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Exposing the lies and seeking truth doesn't = Hate. This is not a Kate Hate Site. A 'Kate Hate Site" wouldn't have "Shame on Kate AND Shame on Jon" in the reaction box.

Just a place where bloggers and commenters can share an open discussion on all things related to the Gosselins.

This blog was created to expose the spins and lies shared by the media and by several individuals who continue to spread filth and garbage for their own self-interests.

This blog will expose those who continue to spread lies as "truth" and those who base their beliefs and support for one individual based on those lies.
Pursuing Truth, Exposing Lies and Informing the Sheeple

April 22, 2013

Tamerlan Tsarnaev - Photos the media doesn't want you to see

A young man who had everything going for him until the police set him up and not only killing his brother, but ruining the life of a man who had everything going for him.


A guy with this much going for him; good education, scholarships, lovely girlfriend, heading for the Olympics, no prior indications of animosity against the American people, just doesn't simply decide one day to carry out a mass bombing.

His parents are right.  He is innocent and is being framed.  Simply because he fits the "description" we all have been conditioned to believing. 

But we all know who the real terrorists are....

Why aren't the FBI looking for this guy?   The media would be having a field day had this guy been a dark skinned or "middle eastern" looking individual.  This guy looks more suspicious than the guy with the "white cap" standing and watching the marathon.  Don't you think? 

A skilled athlete, highly educated, with a lovely girlfriend.   Wonder if she has been silenced or threaten?  She converted to Islam and is of Italian and Portuguese decent.

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