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December 27, 2012

Allergic Reaction to Kiss My Face all natural soap?

This is weird! For the 2nd time, I decided to give Kiss My Face 'pure and natural' soap a try and once again, my body does not like it.

Not sure if it's my body cleaning itself from the previous chemicals I have been using or an allergic reaction to the ingredients used in the Kiss my Face Soap.

The 1st time I tried Kiss My Face (Olive Oil and Green Tea) bar soap, I developed a horrible rash / inflammation around my waist. I was taking Keflex (anti-biotics) at the same time, and didn't know what caused the rash. So we got rid of both the soap and the medication.

Now, a year later, I decided to give Kiss My Face a 2nd chance. This time, we picked up Olive and Aloe. 3 days later, I have a rash on my high, arm and back and tiny red bumps all over my stomach and thigh.

I really wanted this soap to work. Love the way it made my skin feel really soft. But the allergic reaction is just horrible. And I don't remember having any allergies. I don't sneeze during the spring and not allergic to any medications. (Keflex) is still in question. But the first time I used Keflex, I did not get an allergic reaction. The 2nd time I used it, at the same time with tried Kiss my Face, I developed a horrible rash.

This just sucks because I bought a ton of Kiss My Face products. Including a facial toner, facial cleanser, and 2 tubes of facial cream. I am going to stop using all of the products and see if my red itchy bumps will go away.

Products used
- Kiss My Face: Olive and Aloe bar soap
- Kiss My Face: Olive and Green Tea bar soap
- Kiss My Face: Antioxidant Toner (smells like Fruity Pebbles)
- Kiss My Face: Botanical Acne Gel
- Kiss My Face: Creamy Face Cleanser
- Kiss My Face: Exfoliating Face Wash

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Anonymous said... [Reply]

Just bought 3 bars and only my son and I used them. We both broke out in bumpy rashes, and threw the bars out.

Anonymous said... [Reply]


Sorry to hear about that. I tried to return this for a refund (purchased at and they gave me like a $1.50 refund due to the packages being opened. Shipping alone cost me $7.

Because of this, I no longer shop at

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