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Exposing the lies and seeking truth doesn't = Hate. This is not a Kate Hate Site. A 'Kate Hate Site" wouldn't have "Shame on Kate AND Shame on Jon" in the reaction box.

Just a place where bloggers and commenters can share an open discussion on all things related to the Gosselins.

This blog was created to expose the spins and lies shared by the media and by several individuals who continue to spread filth and garbage for their own self-interests.

This blog will expose those who continue to spread lies as "truth" and those who base their beliefs and support for one individual based on those lies.
Pursuing Truth, Exposing Lies and Informing the Sheeple

May 25, 2010

And the idiot who actually agreed to be rigged up on some wires to fly around stage is.....

Isn't Kate afraid of heights? More proof that Kate is a
Pathological liar. 

Identifying a Pathological Liar

Pathological liars, or "mythomaniacs," may be suffering from histrionic personality disorder or narcissistic personality disorder. The following comments basically reflect a pathological liar who has the characteristics of histrionic personality disorder.

1. Exaggerates things that are ridiculous.
- Farm to Table Episode:  Kate takes the kids to the park and says, "I would be playing with them if it wasn't 900 million degrees outside. Just an excuse to not "play" with her kids.

2. One-upping. Whatever you do, this person can do it better. You will never top them in their own mind, because they have a concerted need to be better than everyone else. This also applies to being right. If you try to confront an individual like this, no matter how lovingly and well-intentioned you might be - this will probably not be effective. It's threatening their fantasy of themselves, so they would rather argue with you and bring out the sharp knives than admit that there's anything wrong with them.
- Farm to Table Episode: Henry tells Kate that he has a new baby.  Instead of congratulating him, she goes, "Only 7? I have 8 kids count em, 8 kids.  That's more than you.  That means I'm better.

3. They "construct" a reality around themselves. They don't value the truth, especially if they don't see it as hurting anyone. If you call them on a lie and they are backed into a corner, they will act very defensively and say ugly things (most likely but depends on personality), but they may eventually start to act like, "Well, what's the difference? You're making a big deal out of nothing!" (again, to refocus the conversation to your wrongdoing instead of theirs).
- She's a star, people worship her, her Vocabulary is perfect, she has 8 kids, she's the best mother and author the world has ever witnessed. Her kids have to dress in matching outfits. They must never get dirty etc. etc.

4. Because these people don't value honesty, a lot of times they will not value loyalty. So watch what you tell them. They will not only tell others, but they will embellish to make you look worse. Their loyalty is fleeting, and because they are insecure people, they will find solace in confiding to whomever is in their favor at the moment.
- How many sitters and nannies she she gone through?  How many times did she treat Jon like she is better than him? How many times did she bash Jon on TV?

5. They may be somewhat of a hypochondriac. This can come in especially useful when caught in a lie, for example, they can claim that they have been sick, or that there's some mysteriously "illness" that has them all stressed out. It's another excuse tool for their behavior.
- Since the media has never asked Kate any real questions, Kate has never had to defend herself.  Besides saying "I doe it for my kids", or "the reason why I sucked was because I have 8 kids".
- She likes to "pretend" to eat healthy. She tells the world that she's all for "Organic foods", and that she prides herself because her kids don't know what Doritos are. She also makes the claim that she suffers from PCOS..

6. Obviously, they will contradict what they say. This will become very clear over time. They usually aren't smart enough to keep track of so many lies (who would be?). 
-  Kate on several occasions stated that she was afraid of heights.  She refused to climb up the mountain with Jon, Cara and Mady.  Kate refused to walk up the light house.  And in the "green" episode, Kate overreacted when the construction worker took Kate up a lift because she was afraid of heights.

FUNNY!  Because tonight, Kate was "flying" on DWTS....  What happened to Being afraid of heights?

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HI 50 said... [Reply]

Damn! YOU'RE GOOD! Love it!

When she cackled she would be 'flying,' I was thinking more along the lines of DWTS wardrobe dusting off the red & black dress with the Alvira-ish wig & wicked kabuki eye makeup, a witch's hat, a big a** broomstick! Wouldn't that be a sight to see. Of course she already 'kills it' with her cackling & shreiking!

With your awesome creativity, think you can create the REALEST reality star who killed it on DWTS w/her stupid 'Check, I'm gonna win it!' with her 'special technique' of being pushed like a cart and strolling like a pedestrian around the dance floor. She was really laughing at DWTS producers, "Suckers, you know I can't dance for sh*t but you still paid me $$! Next sucker, please!"

Fly her a** to the moon on her broom stick. Wouldn't that be lovely!

Lucy said... [Reply]

jibberjabbers please post this pic on GWOP! The bloggers over there, (like myself who also blogs there), would LOVE to have another good laugh at Khate's expense! Holy smackers, Khate just doesn't get it. She doesn't care how stoopidish she looks, or what her kids think, just as long as the $$ keep rolling in.

*Sugar&Spice* said... [Reply]

So who put the high wired act in her basement this time for her to practice this important event?

Thank goodness I'm not going to watch or go to the last tapping of this show. Just thinking of her squealing, screaming and laughing would drive me insane. It would be torcher to even watch this.

Its funny they just use her as a joke really. What next on the amazing kate show. Lets put her in a pit full of snakes. shhhh I should be more quite about that. TLC might pick up the idea.

Lucy said... [Reply]

Great idea Sugar&amp.Spice "Lets put her in a pit full of snakes" but Khate has already made an "asp" of herself many times over lol! Sorry for the pun.

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

She is being used as a joke and she's too full of herself to realize it. But hey, she has not talent, so she has to do what she can to be "hollywood".

Payson48 said... [Reply]

Make that "hollywierd" !

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

or hollywouldn't hire this nobody.

my9cats said... [Reply]

Oh the irony.
Kate demands to be costumed modestly on DWTS because she is the uber-mom of 8,count 'em, 8 kids, yet she traipses around in FL in front of her kids in a skimpy bikini looking like a 2 lb sausage stuffed in a 1 lb sack. Is she on steroids? Kate looks awful.

OrderlyL said... [Reply]

^ You sure hit the nail on the head. Sanctimonious Kate, her irrational morality, boggles the mind.

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

Kate looked like she was on steroids.

Momof2 said... [Reply]

I really wish about half of the people who say they "aren't watching" really don't would make a huge difference.

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

Agreed. It's funny how some people "accidentally" turned to the channel on commercial breaks or only watched a few seconds of it. etc etc. LOL

my9cats said... [Reply]

Not me. I'll be at work and did not set the DVR.

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

Ghost Whisperer is playing tonight. I'll be watching that instead. Even though they're probably reruns.

TheresaB said... [Reply]

No Snakes!!
The snakes would DIE!!

"Stop hissing so loud!"

TheresaB said... [Reply]

Momof2, I really DON'T watch. I canceled my cable and don't have my antenna up yet. Trying to simplify my life. Reading more, cooking more, sleeping more, and spending less time staring at the boob tube (and the boobs on the boob tube).

Momof2 said... [Reply]

lol TheresaB...good for you. I don't even click on any of the Radar links anymore...I know they keep track. I'm just not going to contribute to her numbers anymore.

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

Watching Lakers vs Phoenix!

just wondering said... [Reply]

Well, I didn't watch but read that they hauled her ass up into the air somehow. I was watching The finale of The Good Wife. You can point me to a video of it though.. I thought she was afraid of heights? Yeah, I know.. another lie exposed.

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

^ Over on GWOP, people are saying she didn't fly? Not sure what happened. Maybe she is afraid of heights now?

But.... Wasn't she horsing around in a Hot Air Balloon a few months ago?

JENSPAL said... [Reply]

You forgot to mention her "germ" phobia LOL. Kate was always yelling about germs, pointing out to anyone who would listen that she has a "thing with germs"...even making the kids wear shoes in the hotel room because of "germs in the carpet"....yet when they were traveling, she was walking around the gas station/truck stop parking lot BARE FOOT!!! When I saw that, I literally choked because OMG do you know how many germs are in a gas station/truck stop parking lot from people spitting, dogs urinating, used condoms being tossed, etc?!?!? Or my personal favorite...when she licks her fingers when serving the kids food. Um HELLO? GERMS! Just one more example of her trying to be the focus of attention and controlling everyone around her by claiming she has issues with germs. She's full of sh!t...she has no germ phobia, she's not afraid of heights...both are just excuses to get out of participating.

TheresaB said... [Reply]

I have a friend that always sends me links and I always tell her that I don't click. I'd rather hear everybody's take on stuff than read ROL pr crap.

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

Yep, Kate claims to be a germaphobe yet she was seen walking barefoot in the DWTS parking lot.

While Jon was with her, she would throw the kids to him and let him "Play" with them while she does her own thing. "Pretending to be scared of heights, the weather was too hot, or whatever excuse she can come up with....

Of course her supporters know nothing of this because they never watched the show. They support her just because the tabloids said Jon was cheating on her. Which is a lie.

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

So Kate didn't fly? I guess the producers saw this photoshop and decided that it did look pretty stupid.

my9cats said... [Reply]

Maybe Kate was too heavy and they were afraid the wires would break.

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

Maybe Kate has a package she didn't want anyone to see. Being lifted, the whole would probably be able to see her package that she only shares with Jamie..

I mean, she has all these cosmetic surgery, who knows what else she had done to her.. LOL JK

OrderlyL said... [Reply]

I just got around to looking on Youtube for Kate's part of the finale. What in the hell? She didn't "fly"; she was hoisted up into the air in a manlift or something. It was completely pointless. In dance practice she complained to Tony that, even if she danced like Nicole or Evan, people would still pick her apart. Yeah, right.

jibberjabbers said... [Reply]

I still haven't gotten a chance to watch it, but I did see a screen capture on GWOP and Kate is looking extra weird.... Just something about her that is off. Can't really find the word for it. But she's off.

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