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This blog will expose those who continue to spread lies as "truth" and those who base their beliefs and support for one individual based on those lies.
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December 11, 2012

Cafepress caught ripping people off!

Cafepress sucks period. They are one of the greediest companies out there. I have finally closed my account with them. I should have done so a long time ago ever since they started charging us "membership fees", "misc fees" and who knows what else.

Imagine if I had stuck with these criminals for another month? I would have ended up OWING them money. We generate thousands of dollars for this company each month and in return, we receive only 10% royalties, and we have to pay them $10 a month for being a member. Plus they will attached some kind of "misc fee" with zero explanation.

* Misc Fee: Sellers will be charged a misc. fee because we fucking feel like it okay? Now fuck off.
* Shop Fee: Members with a shop will be charged a $10 monthly fee. We know you like making money, and we do too! Now bend over fuckers. We own your ass.

What's next with these greedy bastards? A log-in fee? A log-out fee? Uploading fee? Gallery fee? A 10 cents per word fee in your descriptions? Another 10 cents fee per tags used? What else? A $5 fee for making 10% on a $2 sale fee? LOL, it just doesn't stop with these fuckers.

Fortunately there are better alternatives out there. I am a member of 2 other POD sites and actually make a lot more did I ever did on Cafepress. Plus there are no fees attached and we can set the amount of royalties we want to earn on each sale. With these options alone, I am not sure why I stuck with "Cafe Press you up against the wall stealing your wallet".

The way things are gong with Cafepress, I wouldn't be surprised if they went out of business in a few years. I suspect thousands of independent artist making the switch and taking a dump on Cafepress.

And here is the final straw. I noticed that my last 3 payments have been smaller than usual. It of course could be attributed to the economy, buying trends, etc etc. But I am going to point my finger to Cafepress. A deceitful, greedy and evil company.

They recently sent me an email claiming that a "bug" has somehow ripped sellers off and given us a "zero commission error". LOL! I think the "bug" was the fact that the "zero" actually showed up on screen instead of being hidden. They got caught and are now trying to save face and blaming it on a "bug". What kind of bug? A greedy, blood sucking mosquito bug? Is that it? Fuck you Cafepress. Fuck you to hell.
Hello, You may have noticed a zero commission amount for some late August and/or September sales. This was caused by a bug which has been corrected. We issued you a one-off adjustment to correct for a total of all your affected sales. You can see this adjustment in your Transaction Report labeled “To Correct for $0 Commission Error Aug & Sep” and your Report Summary page. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused. Jonathan Keane Director of Customer Service

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Anonymous said... [Reply]


I agree that CP has really gone down hill in recent years, but wanted to point out to you that the misc there is not a subtraction or a fee, it's a POSITIVE number. They added it to your commission amount.

It's the money from the stuff that was improperly charged previously.

If it was a fee it would have a - or a ( ) around it.

Just wanted to let you know.

Another longtime CP shopkeeper and reader here.

jj said... [Reply]


I see, thank you for the correction.

Are you also on zazzle? the opportunity to make money there is just amazing. With their volume bonus, referal bonus and so on.

Also there interface to create quality products is more user friendly. However on cp, its easier to mass produce products.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Hi JJ,

Yes, I am at Zazzle as well. You can mass create products there using templates in their Quick Create system. I don't like their templates, so I make my own.

Here is a tutorial on how to create your own templates:

That way you can do up to 100 products at a time. I just have a template folder, which I have hidden and then I make various sections in there with my templates. I have one for my most common design style, one for photographs etc.

You still have to tweak images a bit sometimes, but overall it saves a lot of time and you only have to input your title, description and tags ONCE at the end, which is a real time saver.

I just started a store at INKtastic and estoremonster as well. Both are super easy to put up designs. They automagically size your images for you, so you just have to pick the image and put in your tags, description and title and they auto-generate all the products for you. SO fast!

Online Coupon Codes said... [Reply]

Your blog is different than the rest of them. I found it on the blogger home page. I have a site on cafepress coupons maybe we could trade links?

Cafe Press Coupons said... [Reply]

Your blog is different than the rest of them. I found it on the blogger home page. I have a site on cafepress coupons maybe we could trade links?

Anonymous said... [Reply]

@Online Coupon Codes

Admin, this comment is spam. The one below is also.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

It's December 11, 2013 and I'm still receiving emails from Cafepress notifying me that I've made a sale and earned $0.00.

"You've made a sale! Way to go!" Yeah. Way to go hungry.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Check this out! "Total Deductions -$81.41 " WTF4?! Last winter they've sliced my check in half. I can't take this crap no more.

Dreamcatcher said... [Reply]

I knew my Cafepress store pretty and's particular rhythm. I could pretty much count on it...I'm on disability and it kept me off food stamps. Then fairly quick it dwindled and stopped cold. I have a pretty huge shops with a pretty wide selection of subjects...thousands of designs so you'd think at least one here and there but come to dead halt. Something feels "off".

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Yes, I plan to close my account there, too.
Look at at my report:

Shop Sales

Sales Subtotal $116.03
Bonus Program $0.00
Referrals $0.00
Returns -$9.70
Total Earnings $106.33
Pending (30/45 day period) -$59.92

Foreign Tax -$27.70
CafeCash Spent $0.00
Shop Fees -$7.25
Shop Fees Total -$7.25

CafeCash Balance
Cleared Royalties $46.41
Total Deductions -$34.95

There are shop fees, adjustment fees, foreign tax fees..
I email them tones mail for correction,
still nothing change yet,

Still waiting.

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