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October 6, 2010

Review: Green Canteen by Green Virgin Products

Green Canteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle - Green Virgin Products.

Update: Just 1 month after usage, this stainless steel bottle has developed a small leak. I didn't even notice the crack until I discovered a little puddle under the bottle after letting it sit overnight.

Update 2: Green Virgin Products replaced my water bottle free of charge.  Thanks!

Original Post

Recently decided to dump my plastic bottle and shell out some cash for a stainless steel water bottle. After shuffling though several different bottles, I decided to go with the 750ml Green Canteen by 'Green Virgin Products".

Again, it's just a water bottle so don't expect much from it. Besides being stainless steel and a bit larger than expected, this is almost a perfect replacement of the water bottle I use to carry around.

Unlike plastic bottles, bottles made from Stainless steel or Glass, do not leach chemicals into your drinking water. (Why does Coke taste better in a glass bottle?).

The size of this thing is pretty big compared to a regular water bottle. (Aprox. 11x3) 750ml. I do sometimes feel a bit weird carrying this huge thing around. (Is that person going camping). No I'm not going camping. I'll probably just use this for home use. I'll be searching for a smaller one to carry around.

Does it make your water taste better? No. Being stainless steel, it will not add or take way anything. Using a TDS meter (Total Dissolve Solids) to test any water sitting in a plastic water bottle for long period of time, you can actually read how much crap is in the water. Plastic Bottles and aluminum can are made of toxic chemicals. I would try to limit my intake of chemicals such as BPA found in plastic bottles.

This is a great product and at only $8.95, you cannot find a better deal anywhere.  

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