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Exposing the lies and seeking truth doesn't = Hate. This is not a Kate Hate Site. A 'Kate Hate Site" wouldn't have "Shame on Kate AND Shame on Jon" in the reaction box.

Just a place where bloggers and commenters can share an open discussion on all things related to the Gosselins.

This blog was created to expose the spins and lies shared by the media and by several individuals who continue to spread filth and garbage for their own self-interests.

This blog will expose those who continue to spread lies as "truth" and those who base their beliefs and support for one individual based on those lies.
Pursuing Truth, Exposing Lies and Informing the Sheeple

January 27, 2010

A shot at love with Kate

These are just "rumors" and I am not sure if TLC is even going forward with a show featuring Kate. They can't even make up their mind. First it was a knockoff of "The Simple Life" featuring Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Now, it's a dating show. Maybe a knockoff of "A shot at Love with Tila Tequila"?.

They're just throwing out options and seeing how the "public" reacts to them. And so far it isn't good. Link:

Anyways, Stars magazine has an article out called 'Kate wants Date'. But the men or women must meet the following criteria:

1) Be at least 36 years old
2) Make at least 100k

(Did not mention gender requirements)
So Kate fans making over 100k, and at least 36 years old, you may have a shot at love with Kate.

January 22, 2010

Open Discussion for January

Everything goes here. Feel free to comment about anything here.

Why Jon needs a bodyguard. Kate fans wishing death on someone they don't even know personally.

samantha Sun, Jan 24, 2010, 3:06 PM

Someone needs to do the world a favor, and put a slug, in Jon Gosselin's cranium! He's a fat, ugly piece of S H I T! I'm tired of having his fugly face, and puerile antics, shoved down my throat 24-7. I would much rather read about other celebrities, than this ********** DIE JON DIE!

January 21, 2010

Sheeple volume 2 is out....

Proof the Children needs a bodyguard!
Since every tabloids out there is pro Kate and anti Jon. This cover was created to "uncover" the other side the the story.

Click here for volume 1.

January 20, 2010

Kate Gosselin is "Pissed" over having to take anger management classes?

Kate Gosselin Pissed Over Having to Take Anger Management Classes
Anyone see the irony in that headline? Hopefully she is getting the counseling she needs. Not sure how credible this site is, but it looks like they are just poking fun at Kate Gosselin. Just like Kaydar pokes fun at Jon and fabricate "evidence" by using MS Word to create fake emails and naming various "unnamed source" as references.
Sources close to Kate Gosselin have indicated that in addition to getting another ultra expensive new hairdo to up her chances of finding a new daddy for her kids, the newly divorced Ms. Gosselin is also being told by her manager to find time to attend some much needed anger management classes. “We decided that on a go-forward basis, we really need to work on Kate’s anger issues if she is going to be successful in future television endeavors, i.e. continuing to make both of us lots of money,” he said with a smile.

Happy couple?

Don't they look wonderful together? Glad to see that Jon is settling down and finding someone who has it together. She gets along with her parents, unlike Kate. She's educated unlike Jon and Kate. Seems like a nice girl.

Have no idea why she's interested in Jon or what she see's in him. Maybe he is just a nice, sweet guy? But at least we know she's not after his money (something he doesn't have anyways). Not sure what to think of this relationship other than thank goodness she isn't connected to any of the fame-whore in the same inner circle of friends. (Hailey Glassman, Lohan, Kate Majors and their Lawyer) I bet Skanktoro also connected to that Lawyer.

It's just "interesting" that Jon moved on so quick. Is this woman the reason why Hailey trashed Jon's apartment?

Jon Gosselin's New Girlfriend is a Wealthy Brainiac
New details about Jon Gosselin's new girlfriend have emerged. Gosselin's girlfriend is a 25-year-old Emory graduate who plans on attending law school. We bet Jon finds the whole law thing to be an added bonus, as it could one day result in free legal advice, which is something it's pretty clear that Jon is going to be in need of for the rest of his life.

January 18, 2010

Skanktoro seen helping Kate and the Kids "shucking" corns?

Back to the top.  To point out how Kate and Stephanie Santoro "Skanktoro" are working in collusion with Kate & TLC.

Interesting no? Seeing how Kate didn't APPROVE of this women watching her KIDS!
So Kate and Stephanie are WORKING TOGETHER to bring Jon down. Here we see Stephanie Santoro helping the kids shuck corns. This is from "Farm to Table" episode where Kate took the kids to Henry's Farm. This AFTER Kate claimed she has never met Skanktoro.

And those idiots at Radar are claiming it isn't Stephanie. They're being lied to, and are too DUMB to figure it out. No wonder they support Kate. You're looking and these pics and saying so what...  So what?  This is Skanktoro in the episode "Farm to Table".  It was Kate's custody day.  So what is Skanktoro doing here with the kids?

Pay close attention to the Purple shirt. Notice how its the SAME purple shirt she wore in the Radar Interview.

More pics below. (click continue reading).

January 16, 2010

The TRUTH is out. TLC is suing Jon because Jon put a stop to the filming of his kids

Flashback!  Foxphilly was right with their assessment.  TLC only went after Jon because he took the kids away.  Now that Jon lifted his objections, TLC is no longer suing Jon. hmmm!

Yep, according to FOX, TLC is suing Jon in retaliation for taking the kids away. This is the only reason why TLC is suing Jon for breach of contract and not Kate.

Kate's "new show" is filmed in South Carolina, where Child Labor laws are less stringent than that of PA. Kate doesn't really have a "New show". TLC is HOPING that the kids will be able to continue filming. And they're hoping that the Lawsuit against Jon would break him into bankruptcy and force Jon to allow the kids to film.

How low will TLC and Kate go? Pretty damn low.
Quoted from: December 2009

TLC is also in court this Thursday in Maryland to get Jon Gosselin to drop his objections over his children being filmed by TLC, as part of its breech of contract suit against him.

Full article here: LINK

January 15, 2010

Kate picks up the kids. Notice no hugging or smiling.

Update: Kate smacks Joel in the face because he just wanted to say Hi mommy. You won't find these images on kaydar. Just look at Kate's face. You can see she did it out of anger. She wasn't "playing" with him, she actually wanted to shut him up and did it with force. I can't imagine what goes on in that house when there are no cameras around. Good thing Kate isn't at home all that often.

The kids are returning home from school. Notice Kate again yelling out orders while the kids look sad, tired and disappointed. No connection between Kate and the kids. No interaction, no smiles no hug. She's just doing her "job". Not to mention she looks ridiculous. LOL

I mean pathetic. She's the "primary" caregiver right? And for the 1st time in two months, she decides to go pick them up? And for what? Just to show off that mop on her head? The kids don't look too happy. That Asian nanny should just be the one to greet the kids and pick them up instead of Kate. I mean, the kids just want to get off the bus, go home and have a snack. Instead, Kate has to line them up in the bus, make sure they fold their hands and pose for the camera before they can leave the bus.

Just another failed photo-op. Next time Kate, demand the kids to smile. That's the only way they will smile when you're with them.

Compare that to this shot. Need I say more?

LOL, Kate's real name is "Katie" Irene Kreider

Did she change her name just so that it rhymed with the show?  Jon and "Kate" plus Eight?

She is  no longer a Gosselin, and her real name isn't even Kate. Therefore  Kate Gosselin = Fake.

Kate Gosselin is just a Brand owned and operated by TLC.
It's Katie Kredier DBA: Kate Gosselin.

Of course Jon's real name is Jonathon, but still.


Also, I believe the "kids are depressed because Kate is gone" is just damage control.  The kids are already use to Kate being gone for months on end.  The real story?  Maybe the kids are depressed because Jon is forced to leave the konpound?   Kate is away and they want Jon home.  The kids are always happy when Jon is home.  

The kids didn't look too happy at all when Kate returned to the konpound. Remember, Kate was gone for weeks. No pictures of the kids running to Kate to hug her I see. I bet when she arrived, the kids just looked at her in disgust. "whatchu doin here lady?".

Which explains why the paps only decided to upload pictures of the kids with this new guy. I mean, if Kate is doing this all for the kids, and her kids are her #1 priority, why not hug them and kiss them when she gets home. Instead of hiding in her pad lock room and kicking her kids out to play when some stranger.

January 13, 2010

Eight Lil' Piles

Kate's new book has been leaked..

(right click, view image) to see larger file.

January 10, 2010

Which parent has a better relationship with their kids?

While Kate is busy taking the kids to do interviews and 6 hour photo-shoots, Jon takes his time to actually get to know them. This is why the kids are more close to Jon than to Kate. Kate is busy using them for her fame/fortune. And even cried about it when Jon stopped the kids from filming. Kate can continue to film, but she still whined like a little girl.

Anyone see Kate hair-do clip? All that screaming just because she was getting her hair done? Why is she screaming and overly dramatic? I'm surprised no one was annoyed by that.

But, from the looks of the final outcome, it looks like the people who were working on Kate's hair was on Team Jon.

Sheeple Magazine reveals J&K +8 to continue!

Update: 1/12/10

Kate hates her hair!
After watching the Insider at the moment and they report that when Kate went home with her new hairstyle, the twins burst into laughter and Kate went crying to her bedroom. Apparently she hates it!!

LOL! What a freaking joke. I bet the staffs were laughing their @$$ off while Kate was prancing around in this wig.

Notice the extensive "blurring and softing" of Kate's face and other areas. Those guy in the graphics department must have been working overtime.
Kate told People that she's giving herself a fresh start by putting a not-so-fresh weave on top of her head, "I'm starting over. It's good to have hair again. I never thought I'd have short hair for as long as I did. I feel like this is a fresh start, a fresh me, a fresh life. I'm rebuilding. There's no option for this not to be a good year. Now I get to start over with a new self and new goals."
How many times can this woman talk about HERself in one paragraph? This new do is just a pathetic attempt to get back into the spotlight. "You can't polish turd".

So, instead of starting off the new year by spending quality time with her kids, (maybe a trip to the Statue of Liberty) which was canceled because J&K+8 was put to a halt. Kate instead did what she always does. Spend 7k and 20/hrs on HERSELF. Not surprising. This is Kate we're talking about here. The same woman who complained that organic milk was expensive and the same moron that stated she was going to buy a new ring the same day she couldn't pay the bills. How much more can this tool make an @$$ of herself and still have sheeples all over worship the ground she shlts on. LOL

Wonder how the woman who chopped their hair in favor of the backward mullet feels now that Kate has a new do? I bet they feel stupid.

Jon & Kate Spoofs

Jon and Kate just purchased a few new bunk beds. Jon wants to get it all over and done with. But Kate insists the boys must have their nap time.

Jon requests that the boys go down in the basement to play or nap. But Kate refuses and gets her way.

Coming Soon. Kate and Beth secret meeting during the Utah trip.

January 8, 2010

The sheeple needs help. They're pretending to be Kate, making Fake twitter accounts.

I understand how some sheeple can support Kate 100% and worship her every move, (they're crazy), but what I don't understand is why and how they can "pretend" to be her. I mean just read their "tweets", they're actually pretending to live as Kate Gosselin.

(ie.) Saw my kids today, They gave me a hug, Jon is getting on my nerve!

We all know Kate isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but some of the "tweets" are poorly written with horrible grammar and bad spelling. I mean 5x much worse than this blog.

Fake Kate is on Twitter:

Just in case you didn't believe she was the real Kate...

Actual Tweets:
Name: Kate Gosselin
Location: Pensillvania

- Kids very excited about Christmas. Geting Tree up soon...
- Sorry I havent said anything latly. I have the flu.
- I am getting really frustraded with my life. But my kids are well and that is all I need
- Kids absulutly LOVE school expecially Leah
- cara and mady did not want to go to school today, they are so cute when they beg
- ok just to tell you all, the show may be stoped cuz of Jon. and also because he thinks it is bad for our kids. THE SHOW IS GOOD FOR OUR KIDS

Is Kate spelling really this bad? I mean she misspelled Pennsylvania. Her own state. No wonder Kate needs a bodyguard, her fans are just crazy. Pretending to be Kate and TWEETING about it.

Another one.
Another fake twitter account. Probably some 14yo girl. Noticed that she is following the Jonas Brother. 34yo woman following the Jonas? LOL

January 7, 2010

Kate Gosselin eye lift - eye surgery gone wrong!

UPDATE: Kate new hair cost over $7,000. And she has to get it redone every couple of months. Nice to see the money the court gave to her in the settlement is going into something good. But Organic Milk is TOO Expensive.


Still denying that Kate Gosselin didn't get any work done on her eyes? I feel bad for the kids to have this monster stare and yell at them on a daily basis. No wonder the kids look awkward when Kate tries to hug them. I mean, if this thing wanted to hug you, what would you do?

Before (right) / After (left)

Video: Kate Gosselin wishes she was Korean.

And this is with makeup on. If only she can walk around with a computer screen in front of her face, showing her photoshopped/airbrushed face. LOL

January 6, 2010

Kate Gosselin proclaims to be "King of the world". Lazy bitch sits on her ass and yells orders.

1) She claims to be "King of the World". (Not Queen, King).....
- Her or should I say "his?" accomplishments: 8 kids
- Was she born to royalty?
- Who gave her the thrown? Hitler?

2) She sits on her white plastic chair while screaming out orders to Jon.
- All while Jon is spending time with the kids.
- He even tells her "Not right now, maybe AFTER I play with them".
- What does she need done? For Jon to move a few little plastic table away from the cabinets. Wait what? Yes, to get Jon to move a tables away from the cabinets. Why couldn't King Kate to it herself? No sure. Maybe someone had to watch the throne (white plastic chair).
- Remember the "Pumpkin Patch" Episode. While Jon and the kids were carving pumpkins, Kate out of now where decides to clean up the table. Jon and the kids were still carving the pumpkins. Kate likes to ruin the moment (party pooper).

3) After it's all said and done, Jon bathed the kids, dressed them, and tucked them all to bed. He still got things done. So where did (lazy) come from? Who sat on the chair all day?
- What did Kate do in this episode? Put 1 pair of shoes away and screamed the entire time to get the cameras pointed in her direction because all the attention was on the kids and Jon playing.
- Mady even pokes fun at Kate. "All she did today was sit on the chair and yell out orders. Really, that's all she does". Nice isn't it? Kate is being a great example to her kids. Sit on the chair and let other people do your work. We are the Gosselins, and we have spoken.

I am not 'hating', just stating the obvious.

January 5, 2010

Another one of those moments. Kate interrupting and correcting Jon

Hailey unintentionally admits guilt

Update: 1/11/10 Jon is going forward and pressing charges against Hailey for destroying his apartment. Good! She deserves to go to jail and Jon has every right to press charges. You can't trash someone's apartment and expect to get a free pass. Maybe now Hailey can STFU.

And yes, I was correct all along. Hailey was the guilty party. She not only did it out of anger but she did it as a publicity stunt for her boxing promotion.

Hailey's abuse claim not nothing more than a PR stunt.

How sad this "talentless idiot" has to resort to naming calling and Jon bashing to get herself in the media. Her "twitter" is filled with nothing but Jon bashing. LOL If he's that bad, why the hell did you live with him for so long AND pay rent?

UPDATE #2: Jon was only in the apartment for 60 secs before he went down to report the damages. Hailey, you're in deep doo doo!

UPDATE: Hailey admitted to taking the TV after Security Footage shows her taking it. Like I said in the very beginning. Hailey did it.

Hailey also admitted to writing the "note" to the police. The next step would be to have the knife fingerprinted and see how the fingerprints are laid out. If her prints lined up into a hand that forms a "Stabbing" motion, Hailey will be in trouble.

Hailey is planning to speak with police -- with her lawyer present -- about the situation, a source close to the situation told exclusively.

Hailey is furious and sources close to her tell Radar that she's accusing Jon of seeking media attention by trying to get her arrested.
Instead of saying I didn't do it and I will talk to the police. The guilty party calls for a lawyer to be present.

"Hailey is furious and sources close to her tell Radar that she's accusing Jon of seeking media attention by trying to get her arrested."

No Hailey, he's having you talk to the police because you trashed his apartment. Idiot. And if you get arrested, it's your own dumb fault. If you were "innocent" you wouldn't need a lawyer.

This is the apartment complex where it all happened. I'm pretty sure there's a security camera all over the front office / lobby. The cops should really look into that.

January 2, 2010

A horse is a horse, of course of course!

Just for laughs. The resemblance is quite shocking. Clips taken from Hot Air Balloon ride, Kate making up a word - "Gasseousness" scene...

Kate Gosselin before the impants was flat as a board.

More revealing pics here.

Back to the top. To expose how phony Kate is. So much for being a Christian and being happy the way God made you.

Kate has gone under the knife at least 3 times.
1) Tummy Tuck: Free
2) Eye Lifts: $2-5k - to Look more Asian
3) Implants - from A cup to... $10-15K+

4) Fake Hair Extension: $7k every 1-3 months
Some have said that she even received botox treatments and other minor work on her face.

Who does she think she is? A "hot" celebrity? She isn't "hot" or even a "celebrity". Get over yourself Kate!

Kate is not a "sex" symbol, no matter how much she tries to tell herself she is. She is a mother of eight and a total bitch. Getting this boob job and eye lift exposes the mental state of this woman. I understand the tummy tuck, that I don't have a problem with.

But a boob job at her old age? Midlife crises? An Eye Lift to look more "Korean"?

This woman clearly has issues and is not a fit to be a mother. As many have suggested, Kate needs to seek therapy. She still going around pimping her kids and allowing TLC to harass the single father of eight. Even after all this work, she still looks like ass. LOL I mean 34 years old and she got the Boob Job at what? Age 33? To put things into perspective, Imagine someone putting chrome rims on an old rusty, Ford Pinto.

There will be a few sheeples who will come in and say "you're just jealous". My response is, see pic below. LOL!

Reminds me of a walrus leaning onto a glacier. (I know comparing Kate to a walrus is an insult to walruses, and for that I apologize.)

Sorry, but Kate is NOT attractive. Not even close. You don't see guys asking for her autograph do you? It's mostly short haired women, who are living vicariously thru Kate. (If you can do it with 8, I can do it with 1). Nice logic there genius. 1st of all, Kate has 2 full-time nannies, and a babysitter watching over the kids while she prances around the mall with her bff, or travels to Maryland to visit her paid best buddy in the whole wide world.

Not for the differences between Jon supporters and Kate supporters.

Kate supporters support Kate because they see themselves as Kate. Not sure exactly what else they see in her besides themselves.

Jon Supporters support Jon because he truly loves his kids. And at the end of the day, that's all that matters. It's the kids.

He was also a victim of physical and verbal abuse for 10+ years. Why didn't Jon leave? Simple, he stayed for his kids. I'm surprised it was Kate that left him!

Remember, it was Kate who left Jon in October of 2008. Also, Kate was so lazy, she didn't even fill her own gas tank! What a tool. She also didn't even buy her own clothes. This women, Kate Gosselin, slept in til 9am while Jon woke up to dress and fed the kids. Season 1 - 4 shows Kate being a lazy bitch.  She sits on her plastic white chair and screams out orders.  When she gets into the van, and "forgets" her cell phone or bottled water, what does she do? Screams at Jon to go get it.  Wow! This is just a FEW examples of why Kate is a total douche. Not to mention how she denied her own kid water.

The only answer those sheeples have in response to this is, "you're just jealous". LOL good one!

Kate Gosselin is way past her prime.  Although 34, she looks to be in her mid fifty.  She has no business flaunting her fake goods when she has 8 kids to care for.  Same goes for Jon Gosselin.  Keep your shirt on.