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Exposing the lies and seeking truth doesn't = Hate. This is not a Kate Hate Site. A 'Kate Hate Site" wouldn't have "Shame on Kate AND Shame on Jon" in the reaction box.

Just a place where bloggers and commenters can share an open discussion on all things related to the Gosselins.

This blog was created to expose the spins and lies shared by the media and by several individuals who continue to spread filth and garbage for their own self-interests.

This blog will expose those who continue to spread lies as "truth" and those who base their beliefs and support for one individual based on those lies.
Pursuing Truth, Exposing Lies and Informing the Sheeple

March 19, 2011

Kate Gosselin smiles at the Pap (Steve?)

So much for "hating" the Paprazzi.  Looks like she misses the attention.   Just look at the expression of her face.  A nobody, trying to be a somebody.

Remember what Kate use to look like before she had work done to her?

Kate Gosselin celebrates her birthday away from her kids.  Instead, decides to prance around NY with Jamie Ayers and Steve.  Kate not with her kids.  What's new?  But hey, she has a show where you'll get to see her go on trips with the kids and talks about how much of a good mother she is.  Coming from Kate, it must be true right?

In other news, the wicked tramp of the east will air Monday, April 4th, just  3 days after Jon's birthday.  Is this TLC / Kate's ways of giving it to Jon?

See more photos here: GossipCenter

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jj@thelyingchannel said... [Reply]

Kate Gosselin smiles for the paps once again.

jj@thelyingchannel said... [Reply]

Look at this HUGE smiles. Remember, how she preaches about "hating" the Paparazzi?

She NEVER SMILES this much with her own kids. hmmm.

Kate smiles

JENSPAL said... [Reply]

They're just trying to drum up publicity for the upcoming show.

Side note: I made my monthly trip to Books-A-Million. Kate's books are still in the clearance bins marked down to a dollar AND now her DVD's are marked down to $4.00 for each season! I got pics LOL

jj@thelyingchannel said... [Reply]

Thanks for the pictures Jen!

Jon & Kate DVD's in the clearance bin.

$4 J&K DVD 1

$4 J&K DVD 2

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