013)

Sony Xperia Go User Review

Besides the screen defect the phone itself is decent for what it is.  Not the most powerful device out there but I knew that coming in.  However, the phone itself is the perfect size.  It fits in your pocket, has a nice rubberized rear back plate (no need for bulky / tacky phone cases), and the phone itself is pretty thin.

Maybe we should hold out and wait for the Xperia Go2.  Sony can make this a really nice phone with a couple of changes.  A better Hi-Res display should be on top of the list.  Give it more rams, add a front facing camera, and a dedicated camera button.  Go ahead and charge a little bit more.  We are willing to pay for a quality phone with a 3.5 - 4" screen.   Sadly, only the 4.5-5" phones are getting all the attentions.

- Nice compact size (4.37 x 2.37 x 0.39 in) fits in your pocket
- Light weight  (3.88 oz)
- Waterproof / Dust proof
- Dual 1ghz CPU
- 8GB internal ram, 32GB micro SD card capable

- Not the best screen out there.  Low resolution, but decent
- No dedicated Camera Button
- Light Bleed defects on all phones
- No dedicated home button.  Gets pretty annoying to have to keep on pressing the power button to wake the phone.
- No front facing camera
- Only 512MB ram
- Only 3G capable (c'mon Sony, it's 2013, 4G should be standard on all devices).

Again, I would avoid this phone all together.  Sony has a horrible support and the screen defect is just a huge let down.

Update: Here are a few more post concerning the screen defects. 

* when i slightly tilt my phone - i see there is a light bleed issue on top corner of the screen of my phone

* Display issue in xperia answer pls!

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Sony Xperia Go said... [Reply]

Sony Xperia Go features a scratch resistant mineral glass display which meets industry standard international protection ratings for protection against dust and water immersion. Get the best out of your mobile multimedia entertainment on the razor sharp 3.5-inch Reality Display with Sony Mobile Bravia Engine. Want to watch your favourite live TV show? Do not like waiting for your top websites to load? The dual core 1GHz processor means your Sony Xperia Go moves as fast as you do. Browse, stream and download what you like in an instant.
To know more about Sony Xperia Go log on

Pascal Brax said... [Reply]

> No dedicated home button. Gets pretty annoying to have to keep on pressing the power button to wake the phone.

Can you explain better what does this mean?

> Only 3G capable (c'mon Sony, it's 2013, 4G should be standard on all devices)

Do you realize this is a 2012 phone?

Mohamed Lotfi said... [Reply]

I have Xperia go without the light bleed issue
But the phone performance sucks although it have a dual core processor but it sucks and freezes alot.
Making a phone call is suffering

Anonymous said... [Reply]

just would like to give a little feedback. I bought an xperia Go for my wife, it was the biggest regret ever. Apart from the lag issue which is seriously annoying, calls get cut-off very very often , sometimes voice calls last for a few seconds. To top it off, the phone was damaged due to water. I soaked the phone for about 2 seconds for a quick clean.. Despite all the openings being sealed, the phone was damaged. Sony refuse to honour the warranty (despite being less than a year) due to water leakage (yes, go figure). I spend a few hundred bucks repairing the phone, and yet, the headphone output is damaged.

JohnandKath said... [Reply]

I have to say Sony Xperia go is the worst phone I have owned by some distance.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Yeah, the Sony Xperia really sux.Bought mine two weeks ago on impulse now I really regret having done so.The thing is not user friendly cannot even connect to the web with the supplied USB.I definately agree with the negative comments above.I will try to sell this thing, thereafter change my brand.I have been supporting sony for more than 20 years from DVD's Alpha Camera's,TV,Point and shoot etc this Xperia has me changing my mind....there's more to say about the service and repairs.

JT said... [Reply]

I own an Xperia Go. I bought it after trialling my friends Go... which was running Gingerbread

Mine came with JB... and boy.. was it a real pain in the ass. Frequent crashes, constant freezing, extreme lag... sometimes it can take literally 30 seconds for a keypress to respond.

I always joke that if you have a Sony phone & need to dial 911, its faster to find a payphone to make the call

This was my first & last Xperia. No more Sony phones for me!

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