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Exposing the lies and seeking truth doesn't = Hate. This is not a Kate Hate Site. A 'Kate Hate Site" wouldn't have "Shame on Kate AND Shame on Jon" in the reaction box.

Just a place where bloggers and commenters can share an open discussion on all things related to the Gosselins.

This blog was created to expose the spins and lies shared by the media and by several individuals who continue to spread filth and garbage for their own self-interests.

This blog will expose those who continue to spread lies as "truth" and those who base their beliefs and support for one individual based on those lies.
Pursuing Truth, Exposing Lies and Informing the Sheeple

January 7, 2010

Kate Gosselin eye lift - eye surgery gone wrong!

UPDATE: Kate new hair cost over $7,000. And she has to get it redone every couple of months. Nice to see the money the court gave to her in the settlement is going into something good. But Organic Milk is TOO Expensive.


Still denying that Kate Gosselin didn't get any work done on her eyes? I feel bad for the kids to have this monster stare and yell at them on a daily basis. No wonder the kids look awkward when Kate tries to hug them. I mean, if this thing wanted to hug you, what would you do?

Before (right) / After (left)

Video: Kate Gosselin wishes she was Korean.

And this is with makeup on. If only she can walk around with a computer screen in front of her face, showing her photoshopped/airbrushed face. LOL

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Anonymous said... [Reply]

Read this. Nuff said.

anonymouse said... [Reply]

That's their opinion. What does her opinion have to do with Kate's eye lift? Nothing.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Kate did not get an eyelift. Its the angle of the camera coupled with bad makeup job.

Sage said... [Reply]

Kate is not a monster, she is their mother. After reading about Jon's antics they are very fortunate to have her.

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

What about Kate's antics? What are you only obsessed with the lies told by the tabloids and the rest of the skanks?

Which antics are you talking about? Jon never slept with Skanktoro or Kate Major.

Jon is still a better dad than Kate. And if you actually watched the show since it began you would know that Kate is a lazy, lying, psychopathic lair.

An ex TLC staff even admitted that they witness Kate Gosselin abusing her kids with a wooden spoon and spanking the crap out of them in the restroom.

You have even witness Kate deny her own kid water, spank Alexis for blowing a whistle outside, and physically abusing and verbally abusing Jon for the past 10 years.

Yeah, the only thing those tabloid writers write about are the lies they heard and the he said she said crap.

No real evidence to support their claim. Notice how there are NO EX-TLC employee talking smack about Jon.

Everyone who has met Jon has NOTHING but kinds words to say about him. Those who actually met Kate had NOTHING nice to say about Kate.

People who have met Jon/Kate talking

I mean cmon, her own parents don't like her. LOL And they're Christians.

LIWYD said... [Reply]

.My. .God.

I almost - Almost - felt bad for her when I saw this. What it must be like to choose to mutilate ones self like that, then have to live with it for the rest of ones life, I have no idea, but it must be painful. You can't exactly undo it, can you.

Now the kids not only have horse face screaming at them, but horror show moster as well. The fear level of these kids just keeps going up and up, doesn't it?

All the ugliness on the inside is coming out, faster and faster. And yes, anon, she did get a face/eye lift, though as you can see, none of it took very well at all.

JJ, my sister saw the horse pics this morning, she doesn't really know of JK8, she laughed so hard she nearly fell off the chair, literally. She could not believe how close the resemblance was! I wonder how she will react when she sees this shot.

God, I feel nauseous now. I'll go check out the sheeple again for a laugh - awesome work on that one, JJ!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Ugh. I saw the other pics from this disaster. Wow, she looks really bad. I think one other poster was right, her ugly inside is seeping out.

I know a lot of tabloids are reporting she's pregnant (doubtful), but if she were, wouldn't it be funny if the baby came out with grey hair? LOL.

Sage said... [Reply]

I say this again. You take unnamed sources and swear this is the truth. The Gosselin kids are not being abused. CPS has not been called. If it were true don't you think this so called TLC person would have reported it? Their teachers are mandated to report any signs of abuse so are the doctors. You do a great disservice to kids who are truly being abused and neglected to say that the Gosselin kids are. If it were true what kind of father is Jon to not report it to the court?
The paps take bad pictures of all celebrities thats how they make money. I believe she has had her boobs done but nothing done on her face.
No ex TLC talking about Jon!! TLC is suing Jon because of his antics and not being able to follow a contract.
I really have to laugh at you gwoppers. You always have to put in that your friend or sister or mother who dosn't know about J&K just thinks Kate is ugly, an abuser, or whatever when told about her. Why do gwoptards need someone to validate what they think. HA HA Its like you all follow the same script. The TV magically turns on to TLC hands are full of cookie dough or science project and you can't turn the channel.

How self rightous you are. If you want to see real ugliness coming from the inside look in the mirror.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Kate sheeples are drool over her new style even if the hair style cost $7,000.00. They are so STUPID..Now If JON spent 7,000.00 they would die w/ a stroke..No matter what Kate have done w/her eyes she can't hide the WONKY EYE..She is CREEPY looking,plus, she wants be another person instead of being just her PITY self..Maybe kate mimic TIGER WOODS WIFE,which Kate will never be that classy....

Anonymous said... [Reply]


Anonymous said... [Reply]

Kate looks like she high on cocaine,or drunk.....

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

Of course it's un-named source. It was a TLC employee who is under contract not to talk to the press.

If he/she released their name, they would be sued.

But if you actually watch the show since it began, then you would know that Kate is capable of abusing her kids and she does have anger issues.

Every single episode, she yells and screams. LOL

Imagine if it was Jon that was screaming and yelling. You would be the 1st to bash Jon and scream Spousal abuse.

But since it's Kate, you ignore it and say, so what?

The evidence is out there. But you're just too much in love with Kate to see it. Love is blind.

Sage said... [Reply]

If a child is being harmed no contract or threat of lawsuit would stop them from reporting it. I highly doubt TLC would enforce it under those circumstances. It dosn't appear to be true.
Kate herself has stated that she should not have treated Jon the way she did at times.
I have repeatedly told you I have watched all the shows at least once. I do not believe that Kate has ever abused or has the potential to abuse her kids.
But since its Kate you put your hate glasses on and spin your lies.

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

There is no spin. It was reported on the examiner.

Funny how you pick and choose what to belive depending on how it fits your agenda.

What happened to Jon being the one responsible for the Apartment ransacking? After Hailey admitted she did write the note, everyone at Radar got all quiet. Yeah, keep living in the dark.

Drunk Kate abuses her kids with a spoon. Also, Kate "bus", guess what, there is a wooden spoon placed in the door pocket. Wonder what that is for? Yep, spanking and threatening.

I mean, just look at the bus pick up video where Kate yells at the kids. Look at how Alexis Backs up in FEAR.

The kids are VERY afraid of Kate.

Now, compare that to when Jon picks up the kids. The kids run to him and hug/kiss him. BIG DIFFERENCE from Child Abusing Kate.

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

Read the comments. Enough said! Won't be long til TLC employees start to troll those comment sections. LOL

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

More comments on Kate stupid hair. LOL

Sage said... [Reply]

Again, it is an unnamed source fro the National Enquirer! Who believes that crap but you!

I don't think you get it. Even if Kate gets negative comments, people are still commenting about her. That means she generates interest. Its been reported that OMG got over 9,000 hits about her hair. Someone sad on Extra that the People Mag. will probably be a best seller with her on the cover. Thats what it is all about making money for the magazines and TLC. Love or hate Kate people watch her and comment about her.

Even hate sites like this one and gwop mean people watch and are interested in what she does. what she wears, and how she wears her hair. Kate is a controversial person and that ain't bad. No matter how many times she gets hit she keeps on standing.

I have to repeat this if Jon believes that Kate is a drunk and abusing the kids why dosn't he report it to the judge? Where are the teachers and the kids doctors? How about the schoold bus driver? I work in a field of work that requires me to be in peoples homes. I have called CPS on child neglect and abuse and have never gotten in trouble for it. They have to be investigated within 24 hours.

You and others who say that the Gosselin kids are abused and neglected should be ashamed. You do a great dissevice to the kids who truly suffer from abuse and neglect. The Gosselin kids are very blessed.

Sage said... [Reply]

First of all TLC paid for the extensions for a special they filmed called Clean Slate Kate.
Second of all it does not cost 7,000 every 3 mos. God, you are a moron.
Finally how much do you think Jon'
s hair plugs cost?
Answer: 20,000. Jon told the hecklers at his Las Vegas pool party what the cost.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Sage get over yourself..It all about Kate w/the stupid kate fans..If Kate spent a million dollars on a hair do the idiots fans still would ok it..What so sad the sheeples do not care about the children..Kate thinks organic milk cost to much but she spends way to much money on herself,,The Selfish Bitch...

Sage said... [Reply]

Anon, I noticed how much you gwoptards aka child advocacy care about the kids. Calling their mother a bitch is real caring.

Kate is with her kids.Where is Jon. Laying all over some bimbo in a bar. If Jon banged 20 girls on the bar you gwoptards would find some excuse for him.

Just like you all looked the other way when he is prancing around in the backyard firing a gun.

You are right I am a Kate fan. And proud of it. She is the stable parent for those kids.

Get over myself....ha ha. How old are you 12?

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

Kate is NOT with her kids. Kate is with herself and her hair.

Jon was last seen pulling the kids on their sleds and Cara was riding her ATV with Jon.

Kate was over in DC shooting a pathetic Jay Leno skit. When she got home, she decided to have a picnic with Steve. LOL

Sage said... [Reply]

How many weeks ago was Jon pulling the kids on the sled? Jon said that Kate took the kids with her to DC.

Steve AND his wife were at Kate's house the day after XMAS. So just when is Jon with the kids. He has been in Utah sking with the new bank err I mean girlfriend. He has been in NY fighting with HaileyHo over the trashing of his apartment. He was seen out in NY with the ex hooker housewife, Just when has he been with the kids? Kate takes one day to get her hair done and by the sounds of it filming a special for TLC. For which she will get paid for. What has Jon been doing, scamming another young girl with rich parents.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Do you think Jon knows that Tila Tequila is available now? Now that is a cute couple Tila and Jon. LOL

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Tila,Jamie,Kate&Steve would make a good pair.Turd face fan jon see his children when it his time,turd a bit jealous of jon gals...How silly kate turds fans are..Sage ,who said you wasn't proud to be a puke face kate fan?the way u post here who wouldn't know?? TLC owns Kate & she like a bitch dog right behind them..Kate & Tiger Woods would make a great match...Kate a skank,which Tiger likes blonde skanks....

Anonymous said... [Reply]

8enough, jealous of Jon's hos. I don't think so. Steve on the other hand...well he is one hunk of a man! I wish Kate can find someone like him. Who wouldn't want Steve?

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Tiger Woods& Kate Gosselin are a match..Why is it the sheeples will say that Jon supporters don't respect the children when they degrade Kate?? Sheeples needs to read their posting about JON..Jon the dad just like Kate the mom..Sheeples to post about Jon like all of u have ,where the respect for the children? Remember Kate not the VIRGIN MARY..Sheeples Kate not the devoted Mom as everyone of you think she is..Jon made mistakes,so, Kate made mistakes as well,Kate a sneaky bitch dog with her mistakes but KARMA after the Fake Kate.....

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Who wants Steve,he just a average old looking man...Kate likes KOREAN MEN,now I do believe Kate/Steve at some point have connected in a lustful way b/c they travel together,he snoops up her azz like a dirty dog& ready to jump anytime..I know Steve wife got to know there something between Steve/kate,but Steve wife is like a lot of us likes the MONEY... Jon don't give a crap what people think of him that what I like about Jon, too, he draws interest no matter what people say about him..When Jon took money out of the account Kate knew about it b/c she had to agree for him to withdraw the money out,and then in her sneaky way she files that Jon stole the money..The sheeples don't know but sneaky Kate got some money hid that her children work for,and Steve is still ready for some more sexual humps on Kate..

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Kate/Steve& his wife are so close,Kate stays at Steve& his wife home when she not at her own home,I am wondering if Kate messing with Steve Son. It in the tabloids..There a celeb that fell in love with his step-daughter why living with the mother..He started sleeping with her when she was a teenager,which it broke his marriage up of 24years,now that is a scum that messes with a teenager while married to the mother,and should be throw under the jail....

NCL said... [Reply]

Your all just so mean and jealous of Kate.

Lauren said... [Reply]

OMG...I've been saying this for a month or so on another blog. I suspected Kate had something done. When Kate was interviewed by Barbara Walters here eyes looked different. I'm glad someone else things so.

sam said... [Reply]

She's really amaze me the way she looks in the picture..i love her so much.. thanks for sharing a great extensions

We Care India said... [Reply]

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NCL said... [Reply]

Makes me laugh that I made such an impression on Kate Haters that they feel it necessary to use NCL (The Real NCL)

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