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This blog was created to expose the spins and lies shared by the media and by several individuals who continue to spread filth and garbage for their own self-interests.

This blog will expose those who continue to spread lies as "truth" and those who base their beliefs and support for one individual based on those lies.
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December 30, 2010

Men Victimized by Domestic Relations Berks County PA

A story from a man that lost everything, including his mind after being taken by the Berks County Court System. While working in Sales for Kia, he took in $0 after his wages were garnished by the State. Very interesting read. Just shows how fucked up the court system is, especially in PA.

Men Victimized by Domestic Relations Berks County PA

Since 2002 when my divorce was finalized, I have slowly and painfully had my life destroyed by Berks County PA, Domestic Relations.

This is an organization lead by a man named Judge Scott Lash. He and his cohorts are sworn into ten year terms and have set themselves up with immunity from being held accountable for the atrocities they commit. Indeed, Scott Lash is a terrorist of the worst sort. Osama Bin Laden is a terrorist, Saddam Hussein was a terrorist, neither of whom have inflicted the damage to myself and my family that Scott Lash and his cohorts have.

The problem seems to be that as pointed out by Attorney David Collechia of Westmoeland County where I currently reside, is that Berks County has created their own rules around Domestic Relations procedures and ignore Pennsylvania State Guidelines. They also place great emphasis on a mans "capacity to earn". In my case, I worked for 22 years for AT&T/Lucent Technologies. I worked my way through the corporation until attaining a mid level manager position with a salary or $68,000. I have NO advanced degree, indeed my only degree is in English Literature. It is the position of Lash and his cohorts that I should have been able to move into a similar position regardless of my skill set or training level. I was blessed to work for a great company that offered career growth to individuals who had a desire to move up. A company the size of Lucent is a world within itself offering caterer opportunity and networking capability.

My debacle began when in August of 2001, my paycheck was garnished for $1500. This was a complete surprise to me but this is where the insidious nature of Berks County Domestic Relations begins. In any other county there would have been a hearing in front of a hearing officer before the order is issued. Lash and company ignore that rule. As a result this order has never gone away. I have attempted multiple times to request a modification and have been denied and jerked around for the last 5 years.

What follows is a direct result of the actions of Berks County Domestic Relations, lead by terrorist Judge Lash. Since, after being laid off by Lucent, I was never able to secure a position that could meet the order financially my arrears build monthly to where thy have now hit $30,000. Any job I took was garnished at a rate of 55%. This would consistently leave me with virtually no means to support myself nor provide a home for my daughter. My home has been in and out of foreclosure four times in the last five years. I have taken food from food banks, was never eligible for any public assistance because they look at total salary, ignoring Domestic Relations. I continued to try to find work that would meet the order as my arrears continue to build and have been summoned to Berks County every six months for contempt hearings. In 2003 the pressure got to me and I became suicidal ending up in a mental health facility. Recovering from that, I went back to the job search taking a position as Manager of Therapy Operations Allserve Therapy. With a salary of 28,000/year + incentives, it was an opportunity to potentially make enough money to meet the order. After 55% of my pay was taken out of every paycheck, I was only getting less that $100 per week while working 60 + hours per week. This situation as every other prevented me from paying bills, resulted in multiple foreclosure events, feeding myself, and having enough money to be a parent. This is the most bizarre notion of Berks County. At one of my many contempt hearings. Judge Maryanne Campbell, told the entire court, when a father complained about not having enough money to do things with his child when he had her for a week end, Campbell's response was that Berks County Domestic Relations makes sure when they calculate child support they assure that the father has the financial means to indeed be a father. I have personally challenged the Judicial terrorists in Reading to explain how that works in my case. They will not answer. I have questioned a man named Raymond Stabisky, a public servant in Domestic Relations for help in understanding my case. I have an email from him basically telling me to get lost. My final attempt to make good was last year when I took a job at a new KIA franchise. I worked there from June 2005 through August of 2005. In July I was salesman of the month. I know i could have been successful there but the icing on the cake was when for thee weeks in a row I received 0$ as take home pay while Berks County got their 55%. This ridiculous situation resulted in a complete mental break down on my part. Currently, I am mentally disabled, my disability checks are garnished at 55% leaving me with $650. My food bill is about $400 pr month with an additional $400 in household expenses. Do the math. Not only do I remain in a dire situation from that standpoint, I can not pay to receive the medical treatment I need. My arrears continue to mount, my physical and mental condition continues to deteriorate, I have a summons for a contempt hearing on March 15 2007. I have no means of paying a lawyer, indeed, I have no means to even travel to Reading. This is in spite of the fact that I am currently paying $1200 per month to Domestic Relations.

The great shame here is that this whole debacle has been driven by an angry, vindictive woman and her attorney who know how to manipulate a system that is geared towards the rights of women. At my last Modification hearing the two of them provided false testimony to the Judge Longnecker who accepted the false testimony knowingly and used it to my detriment. This is most insidious. I have an email from 2001 where my ex-wife states that she would agree that to order should be modifiable. That was a ploy to get me to sign off. It is very plain that the attorney told her to go ahead and agree, while he knew full well that he could lead Berks County Domestic Relations around by the nose.

So know we have this attorney who ignored state guidelines and pushed for distribution of assets while a bankruptcy was active. The same attorney Sobotka, provides false testimony to the court. My most recent summons from Berks County says that the order was last modified in March of 2003, when it was actually modified twice since then. There is an amount stated as my arrears which includes the money applied against me based on the false testimony accepted by Longnecker, and also includes child support for a child who has not been living with her mother since noon of her 18th birthday when she was able to escape her mother and on her moved out to be close to me. She was not able to graduate high school. She suffered a pregnancy/abortion at age 14, and became a mother at 18. What a wonderful testament to Berks County. They have destroyed my life, indeed they are responsible for causing me disability. They kept my daughter in an extremely abusive situation, while pandering to the demands of an angry woman who has no health problems, no financial/credit problems, even while she was receiving NO money from me.

How ridiculous you re Scott Lash. Why not try being a man? Stand up and admit that your group has bungle and butchered this case from day one. There is no way I can possibly fair treatment in Reading. Be a man! take charge! Turn this case over to an independent arbitrator! It is very clear that Berks County Domestic Relations has not done proper diligence in this case. The record keeping is inaccurate. I have a letter from a previous attorney that says Judge Lash does favors. I don;t know how this ends up. Right know I believe my only option is to allow myself to be arrested, begin a hunger strike in Berks County Prison, and hope that my case can receive the exposure it needs, before I die in jail.

Link to article.

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lukebandit said... [Reply]

jj, this has to be the same judge who Ok'd kate/TLC to drag the kids to film and work in Austrailia. The judge said it was ok because it was for work. well that is kate. not the kids.
She is so unbelievably evil. i beleive that gina and PurseBoy went to NZ last fall and they got a divorce. this trip i believe is to meet the family and they are getting married. kate promises the kids that mommy and PurseBoy will be together always/forever.
I want to upchuck.

JENSPAL said... [Reply]

Sadly this is the case everywhere in PA. None of the judges there ever do ANYTHING in the best interest of the child. It's more or less a popularity contest between judges, lawyers and clients. Judges are blinded by money and status in 99% of PA cases. It's going to take someone with big balls and a bigger wallet to bring this to national attention and demand an investigation by the federal government.

jj@thelyingchannel said... [Reply]

Could very well be the same idiot who gave Kate the "go-ahed" to drag her kids away and Film her reality show all the way on the other side of the planet.

Imagine what would happened to Jon if he drag his kids to Europe while Kate whined and bitched about it here. She would be given front page coverage and Jon would have been demonized to the fullest.

Just a double standard. And it's really sad to see how the court system can ruin a person's lives. I wish all him the best.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

hmmmm i believe the liar is the man telling the story. child support is not allowed to go beyond 50% of his income PERIOD! they go by a book/guidelines PERIOD, this is why they say you don't need an attorney because an attorney can't help you. 1st mistake men/women paying support make is that if income goes down they do not immediately file for modification of the court order AND it is never denied w/out a hearing. at that hearing you need a piece of paper showing the proof and they will lower. complain all you want, both sides do and some rightfully so; however, domestic relations goes completely by the guidelines and there is no way around that! if you don't like it, don't have children. put more energy into loving your children and financially supporting your children. next time my kids need food i'll tell them, oh well mommy can't afford it this month, maybe you can eat next month RIGHT!!! your kids did not ask to be born, you created them, quit bitching and take care of them like they deserve!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

also, since when do the Judges/Attorneys run DR? you get a hearing officer and in the 18 years that i have gone there, never once saw a Judge or needed an attorney. if YOU are seeing a Judge then YOU have not been paying, everyone knows that if you even pay 10% of what is owed per month faithfully every month they do NOTHING to come after you. the ones who just don't pay at all are the ones who go in front of a judge and most of the judges have zero tolerance for adults who do not provided for the children they brought into this world. move to New Jersey where they throw you in jail every 6 months if you think BC is so bad.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Anon--I've had the exact same experience as the man telling the story. Same judge. Only, I was a stay at home mom. My kids were taken from me by judge lash and given to my abusive ex. My CS was based upon my ability to earn, not my income. Remember, I was a stay at home mom. It took me 3 months to find a job. By that time, I was already 6 months behind on CS because it took 3 months to get to court. Lash signed an order to freeze my assets--which actually was a bank account with my husband. In other words, my new husband's money. It was 2 weeks before Christmas and they took every penny we had. My ex makes 40,000 a year more than I do.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

To the Anonymous writer you are a pompous lier and you are full of it and only reason you write what you write is because you unfortunately work for the Domestic Relations/Child Support and being that I know this you say you have 18 years dealing with them but truthfully you have 18 years working for them and sorry to tell you that you do so need an attorney and it dose say it on every piece of paper work u get as well as it says have your attorney contact them if their are any questions ........

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I am late finding this article but thank you...Lancaster counter is no better!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

WOW!!! Westmorland co. is the same, and yes for the past 3 years they have taken 55% of my pay leaving me with about $250.00/month to live on. Also have been picked up at work for being just 2 weeks behind in cs. I cant wait till the day domestic relations get whats coming to them.

Jennifer Stephens Himmelberger said... [Reply]

Please I ask you to please e-mail me your name and story. i have been batteling with Judge Lash and the Courts for 5 years to get my children back. I to was an at home mother until my divorce and I had seizures with my last pregnancy, after my divorce and my children were taken from me and custody awarded to my ex-mother in law. Who, by coincidence, is judge Bocabella's cousin. They found a loophole in our system here in Berks Coount that my ex-husband could relinquish all his custodial rights to his mother so he would never be made to pay support but has been living in the home of his mother, after Judge Lash stated in our court order he is allowed to live there but not spend overnights with the children. I now stand accused of child abuse, which I had eye witness testamonies that the child was free and clear while in school and 5 minutes prior to leaving my home. Yet Judge Lash ordered my son removed from my home pending the outcome of the investigation and ordered full temp. custody to his father, who has been arrested multiple times for drugs, DUI, domestic violence, simple assult and is currently on 5 years probation/parole. My son was forced by his father to tell a lie that I hit him to cover for his girlfriend's daughter closing his head in a car door. I have my 5 year old recorded that I never ever hit him. Judge Lash has now taken all of my children from me and with the allegation of possible abuse and CYS investigation I can not complete Nursing School. He has now taken my children, my career and my life and rapped me of any future in this town. Judge Lash is rapping me over and over again, and I to have become disabled due to all of this. I am fighting back and have even written letters to the PA Judicial Ethical Investigation Board. They dismissed my claim with no further measures being taken. I am now in the process of writing to the F.B.I.'s local political corruption board for investigation. Your story and any supporting evidence would greatly help. This mission I am on is not only to save my children and my life but for everyone who has encountered the corrupt rulings of Judge Lash. I need all of the support and help i can get from anyone who has had unjust rulings from Judge Scott Lash.
my person e-mail is
i will anxiously await your response.

Timon berg said... [Reply]

These articles and blogs are truly enough for me for a day.
Relationships by Jordan Pusle

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Yes, they are all raping bastards! I went through a divorce and was given an order to pay a set amount to The Domestic Relations Suction! The order was issued in September of 1992 but didn’t become binding till November. I began paying my ex wife the precise sum ordered weekly, from September till November. When the order did finally take effect, they held me in arrears for two months because I didn’t process the payments through the Gulag. I met with my pompous ass orifficer who told me that, since I didn’t process the payments through their office I wouldn’t receive credit for payments unless my ex wife verified that the payments applied. Even though the payments were in the exact amount ordered. My pompous ass “orifficer” told me that if my ex wanted to give me credit for the payments he “Might be able to apply the credit.” Pompous ass, Bryan, then warned me that my payments could be considered a gift at which time my support order would be increased accordingly. My ex wife’s cocain addict boyfriend persuaded her to lie and give me no credit for payments received. They withheld 100% of my pay two months. There I was, living in my car from November to January. They took everything. After arrears were finally satisfied, I paid faithfully and when my son turned seventeen my ex wife decided she no longer wished to receive the payments. She wanted to relieve me of the obligation. It was then when the arrogant bastards went into full speed. They denied my ex wife’s request for relief and attempted to strong arm me into continued payments, threatening punitive action should I fail to comply, even though my ex wife no longer wanted to collect. It took multiple contacts from my exwife till the pompous ass reluctantly closed my case. Think that is bad? I had a neighbor who, even though he proved by paternity test the child wasn’t his, was ordered by pompous ass The honor less judge Art Grim to pay anyway. And if that wasn’t bad enough, once the kid turned eighteen and the order was fulfilled, the pompous ass judge Art Grim ordered my neighbor to pay for his mothers up keep in Berks Heim. Art Grim is a totally pompous ass. These arrogant idiots should take their heads out of each others asses and at least be accountable to the people who sacrifice to pay the useless ass salaries.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Oh. . . .And disregard the propaganda spewed by the obvious arrogant Berks County Domestic Relations Suction employee dated June 1 2011

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Yes your right they hate men and favor the women we need somebody to stick up for the mens rights

Anonymous said... [Reply]

The Problem

The government of Berks County must follow the same rules of justice and equality as set forth in the Constitution of the United States of America just as I.

The situation is -
• It is not my x is taking my money; it is the government of Berks County.
• So, it is not my x but the government whom I need to determine if I need to take back the money from if they were not justice and equal.

The problem is -
• The people in the government who determine if they can take my money are the same people who determine if they are just, honest, not making mistakes and unbiased.
• The people in the government who determine if they can take my money are the same people who can garnish me as long as it takes to get money from me as well as determine if they want to impose additional charges and fees.
• Since the government court systems are intrinsically biased in their favor, one cannot correct the problem in the government’s courts.

What happened -
• In my case, these people (Judges, Domestic Relations and layers) in the government of Berks County knowingly lied, made mistakes being completely incompetent, refused to consider all the facts and showed extreme prejudice.
• Therefore, the Pennsylvania state government must return my money.

Solution -
• I have the right to have ALL money that was taken needs to be returned.
• I have the right to claim penalties due to the lies, mistakes, and prejudice.
• I have the right to claim interest
• I also have right to garnish the government for as long as it takes to pay back my money.

Action steps –
• Deduct all money taken (alimony, property, expenses, fees) from my tax return.
• Deduct interest for money that was mine from the date that I deemed divorced
• Garnish year after year just like the court rulings until ALL money is returned.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

if any of you didn't have a birth certificate or social security card you would not agree to the terms of the contract that is on both of them sovereign Americans have more rights than you think

B Double D said... [Reply]

Adams County PA is no different. They have plagues in their office stating they have been #1 for their sized of county for years. Do you know why!? Because they keep taking too much out of the defendants paychecks and hand the excess over to the plainiffs.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Berks County Domestic Relations took too much money from me and then when I filed court papers to have the excess returned to me they ruled they were not wrong - they make mistakes and then rule in their favor to cover themselves.
So I just deduct this as legal expenses on my tax return and take back the money.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I have found that the Judges in Berks County ignore wives that are addicts and still rule against the husbands.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I once heard a judge on local berks Cable explain the "rules" for child support. As he spoke, I realized that he had such latitude that he could do almost anything he wanted.

Richard Fritchman said... [Reply]

I feel if the state had to pay the support order that money would be made accountable dollar for dollar but since they don't they couldn't care less.

Yvette Rotundo said... [Reply]


men are not me. read my story and you may believe differently.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i am in venango county pa and my hours were cut back so i filed unemployment and when i dont get 40 hours a week i file unemployment for the rest and i have caught domestic relations taking there full bi-weekly payments from both my paycheck and unemployment !!!!!!!! and they say since i owe arears that it will be put on there i have 3 kids to 2 different women and my oldest i pay support to and because my youngest 2 daughters mother doesnt want to deal with domestic relations they make them suffer and tell me that she needs to come down and file for support !!!!!!!!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Wow. This sounds like your talking about me. I'm from Westmoreland County PA. I had a lynching, oh...sorry. I meant "hearing" in August of 2015. It was a telephone conference do to my physical disability. Now I have severe depression, anxiety and bad panic attacks. Gee, I wonder why.
After me and the Succubus divorced, b/c she was cheating for about 6 months with an ex while I was at work. My 2 and 3 year old told me all about it. We decided to keep things out of the courts. HaHa. that didn't last. Fast forward to today. After the August hearing I requested a "De Novo" hearing b/c my physician verification form was 6 months old. So 3 weeks and 4 days ago at my Dr. appointment, my Doc, as well as my psychiatrist filled out a new one. Yesterday I had a telephone conference with the "Master". That's not what I would call her. She said the Physician verification form was too old! Also I was to provide my ex with a copy AND have my Doctors testify on the phone! I said to this nut, "No one ever told me those last two things! She said, "Well you shouldn't take legal advice from anyone here and shame on you for not having a lawyer." I stated VERY firmly that my ex wife did NOT have one either. After a pause, she scheduled Another hearing in December. I said to her. "I've been screwed over so many times from you man hating feminists on a power trip and you know damn well I will in December. You all make me sick!" Then I hung up. I have never had such deep depression and anxiety. I no longer even have ANY rights to my kids either. That is another sick story. I don't know how much longer my heart and mind can do this. I won't elaborate on that. I really need some folks who understand. Thank you for listening. We HAVE to organize in each of our counties and stop this horrible injustice.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Ohhh that's right. Gov't agencies are always honest law abiding. I worked for an agency that was contracted through cys, cyf, The Children's Bureau, whatever your county calls it. We also worked very close with Domestics. I witnessed some of the most underhanded, dirty and illegal things I never want to see again. To think that they were dealing with peoples lives is appalling. So don't spread crap you know nothing about.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I mentioned this above, we REALLY need to organize in a positive way in our counties. I'm tired of living hand to mouth so my ex wife could use the money on herself. I'm convinced she crawled out of hell. The things I could tell you, you wouldn't believe. Or...maybe you would.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Pennsylvania Domestic Relations is in business to destroy men and they allow stalking, vindictive ex wives to stalk their ex husbands. In the last 3 years, I've seen Domestics violate law after law after law. My husband walked into being screwed from day one. He has attempted to modify a ridiculous 600.00 a month order only to be denied. He doesn't even have a high school diploma or any degree! Don't bother complaining about any D.R. Office either. It's nothing but a waste of time. I still shake my head every day.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Same here, Judge Scott Lash in charge, the mission is to treat every one with respect and dignity. LOL !!!
Karen, the Master said out right don't care, don't want to hear it. Yes ex just got sick after she filed for divorce, even with a letter from her Doctor, that she could work part time (She is an RN!!) Master said she doesn't care, she can work 15h with min wage. But I can work 2 jobs and be question why I don't work more hours on my 2nd job!! WHAT? Doesn't care about anything and leaves me about $100 per month than I was told either take the offer or it will get bad... Yes writing to AG in Harrisburg and OIG...

Unknown said... [Reply]

I had judge bucci. I won custody and gave 50 to my ex wife who dropped her lawyer and went with Rowe law offices. They have filed special relief against me off of false allegations she made up. Up until the day the judge gave her full custody because i couldn't afford a lawyer. I havent got to see my daughter in 3yrs now and been homeless since domestics has taken full checks from me. I moved to a new state and they are still trying to take my full checks. I dont know what to do because its hard enough living in depression without my kids in it. Just want to give up

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