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January 10, 2012

Watts Premier RO-Pure Water Filteration system review

Affordable Clean, Refreshing Drinking water for your home? 

Everyone probably has a Water Filtration unit in their home.  In theory, buying one of these system is cheaper in the long run when compared to water bottles.

We purchase this unit (Watts Premier RO-PURE) for our home just 6 months ago to replace our aging unit that was way too expensive to repair.    That previous unit lasted 3 years until it finally  had to go.

So we decided to purchase this unit because of how easy it was to change the filters.  Overall, the installation process was simple since all we had to do was remove the old unit and replace it with this one.

After installation, we flushed the unit 5 times.  (Manual recommended 3 times).  However, even after flushing it 5 times, we got this horrible rubber taste in the water.  So we flushed it 3 more times and eventually that taste went away.

Once the rubber taste was gone, the water tasted just fine. However water is suppose to taste.  Clean, refreshing drinking water.

Surprisingly, this unit was pretty quiet compared to our previous unit.  No gurgling sound or air leaking noise at all. 

Fast forward to 6 months and the faucet is now leaking.  We went through the steps to clean the drain tube and shorten it so that there was not looping effect on the hose but it was still leaking pretty bad.

After contacting Watt's Premier, we were told that we had to purchase a new faucet costing over $55.  You would think that a product will at least have some type of Warranty?   Especially from a company which claims to have the "best warranty on the market". 
Watts Premier Inc. stands behind every product we sell, we offer the best system warranty on the market. 
Best warranty on the market is to tell your customers to buy a new faucet?   You would think a $60 faucet would last longer than 6 months.....

And to make matters worse, their replacement filter cost $60, which needs to be replaced every 6 months.   Now, if their faucets only last 6 month, that means the maintenance cost of this units is $120 every 6 months.  Is it worth it? 

I would avoid this unit at all cost.  Do yourself a favor and get something better. 

1) Easy filter changes
2) Easy installations

1) Cheap plastic connectors
2) Cost of unit ($199 - 250)
3) Poor Warranty
4) Cost of replacement filters ($60 every 6 months)
5) Our faucet failed after just 7 months

Ratings: Watts Premier RO-PURE Filtration system

I give this unit a 2 out of 10.

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jj@thelyingchannel said... [Reply]

Update! After contacting Watts for a warranty replacement for the faucet, they suggested that I bypassed the "air gap system". By splicing a few lines and connected the black hose to a blue hose.

Thereby defeating the purpose of an air gap faucet. Which is recommend to prevent backup water from contaminating the water filtration system.

Excellent customer service.... Instead of giving me a new faucet, they decided that it was too expensive for them. Apparently, this is a KNOWN issues with their systems. So, instead they rather have us drink contaminated water.

Which is dirtier than tap water. Nice!

Teresa said... [Reply]

Guess no refund huh?

jj@thelyingchannel said... [Reply]


Nope, no refund, and no warranty replacement.

Instead, we used an old faucet from our previous install.

Unknown said... [Reply]

$60 for a filter? You need to get with Costco. It's $50~ for a year's worth of filters.

Adam Waddy said... [Reply]

Unfiltered water might have many impurities in it and I think by using a filter, you are saving plenty of money because you wont fall sick because of impure water.

James Gerber said... [Reply]

My family used water which had smell bad in the nearest time so I found the water purifier and was introduced by neighbors about reverse osmosis system. Thanks for sharing!

Premiere Sales said... [Reply]

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Thank you!

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