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Exposing the lies and seeking truth doesn't = Hate. This is not a Kate Hate Site. A 'Kate Hate Site" wouldn't have "Shame on Kate AND Shame on Jon" in the reaction box.

Just a place where bloggers and commenters can share an open discussion on all things related to the Gosselins.

This blog was created to expose the spins and lies shared by the media and by several individuals who continue to spread filth and garbage for their own self-interests.

This blog will expose those who continue to spread lies as "truth" and those who base their beliefs and support for one individual based on those lies.
Pursuing Truth, Exposing Lies and Informing the Sheeple

May 16, 2011

Kate's sister is asking for donations to help her bring home her daughter from Ethiopia

edit: 5/16/2011
I've changed my mind! If you idiots want to support the cause, PLEASE DONATE! Give as much as you can. You sheeple are a bit cheap though. Only $230 raised so far. That's not enough. Sell you Kate Gosselin books and dvd's, refinance your apartment (LOL), sell your bus pass, do whatever it takes to make this adoption happen. Please SACRIFICE. Jesus Christ, our lord and savior died for your sins, the least you can do is donate a bit of cash to a wonderful cause.

If you REALLY belief that this is a great thing Clarissa is doing, put the money where you mouth is and DONATE.

Original article below.

Let me get this straight. She and her hubby do not have the funds to adopt a kid or bring her daughter home. So they are asking for donations? WTF is wrong with these Kreiders?  So is she going to beg for money to feed and clothed the kids too?

You know how many orphans we have in America?  Why not adopt an American kid and forget the travel expense?  Why even bring a kid home when you can't even afford it?  Some people shouldn't have kids.

See the donation page here.

To the sheeps, I ask you this. 
  • Where is the photo of the daughter? 
  • What is the daughter's name? 
  • Any documents to prove that they're adopting?

    Why would anyone help 2 parents who can't afford their travel expense, adopt a kid?  They already admit they can't afford it.  So why bring in another kid? 

What happens when she doesn't reach 25k? Will she offer a refund? Or will she pocket the money?

A message from Clairissa Mertz

PURPOSE: We are raising money to bring home our daughter from Ethiopia. She is an older special needs child who needs love and a family! We're a one income family and we really can't afford it, to be honest. But we're trusting the Lord and willing to work hard and do absolutely everything we can to improve life for this one precious soul and finally give her the Forever Family she deserves.

PLAN: Absolutely 100% of the money collected will go towards any and all expenses relating to the adoption process. It's not cheap! If God blesses us with an overage, the remaining funds will be used to cover our post-placement costs or personal needs for our daughter (clothing, bedroom furniture, school supplies, etc.) or will be donated to another Christian family's adoption or Christian organization that supports adoption/orphan care.

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Grifting 101 said... [Reply]

This is a scam, I am convinced of that. Love how she says they are a "one income family." Sissy needs to get off her ass and get a job. But why do that when you can grift and scam for $$$? This is the Kreider way.

jj said... [Reply]

@Grifting 101
Probably is a scam. Trying to earn a quick buck. Where are the photos of the daughter? Show us some adoption paper....

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Just curious..... How do you know for sure its Kate sister.....
there a lot of same names...
I can check my phone book and see a lot of same name..... as mine....
If you cant afford a child dont get one.....

Belinda said... [Reply]

I have communicated with Clairissa in the past. She is a married SAHM and has some issues with her heart.She is close with her parents. She has one son who is about 6 years old. Two years ago she was discussing plans to adopt a child from overseas, did not specify the country but was looking into China. I believe her to be an honest person who truly lives her religious beliefs. Can't imagine why she is going so public with her need for funds.

jj said... [Reply]


How many Clarissa Mertz are in PA and how many love to talk about their Religious beliefs?

Anonymous said... [Reply]

The link is from her facebook account.

jj said... [Reply]

Let's keep an eye on this. And see if there REALLY is a kid involved and not a scam pocket money for a her vitamin pills addictions.

She has cases and cases of them. LOL

kelly said... [Reply]

So she is playing Kate now it looks like, give me give me. Ziggy site is talking bad about Jon & Ellen again, trying to say how they should live. Funny thing is the little pigs there say people should not tell Kate how to live or raise her kids but they sure do like to spew about how Jon should live & raise his kids. Saying Jon should get himself fixed as not to get Ellen pregnant. They are all hateful and stupid over at Zizzy site IMO. They do so much damage to the G8 children. They claim to be child advocates but in reality they love the fact Kate makes her children earn a living for her. I feel really bad for their children if they have any. They sure must hate men and children. That lexxie over their is about as dumb as they come. She must google ever word she posts. They can't come to terms that Kate's days are over and just keep trying to blame everyone but Kate for Kate's hateful way. All in my opinion & I never knew ziggy & her site was such low life posters. One day maybe they will get a real life instead of one bashing the father of 8 children and trying to tell him how to live-LOL They have no life of their own anyway it looks like. Jon & Ellen seems happy-Kate is damaged 4-ever & she did it to herself and her family. Loser just like her 8 fans.

jj said... [Reply]


Thank you for that info. I stopped visiting all of those hater sites. They're just a bunch of Pyshos. Attacking Jon and Ellen with no VALID reasons. Just PURE hatred and Jealousy.

All they do is scream out "blanket statements". Pure gossipy jibbersish and do not provide a valid reason to "hate" on Jon or Ellen.

That's the difference between us and the psycho haters out there.

We have our reasons and back it up with valid points to explain why we disagree.

All the sheeple / haters can say is "Jon is fat, or Kate is pretty". LOL

jj said... [Reply]

If she doesn't raise enough to adopt a kid, what Clarissa should do is 1) REFUND the money or 2) Donate the money to the orphanage on the behalf of the people who donated.

What do you think she is going to do? Pocket the money?

jj said... [Reply]

I change my mind! If you sheeple want to donate, PLEASE DONATE! As much $$$ as you can. So far, she only raised $235. C'mon you sheeple can do better than that!

Please donates at least $100 each. Why don't you sheeple put the money where your mouth is?

Instead of crying about US, why not shut us up by donating to the cause?

Go ahead and DONATE as much as you can. NO ONE IS STOPPING YOU.

just wondering said... [Reply]

This ia a response from gofundme about Clarissa's request for money.

Thanks for your email. Similar to a real-world gift to an individual, there are no guarantees how the money will eventually be spent. GoFundMe doesn’t recommend donating any money to people you don’t already know and trust.

Thank you,Customer Support Team

It is my understanding that the site takes the first 5% of every contribution and the remainder is deposited directly into Clarissa's paypal account.

Just Me said... [Reply]

I'm surprised Kate didn't jump at the chance to make this a Very Special Episode of K+8 and have TLC foot the bill for the adoption and film the whole thing.

Imagine all the points she would get.

Helping her family out (for once): check. International Adoption: check.
Special needs child: check.

The sheeple would eat this up!

jj said... [Reply]


Well, the link is from her Facebook page, so why is she going public with it.

Her previous blog had "Kate Gosseelin" in the meta tags. Looks like she's using Kate Gosselin and her followers to make a quick buck.

jj said... [Reply]

@just wondering

This is exactly why we question the motive. I don't recommend donating to a family you don't know.

Especially so they can adopt a kid they can't afford.

There are other ways to raise money locally. Why not ask their "Church" to pray for them and ask for donations there.

Have several fund raisers events to get the word out, etc etc. When people see that you are trying to adopt a kid, they probably donate hundreds of dollars while you wash their car.

It's more personable that way. And people are more willing to give. When they see you WORKING for it.

SmileyGrl752 said... [Reply]

I'm surprised Kate didn't jump at the chance to make this a Very Special Episode of K+8 and have TLC foot the bill for the adoption and film the whole thing.

Imagine all the points she would get.


Exactly. Kate claims to be "giving back", why not give back to her own sister?

On second thought, I wonder if Clarissa really is wanting to adopt, or if that's just her story. Once she gets enough money, she could claim the adoption plans fell through or something and find some excuse to spend the money on herself.

jj said... [Reply]

@Just Me
I'm surprised Kate didn't jump at the chance to make this a Very Special Episode of K+8 and have TLC foot the bill for the adoption and film the whole thing.

Imagine all the points she would get.

Don't give Kate or TLC any ideas!

Belinda said... [Reply]

Ethiopia has placed restrictions on overseas adoptions. It could be 5 years before she can bring a child here. Lots of time to collect that money.

Grifting 101 said... [Reply]

@Belinda Belinda, I would not be surprised if the "issues with her heart" is yet another part of the Kreider grifting scheme.

There is nothing wrong with being a person of faith, but the Kreider Family philosophy is to use religion to manipulate, control, and deceive. Look at those bible verses on the Gimme site. I find them offensive as used in this context - for grifting.

Belinda said... [Reply]

I recall, from Clairissa's old blog (which she took down due to so much input from Kreider non-fans) that her health problems were such that she would stay in bed til 10 AM or so, while her little boy was free to roam the house. And she wanted to adopt a Chinese child at that time?! If her health is that poor, just the one kid is likely sufficient.

JENSPAL said... [Reply]

Has it occured to this family that God knew what He was doing when He decided they shouldn't have children???? Kate abused science to get her 8, and now her sister is begging for money to buy a special needs kid from overseas!?! None of this is adding up IMO. Kate has more than enough kids, why doesn't the sister sponser/adopt one of them instead of BUYING a child overseas? And if she can't afford the adoption/travel fees, then clearly she can't afford the life-long SPECIAL NEEDS of this child. The cost of raising a child with special needs is astronomical and it's a lifetime commitment. She has "heart problems", so who is going to care for this special needs child once she's gone? Kate? PFFT! I sure hope that country does their homework on the Kreider family before ever allowing an adoption.

jj said... [Reply]

May 18, 2011...

We are totally WOWED at how God is providing! So many people within our Christian community are stepping up and offering to help. We are holding our son's lemonade stand for the third year in a row and new for this year the money raised will go towards bringing home his sister. Others have offered to have lemonade stands at THEIR neighborhood yard sales and donate all of the proceeds. We even had a friend offer to fully fund all that is needed for our stand and many, many others have offered to donate lemonade mix. I can't tell you enough how awesome our God is and what He is doing in our lives! When we choose to take on the things that break His heart and do His will, He absolutely 100% will provide what is needed. The fact that we DON'T have the $25,000 sitting in a bank account somewhere has built our faith beyond our own imagination because we've been able to watch the Creator of the Universe move heaven and earth to make HIS will possible in our lives. Thank you Jesus! :) Stay tuned... things are gettin' really exciting over here!!!!! Joy unspeakable:)



Belinda said... [Reply]

I have heard, but not verified, that someone made a relatively large contribution very recently. Was it, maybe, daddy?

jj said... [Reply]


Interesting. If true, glad to see her family helping out instead of complete strangers.

I still BELIEVE that they shouldn't be adopting if they have no money for the application fee.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

why are people attacking kate's sister? she doesn't seem to be asking people she does not know for money and, from the looks of it, they are well on their way to giving a beautiful opportunity to a child in need.

i realize there are a lot of skeptics out there when it comes to God, but she seems like the real deal. No fame hog, just a person doing something good for a child who needs the help. America is blessed with resourses that African nations just do not have. While our social welfare does leave some to be desired, it is much better than that of poor African nations like Ethiopia.

Who has 25,000 laying around? But if adoption is on someone's heart and they choose to adopt from out of the country, why is it anyone in the blogosphere's business?

jj@thelyingchannel said... [Reply]

Update! So she has reached 76% of the 25,000 goal. That's about 19,000 not counting the money she earned from direct donations (from church, friends, etc etc), fundraisers and who knows what else.

So, where is all that money going? Did she finally adopt that kid from Ethiopia?

Sorry to tell you this but all who donated just paid for the Mortgage and some new shoes.

jj@thelyingchannel said... [Reply]

Oh, and now she is demanding that you contact her directly (via facebook) to donate.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

From anonymous "why are people attacking kate's sister? she doesn't seem to be asking people she does not know for money and, from the looks of it, they are well on their way to giving a beautiful opportunity to a child in need."

Yes, a child in need. Obviously Kate's sister doesn't have the money to support a child or she wouldn't be NEEDING donations to take care of a child in NEED. I don't think you should even consider adopting a child unless you know you will be able to take care of him/her. Is she going to continue to ask for donations for basic needs, sure does sound like something she would not be able to provide.

Just like her sister Kate, she doesn't want to take care of her kids either. They both wanted kids to see what they can/could make off of them.

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